Hello (hello hello). Is there anybody in there?

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This is likely going to sound rude.  Arrogant.  Pretentious.  And yet that isn’t my intention.

The weather was spectacular over the weekend, which meant my family and I were outside.  My daughter and I interacted with several of our neighbors, some of them new.  This meant I got to engage in new conversations with new people.  And yet, as has been my experience, the conversations quickly left me feeling empty, like a deflated balloon.

I am not one for small talk.  I can do it.  I was well-trained.  However, it isn’t natural for me nor does it feel good in my body.

As what often happens, I begin to share something.  Pick the topic. Ascension.  New Earth.  The corruption of the system that dumbs us down. Chemtrails.  GMO’s.  Awakening.  UFO’s.  lol  I laugh at “UFO’s” because it reminds me of a conversation I had with a neighbor who wanted to know what I had been doing outside the previous night, watching the skies.  I told her I was on UFO patrol.  And like all of these other topics I bring up, I was given the “uh ok she is one of THOSE people” look.

Or there is the “there is no one home” look I receive when I bring up such a “strange” (to the masses) topic.  The topic?  Geoengineering, aka “chemtrails” to those of us in the conspiracy theory realms.  Surely I thought this person would have heard of geoengineering by now given it’s slowly gone mainstream over the past decade.  But there it was.  The look.  “You have just entered the space of total emptiness.”

Leaving me to think “Hello?  Is there anybody in there?”

Apparently not.  At least in this section of the mind.

And yet, I just cannot fathom being the kind of person who doesn’t want to know the Truth.

Now I realize there are many things I yet to know.  And that being said, I long to know the truth no matter what it is.  I’ve swallowed so many jagged pills over the years so I know the pain of being presented with information that challenges your current belief structure.

And yet, I just cannot fathom being the kind of person who doesn’t want to know the Truth. Who doesn’t want to know a damn thing other than what has been spoon-fed to them.  Who blindly follows whatever they are told, without question.

I.  Do.  Not.  Resonate.  With.  Such.  Behavior.

I have accepted this is just who I am.  And with the incoming beautiful energies awakening our dormant DNA and cellular memories, I have also had to accept not everyone is actually here at this time to awaken.  Or question.  Is it because they are so asleep in the Matrix it is gonna take a few more lifetimes?  Is it because they are simply not here in this incarnation to Awaken, Remember and Ascend?

I don’t know.

What I DO know is that having conversations with people who are not on the same vibrational frequency as I am has become increasingly difficult. And instead of having an increasing desire to share Glorious, Authentic Me with the world at large, I am having an increasing desire to reunite with my Tribe and get this New Earth Creation business going.

Slowly, this is happening for me.

If this resonates with you, here’s some music from Pink Floyd to put a spark of humor, understanding and beauty in this “disconnect”.  Shine on beautiful Soul.  This is a lonely journey and at least for me, has been for many many lifetimes, but Home is in our line of vision.  

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Author: Victoria1111

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13 thoughts on “Hello (hello hello). Is there anybody in there?”

  1. I understand what you are saying here. I cannot do small talk. I am increasingly passionate about what I know to be true and impatient with the illusion. I am ready for this chapter to finish and start the new book

  2. I love the article and it completely resonates with me. I am right there with ya!!! I find it difficult to connect with people on same level. I would love to find out how to become apart of the creating new earth business and be connected to people who you can share experiences and truths with and be merry amen seriously. Any suggestions…


    1. kristy~ i feel i am in a holding pattern on this creating new earth. i am not sure what is going to be necessary. i have a desire to be a part of healing others – but will this even be necessary on new earth? my passions to help are based on 3D reality (housing the homeless, healing with new energy/frequency-based technologies). i have a few outlets i follow that talk about new earth and our purpose. one is a private individual on facebook and he says we will be uniting in the upcoming weeks. one is gary larrabee – he has a youtube channel. he’s pretty religious – but he believes in new earth and ascension and has a pure heart. he also has a plan to unite others to create new healing/helping businesses but has not gone into detail so i continue to listen to him and see what he has in mind. another is an organization called the thrive movement – which i recently signed up with on a topic i am passionate about (they have several agendas including new healing techs coming out in the next year – but they are remaining silent on for the protection of the individual(s) who have created the techs). i don’t know if i am being naive in letting flow and higher self guide me – but that’s where i am now. i do feel that energy movement is increasing rapidly in leading us. what are your thoughts on all of this?

