“God (Friggin’) Bless The United States of America”

takebackamericaCome election time, when politicians are desperate to look like decent folks to their constituents, they chant the “god bless the united states of america” mantra.  I don’t know what is more annoying to me – the fact that these dolts chant it or the fact that so many of the masses fall for it.

There is far too much hypocrisy in that statement for my tastes – and has been for almost 20 years.  I remember when I first tasted that bitterness…

It was the week following September 11, 2001.  Visiting some relatives in another city, I noticed the slogan “God Bless America” boldly painted in red, white and blue on their front window, a contribution by my sister-in-law, notoriously known for her strong Christian belief system.  It bothered me.  A lot.  While that event marked part two of my awakening, the slogan itself, which normally I would embrace patriotically and proudly, suddenly turned my stomach.  But why?

I contemplated that question for awhile and came to the conclusion that that slogan itself represented division.  Ego.  The idea that “we are better than you”.  That somehow we here in the states are the best.  The most deserving.  The most worthy.  What helped me arrive at this conclusion was the fact that, even though countless other countries faced such violence as we did here in the states on September 11, somehow we were more privileged.  More special.  More deserving of attention.  Suddenly the suffering that had been in the faces and minds and lives of millions if not billions on, for many, an on-going basis, was smack in our faces.  When these folks faced the same suffering, did the masses here at home give a crap?  Did we offer up such pride and support for the other nations?

Hell no.  Instead we demand the world pay attention to OUR suffering while chanting “God Bless America”.  And the ridiculous notion that the Source of which WE ARE ALL a part of offers those of us here in the states such special attention?

Again, hogwash.

What did I do with this revelation?

I painted “Bless Humanity – Every One Of Us” on my front window with the word “humanity” painted in a variety of colors, representing all of us on this beautiful planet.  Red.  Brown. Black.  Yellow.  White.  And I meant it.

And today, I still do.

“God Bless America” these political puppets chant as they:

~blow up a town on some foreign land destroying the lives of women and children and leaving a trail of environmental destruction

~allow for Montsanto and their kind to continue to poison our food, bodies and land with GMO’s and glyphosate and other toxic crap

~allow for the continuation of nuclear, coal and oil production while dismissing the hundreds of patents that would free us up of this shit and provide clean, safe, FREE energy for ALL

~ignore the crying of our hungry children and their desperate mommy and daddy’s while they ride around in lavish cars and live in lavish home(s)

~ignore the blatant corruption of wall street, the financial markets, the federal reserve, the IRS and ALL things monetarily-related while stuffing their greedy pockets with PAC $$ at the same damn time

~provide their endless support and protection of Big Pharma while suppressing healing technologies that are actually effective

“God bless America”?

Let’s call a spade a spade.  Better that they turn the “blessing’s of god” on themselves and hope that once they cross that path to the Eternal Spiritual Landscape, they will be allowed in.  Last I heard, it was not such a welcoming energetic space for dark blatant hypocrites who use beautiful words to sell a deceptive agenda.



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Author: Victoria1111

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6 thoughts on ““God (Friggin’) Bless The United States of America””

  1. Bravo!
    You laid out here my thoughts and sentiments exactly. Love of country with love for all countries and peoples are my soul’s true focus. Unity, oneness with no borders!
    ~Love for all~

  2. THANK YOU for the honest brutal truth. I pray we take to heart your words and pray for GOD’s Blessings for ALL! And may God Enlighten the hearts and minds of the Politicians and ALL of Humanity.

  3. I resonate with everything you stated on this article. You stated it as it is. I thank you for your boldness. It is time for our fellow Americans to WAKE UP!!! GOD BLESS HUMANITY!!!

  4. Excellent!

    “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”
    ― Winston S. Churchill

    “A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.”
    ― Oscar Wilde

    “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
    ― Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays 2, 1926-29

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