“I’m Not That Kind Of Lightworker”

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Earlier today, as I stepped outside to enjoy a very rare treat of warm sunshine, I noticed the chemtrail thugs were at it again.

“You fuckers,” I mumbled.

Then I heard the words of others throughout my life, including some in the Ascension community:  “Language, Victoria.  Watch your language.”

Then I remembered the movie “Michael” with John Travolta, 1996.  He’s at the breakfast table, shoveling large piles of sugar-coated cereal in his mouth.  The newspaper people are asking him questions about his unusual behavior.  For an angel, shouldn’t he be clean.  Shouldn’t he have a halo. Shouldn’t we be hearing beautiful harp music around him.

Michael leans in, smiles and says, “I’m not that kind of angel.”

Well, I am not that kind of Lightworker either.

At least not all of the time.

I am the type to stir the pot of Truth with a beautiful chalice, pulling out all the dirt I can find, then pointing it out to people while saying “Lookit that crap! Do you see it?  Let’s get to work cleaning it up!”

I have a deep abiding Sense of Purpose to Help.  To help uncover Truth. To help share that Truth.  And to help ensure none of us are ever victimized again by those who have shielded us from the Truth.

Yes, there are different types of Lightworker’s.  I am one part fairy/angel of soft gentleness combined with one part kick-butt Rogue Warrior. Always coupled with a massive wall of compassion and humbleness.

Well, most always.

So when I see others who call themselves a Lightworker claim there is really only one real type, I say nonsense.

We come in a variety of packages.

All with the same purpose.

To spread Source Love.

To speak Truth.

Sometimes gentleness is called for.

Other times the Warrior needs to come in and clean house.

For you see, Love In Action looks different in all situations, especially in the world known as the Matrix.

For to break down such a system requires ALL types and beautiful varieties of Lightworkers.

Those who put sugar on their cereal.

And those who don’t.


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8 thoughts on ““I’m Not That Kind Of Lightworker””

  1. Omg, today I was so depressed by the Chem trail bombardment (they are actually taunting us by making X’s in the sky above)…then I thought of you who was someone who thought the same way I did and who I resonated with! And here is another words of wisdom from you Victoria!
    Thank you my Dear!

  2. I would love to donate to you but I was recently hacked. Anyway I can send you a personal check?
    I live in CT USA.
    Perhaps you can email me your address?
    You are not alone!
    It is so good to hear from you!

  3. Hi Victoria,

    You are right. I saw the very same effects in the sky as you did today. It took me years to drop the negative association to the the chem paintings above my head. But there is a direct correlation to what is being blocked, filtered, limited, hidden from us. Is it a full moon? if so, what are the energies that those in apparent control want to limit from us. Fr real it is happening. Is it the sun? what upgrades are being filtered and if so, do you think they will succeed? What are we getting from these energies.

    Perhaps, jut perhaps we are actually able to live a little bit calmer when these monsterous upgrades happen? maybe some people are so fried from the shift that the white chemical skies are providing a day of rest to the onslaught of energies?

    That said, they cant stop divide plan already well underway.

    Its maddening to see something so obvious that so many more cannot see. But we still can, and we feel the changes, and so many others who don’t believe are as well, so the shift moves forward.

    I for one, am tired and often under attack.
    Victoria, I love your honest and real opinions. Keep it up!

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