Isn’t It Ironic ~ A Reflection


The song, Isn’t It Ironic by Alanis Morissette has been going through my mind this past week.  It isn’t because just I like the song (I actually love her and her music including this song) ~ it’s because of winter happenings in this house.

One sick person after another.  February 4th and the illnesses have been passed around since mid-December.

Intend health.  Eat well.  Exercise.  Communicate to others clearly “do not come visit if you are sick or invite us over if you are sick.”

People come visit or invite us/child over anyway while sick.

Irony happens.

We all get sick.  And it isn’t like all at once.  That would be too easy.

First the child.  Then the papa bear.  Then the mama bear.

Then there is the story of our dishwasher.  Took over a month to finally get a working one and properly installed at that.  Go to use the 2nd newly installed version only to realize the newly installed dishwasher doesn’t work.  !!

AGAIN!!  (yes that created a WTF???!!! moment)

Call to the place, AGAIN, and send mate to the store to get some dish soap.

Car won’t start.

No, seriously.  Won’t start.

Dead battery.

Charge it up.  65% charge.  Have to live with that one for now.

Intend to use dishwasher.

Irony happens.

Mate finally gets insurance approval for a new knee brace after hassle with a doctor who doesn’t know how to write up an order for insurance approval. Finds out he needs to pay 20%.  That’s about $250 (those things are expensive!).

Intend prosperity.  Have a little cushion.

Irony happens.

Sleep on the couch as to not awaken your mate and child with your cold-induced hacking.

Child wakes up anyway.  For some reason decides to turn into a 3 year old and whines off and on until 4am.

Need sleep.  Do what you can to create the environment.

Irony happens.

The biggest irony of all:

Come to this realm called earth.

Work hard.

Do as you are told.

Be a good person.

Irony happens.

Now we await the escape, the “truman exit door” where the only irony I wish to see is so much love and kindness and consideration and abundance and generosity and truth I am blown wide open and away.

In the most awesome, beautiful of ways.


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