Lemuria: She Fell. Now She Is Calling…

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In April of 2016, while enjoying a rare peaceful, quiet moment in my bedroom, I heard a soft voice whisper in my left ear.  “Lemuria is calling.”

Hmm, that’s strange, I thought while also being intrigued and knowing this was something special to receive.

I live on the west coast and am familiar with some of the stories and legends that are Lemuria and Atlantis.  Both civilizations said to have fallen, each for different reasons.  Some claim they are myths.  Others claim these civilizations existed and share elaborate details.  I am one to believe there is Truth in myths.  I believe these civilizations existed.  I feel it in my body.  Whether they were called Lemuria and Atlantis and whether they existed at the time period historians discuss (and still debate) matters not to me.  Lemuria calls to me in my body.  In my cells. And those parts of my Being do not lie.

Since hearing that message, I have been very drawn to learning more about Lemuria.  And the Universe has indeed delivered.  Images of Lemuria popping up on my social media feeds.  Articles shared by others. Too many synchronicities to count.

I was guided to buy a book recently, “Coming Home To Lemuria” by Charmain Amarea Kumara Redwood.  Charmain says Lemurian civilization fell because we became aware of lower vibrational planets and, given our nature to help others, we made the choice to visit these planets in order to assist.  We weren’t prepared for the density and what it would do to our body and our Soul.  She says that is when we realized we were unable to return to Lemuria and this is what lead to the fall of our way of life.

An interesting perspective and one I feel has some definite truth when I weigh it against my own vision I had over 10 years ago.  In that vision, I saw myself standing in a circle around a tree (in her book, Charmain says the Lemurian’s did things in circles frequently).  We were sending energy to the tree and it was communicating back.  The experience was beautiful and peaceful.  It seemed to be more of a ritual than just a “spur of the moment” idea.  We were also quite large physically – tall and lean – something Charmain also mentions in her book.  Then something happened that caught us by surprise and I could feel the energy slowly drain and lower.  Then I was jolted out of the vision.

Aside from Charmain’s view of why we fell, I also maintain that part of this experience lead to lower dimensional beings with advanced tech and a very dark side (which was foreign to the Lemurian’s) took advantage of our helpful and trusting manner, conquered us and altered our DNA and inter-bred with us.

Lately I have been purging this experience.  The horrors of not only losing yourself and your family and friends, but your way of live.  Your way of Being.  The horror that there are other Beings who will grossly violate free will and will take advantage of others for their personal gain and power.

While I realize these behaviors are part of modern day humankind, they are still foreign concepts to me.  Absolutely foreign.  I don’t understand the desire to do that to another and I most certainly do not understand the decision to actually go ahead with that desire and create it.

Again, according to Charmain’s book, a very Lemurian trait.

I also very much resonated with her description of our desire to help others – even at the expense of our own well-being in a way at times.  Or in other words, we see someone in help, we don’t always intuitively stop and check in to see if such help would be ok with Self.  I’m the same way. I hear of someone in need or see it, every part of me says “help” and I do what I can.  However, living in third dimensional frequencies and reality has taught me I have to weigh my desire to help with my own abilities and limits – things we did not have to bother with living in higher dimensional Lemuria.

Living in Lemuria – living at that frequency level (which Charmain says was in 5D) – we didn’t need to concern ourselves with things such as burn out and disease and personal health.  It was in our inherent make-up to help.  Period.  That is what we DID and in doing so, we gave to ourselves in return.  A natural cycle and a natural way of Being.

I have a feeling we are going to see the rise and return of these civilizations – both in human form and in the rise of their ruins.  I have seen this in a dream I had almost 14 years ago and at the time, had no clue what the dream meant nor was I familiar with Lemurian or Atlantean civilizations.  I also believe there are many of us from this time period who have returned for this Ascension Event.

If you feel an inner calling for Lemuria, let yourself purge those old memories and the old energies from the trauma(s).  For me, not only am I mourning the way of life I once lived, I am also mourning over the concept that there are beings who will disrupt your life simply because they can. There are beings who don’t care about free will and are only about serving their own needs.  This is also about me questioning whether I can trust myself and leads to a life-long – and likely many lifetimes-long fear of being left behind, being uprooted against my will, being abandoned and a deep deep loss that has lead to an inner thought of “will I ever have paradise again with my tribe?”

