Is Humanity Ready To Truly Govern Itself?

I had a very interesting, passionate conversation with my neighbor about the right to self-govern.  He holds the belief that we need government to maintain civility, to solve poverty and to make sure our kids are off the streets and well-educated.  Interesting perspective, I stated, hand on my chin, pondering what he had said.

My mind began to form an opinion in response.  It took me a few moments as it often does.  Thankfully, for the most part, I have become much better at giving myself this necessary time instead of spouting off whatever comes to mind, which always leads me to feeling lesser about myself and with lingering regret.

So ok, you believe government is necessary for those things such as poverty and civility and keeping our kids off the street, I said, paraphrasing him.

Yes I do, he said.

Do you believe we have more government than at any other time in our known history? I asked.  He thought about that and said yes, he would say that is such.

Ok then, and would you say we also have more poverty, more social chaos and more kids either doing poorly in school our dropping out in our known history?  Again, he pondered what I said.

Yes, he affirmed.

So we have a situation then where we have more government than ever before but we also have more social problems, I said.

I could see him thinking.  He didn’t respond.  I did though.

So it would seem to me that government is not effective at solving our problems that we agree we have in our country.

He couldn’t disagree but also wouldn’t really agree with me either.  Very typical of a system that is geared towards keeping us stuck in left-brain mode and addicted to our ego.

I believe we have the right to self-govern.  I believe we live in a system of enslavement and repression.  I believe in freedom.  I believe I have the right to live however I want which entails consuming, speaking, thinking, behaving, doing in so long as my actions are not interfering with another person’s right to enjoy the same freedom.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Simple philosophy.  Difficult to pull off given how we are “trained” by the various systems we have – religious, political, family, educational, cultural.

I really don’t need anyone governing my behavior or my choices or my actions.  I am an adult.  I don’t need someone telling me what I should/need to be doing.  Offering up a suggestion is one thing but to command or demand it of me is insulting and out of line.  And yet our systems of government do just that.

Imagine a society evolved enough that, instead of bloated, intrusive States, we instead have smaller communities of self-governing individuals.  Perhaps instead of titles like “city council” or “state rep” we have titles like Council of Elders or Wise Members whereby if they do not follow the will of and the best interest of the community, they are removed and replaced.  Where we truly have a self-governing community of people instead of what we have today: the illusion of self-governance.  Instead of prisons, when one does not follow the “golden rule” they are healed through means such as practiced in indigenous cultures – same for those who are mentally ill.  That is for another article altogether but if you are interested, google it.  Our culture is quite young in many ways and some of the ancient ways of healing and living have sadly been lost.  We are in great need of implementing them once again.

I believe I have the right to create and live in such a community.  I believe such a way of living and being would require us to do a lot of inner work, healing and authentic, heart-centered living.  I am up for the task (and have been for over 20 years).  Are you?

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