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Earlier today, this wall of emotion came over me.  I leaned over and began to purge.  Let’s just say in a variety of ways.  When I have these moments, I do not hold back.

A few moments later, I stood up, looked in the mirror and saw the anguish, the tears, the intensity of what I was feeling.

I.     WANT.     MY.     FREEDOM.

And I want it NOW!

This is becoming difficult.  The growing intensity of how much I want to live as my Soul is designed:  FREELY.

The state says I must pay to license my car.  I own the car outright. Possess the title.  And yet the state still says they claim ultimate ownership on my car that we bought with our money.  Excuse me but I do not see their name listed under owner.  Nor did they give me their portion of their money when purchasing it.

State says I must carry insurance on my car.  If not, they can impound my vehicle and charge me money.  A polite way of saying “we can come steal it and your money”.  Suspend my driver’s license.

I calculated recently:  The insurance industry and their scam operatives owe me over $300,000 for the money they have stolen from me over the years.  My “cost” to them?  A little over $200.  How is that a fair relationship?  Sounds like fraud to me.

What right does some bank have in telling me what I am worth?  My value?   What I am deserving of?  Assigning me some damn 3 digit number so I can be a card-carrying member of “my worth is tied up in these three numbers!”  Whoopie!


What right does anyone have in telling me what I have to pay to eat?  Keep myself warm and safe and dry?  Clothed?  And who the fuck thinks it is okay to tell me this very fraudulent system, who dictates who makes what, that I must pay the same price to LIVE as someone who makes a million dollar salary?

What right does anyone have in telling me what I am deserving of in a home?  Where I can live?  The size of the house?  Whether the house is clean or a shack.  Whether the neighborhood is safe and quiet or a hell-hole laden with crime.


Are they somehow even BEYOND and ABOVE Source?

Better than?

Source sure does not place these labels and demands on me.

NEVER has.

NEVER will.

NO.  NO MORE to that.  NO MORE to ANY of it.

Slowly I am taking steps in taking back my power. Going by my OWN rules.  Following what works for ME and Who I Am.

Remembering my WORTH.  My VALUE.

WHO  I   AM.  

Just like Rosa Parks who said “No” when told she had to move because of the color of her skin.  Same fraudulent system telling another Sovereign Being what to do.

This woman is standing stronger with each passing second in saying “NO” to anyone, any group, any system who pushes their will upon me.

That way of being is OVER.

I accept only the new energies of Freedom and Sovereignty.

From today forward.

And I invite you to do the same.





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