      1. Hi Victoria,
        Yes this is of concern for me as well. I want to help heal others as an energy healer/Reiki master. Yet the same thoughts alway enters my mind. “Will these modalities even be necessary on new earth?” I’m learning amazing techniques and crucial knowledge about how energy flows, which I’ve known for awhile. But we’re so close now to possibly Ascending that I question my timing for wanting to create a beautiful career in service to healing. Btw your article was spot on! I avoid situations where small talk will be the focus. Can’t always be avoided. I don’t speak 3d language anymore nor am I attached to my life stories. I just end up feeling awkward and bored. No one cares to talk about Metaphysical or spiritual topics unless there’s some drama attached to it. So consequently I spend most of my time alone during the day until my partner comes home from work and we sit outside on the patio discussing our day. He listens to my Metaphysical expressions of life as a lightworker. But ultimately wants to talk about Boeing bs where he works and I used to work before I quit to listen to spirit fulltime. Would love to be in your tribe! Love n light to you sweet sister 💕💕💕

  3. well sometimes you are going to run into situations like this with people on earth still….its kind of Fd up if they aren’t trying to OPEN their minds to another level of existence of truth….alot of people unfortunately in this lifetime wont awake or either they will be faced with a dilemma where they will be FORCED to awake….all you can do is WHAT YOU DO TO BE FREE for your own spirit….no need to worry about others who dont want to open their eyes….each person has their own frequency and ways of learning…some are slow and there are quick learners….errr umm like US…HEEHEE…..for me I been moving forward and it can be a lonely trip….i have very very few awoken ones i relate to locally but when online its fantastic to connect with others on the TRUTH BEARING PATH….

  4. The story of ADAM AND EVE in the bible is the story of a slave race created by the Annunaki when they highjacked Atlantis. The Enuma Elish, the Sumerian creation myth, explains it. These folks exploded in numbers and are most of our population now. They do as they are told, they were created/programmed to do this, to work and not ask questions or want education. Hu-mans do not understand them. Hu-mans have compassion and love and these slaves do not, they have a low vibration. I, like you, follow truth and do not understand how someone would like to be lied to and used and abused. I am a literal person and don’t respond well to conversations composed of clichés of the times. So I stay up on my mountain most of the time. I do ‘charity’ work such as mending for friends and loaning money and listening. I used to stop bulldozers and testifying before city councils on how they are making questionable decisions, that resulted in threats and stalkers. Wiser now and way too old to be putting myself in danger, I work around the property, making improvements. It is IMO too late for the masses to be educated but I think the Creator still has some surprises up his/her sleeves. Stay cheerful and don’t waste time giving ‘pearls to swine’. We have been moving in the right direction since 1987, Harmonic Convergence. Hugs, Di

    1. oh di i just saw your message last night (had some issues w/comments going into spam) and i love what you have to say! i read the term “bots” by an online friend, referring to those low vibe masses and found it to be a very good description. i too am quite literal and take what people say at face value – which leaves room for the other to either make a joke at my expense because hey they really meant something else. i simply don’t communicate in that manner. i hear you on staying up on your mountain (i deeply deeply long to live up on a mountain away from civilization and only commune w/like minded/hearted/souled souls. we are in fascinating chaotic times – depending upon how one chooses to look at it all. t/y for your beautiful words and advice. much appreciated. <3

  5. 🙏🏽Victoria,
    As well, I drop a little bait into every conversation to see if, by providence, there might be someone on the other end who is not completely fried with brainwashing. I am usually left bereft of any true connection. No matter. We keep doing it because, as you wonderfully stated, we are all awakening in our own timing. And we never know which trigger may be the catalyst for someone’s awakenings. We do it out of love and compassion and patience and faith that all is as it should be. We also hold the faith that millions ARE awakening and our little hints will eventually cause a spark or even (pray tell) a fascinating and intelligent conversation.
    And as well along similar lines, I too feel bursting at the seams with readiness to be of help to humanity but am at a loss as to what will be viable. My Guides are keeping me in a bit of a “holding pattern” for now. They are constantly reminding my that humanity is so entrained to believe that they must be always DOING, when what is most important is simply to BE. The light we radiate is profoundly palpable to Gaia and all life on Her.
    I guess that ultimately, I’m trying to say that, by just BEING WHO WE ARE is enough to spark an awakening of infinite proportions. Thank you for being WHO YOU ARE Sister! Huge heart love💜🌞🌎✌🏼️

    1. lynn ~ i have heard from others too that they feel in limbo. i believe there is a reason behind this – perhaps transformation/transition is so very close we just need to be in center, love and truth and go along for the ride as the veil drops. ?? we ascend. ?? both?? i am very tired ~ my mind trying to process a lot right now ~ so finding the Truth is a challenge for me at the moment. but i do feel strongly we are on the cusp of a massive change/shift. thank you for reading, commenting and sharing your light. blessings! 🙂 victoria

      1. For certain and it is incredibly exciting! Rest, pamper and meditate. These are my primary methods of maneuvering through this holding pattern. May we each create the best of all possible Worlds in our endeavors! Onward and upward, L

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