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Well we had the very strong and unusual frequency bands showing up on the Livemeteors.com live feed (which is still going nutso now and then) then the Schumann literally spiked off the chart 3 times.  I also saw some other energy charts ~ every single one was “off the charts” with individual reads.

Some folks (who are in the more alt. science communities but not in the ascension-speak) are saying some of these energies aren’t coming from the sun much less our system (as we know it to be of course).  My hunch? This is Source Energy.  Certainly Source frequency.

I can now see the effects this is having and today it was very clear ~ some of these energies are literally forcing us to be in the NOW.  Well, not forcing us but indeed if we are to integrate these new frequencies we will naturally Become a NOW Being.

I realized in a very solid way ~ could feel and experience deeply ~ that if I resisted the NOW moment and got caught up in future stuff or past stuff, I felt agitated.  Overwhelmed.  But when I was completely in the NOW, not planning for a thing (big one – no planning – just ALLOWING – see what comes to me in the moment when I know it is “time” to DO), I felt blissful.  I could feel the energies.  Calm and serene.  After dinner I told my mate “you know, I really don’t care about any of the usual worries right now.  I’m just really at peace and pretty giddy.”

Awesome moment!

Another tetras moment.  Words line up with the inner self and there ya go. We have a connection established.

Be in the Now.  Allow.

I think I’m beginning to get the hang of this.


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