Late Sunday Evening Q Posts…uhhhh…..


UPDATE 2:  According to insider “B” DEF CON equates to Defense Contractor.  Also saw this tweet:  (i am going to bed now)

UPDATE 1:  I watched this video moments ago.  Roy Potter spoke w/the owner of the below referenced “B” Twitter account and said technically we are not at DEFCON 1.  That reference was used to emphasize how serious things are getting.  This will be straightened out.


DEFCON 1 ~ non-nuclear?  Perhaps space-weapons being used (sky fortress engaged)  ???  Roy Potter video linked below discussing this and he’s (understandably) upset and wants to see no more “puzzles” but actual REAL words used to clue us in what’s going on.  The links to twitter below are from someone who goes by B.  Here is the link to the account.



Alert! Are We At Defcon 1?

Streamed live 1 hour ago

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