I miss that way of life.  I miss my tribe.  I am ready to reunite and rebuild that way of life.  This time around, we will have gathered some much needed awareness and that is, even as we ascend into 5th Dimension, always be fully prepared and aware before offering help to those who are not of your vibrational frequency and belief system.

The Goddess has awakened in new ways and while she still longs to help, she is too aware to be taken advantage of.

She has learned that it is necessary to Love Self First.


After I wrote the above, I thought “I wonder if I will have more moments of synchronicity with Lemuria tonight.”  You know, for validation that what I write above is truthful and not just wishful thinking.  Ahem.  Check out this beautiful video, “Songs of Lemuria”, which just “happened” to show up in my social media feed an hour after writing this piece.  I was also quite intrigued to note the time the video was originally linked in my friends page – 7:11pm.  Earlier tonight I looked at the clock, saw 7:11pm and knew I would be having a moment of synchronicity later.  ♥





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27 thoughts on “Lemuria: She Fell. Now She Is Calling…”

  1. Thank you so much Victoria. It totally resonates with me. Sorry my english I’m from Sweden. I’ll also had the almost same experience. Its about 12-13 years ago, I had never heard of Lemuria I woke up with this “dream” that I know somehow is true. Thankyou for reminding me. We meet again.Love Tarja

    1. I am so touched and happy that fellow goddesses are resonating w/this piece. It is always so validating to me to know “i’m not the only one!” I will be making a follow up piece on this later tonight, along the lines of where is this help? I understand that Lacey – the need for help yesterday. Last year. Lifetimes ago! I am deeply deeply honored you all have read, resonated and taken the time to respond and share. May this conversation continue. I would love to hear of your individual stories! Much love ~ lemurian love ~ V.

      1. I too have read this book Victoria and was drawn to read it,because I too lived there once and our Lemuria family are calling us home once again. It is time…..

  2. Wow i burst into tears reading this! Everything is falling into place, thank you so much for writing this article, the divine timing could not have been more perfect ❤️

  3. Yes! The Divine Timing and Synchronicity is amazing especially as we are approaching the final Ascension phases at the end of March. The third wavers are going to be awakened soon. Thank you Victoria. Namaste. Light Love Energy and Blessed it be so. All is Well.

  4. sooooo relate
    thank you for sharing – feel free to email to connect with another of tribe much love, joy, and peace to all!

  5. Your piece grabbed me by the throat.
    I cried.
    Yes…it was a very powerful and emotionally releasing piece…indeed, helpful, I am grateful for this!
    May “Source” continue to flow an abundance of Love and Light to you and through you.
    What a gift you have given to me and all who have lived in, experienced and loved Lemuria in former lifetimes. There is no doubt this is truth…it definitely resonated.
    A loving, hearty heartfelt thank you from my heart to your heart!
    Weed, California (Mt Shasta Area)

    1. oh paul thank you for those words (and i apologize for writing so late – i did not see your message – and many others – until last night. spam folder issues which have been fixed). i have wanted to move to mt. shasta area but mate says not w/the draconian vaccination laws – even for homeschoolers. anyway – i think we will be seeing her rising – physically. no coincidence many of us are on the west coast or bordering on the pacific. hugs to you! <3

  6. Thank you for sharing this Victoria. It resonates with me also on a very deep level. A friend who also resonates with Lemurian energy sent me a CD by a guy called Anders Holt titled ‘Lemurian Home Coming’. It blew me away. Please let me know if it resonates with you also. https://youtu.be/L9BC_bRZPGU. Vicki … Perth, Australia ❤️

    1. oooh this music is beautiful. i can feel in my being we would be singing/humming very similar music as we circled around the trees. i am continuing to connect w/others who are also feeling the lemurian energy calling them. i am starting to believe that many of us have returned and are finding each other again. that takes my breath away! i am not sure what to do with all of this new-found heart information. i am letting flow guide me but am open to others suggestions/ideas. <3

  7. It could very well be that the Hawaiian islands are the top of LeMUria. I have been here most of seven years and when I went to Kaua’i, and to a specific valley, I felt as if I had come home. I have heard it said that Kaua’i is the top of Lemuria and that the people who were here when the (locals) landed when they first came here were the Menehune (small men) and that they called the island Mu. This is where I was guided to come to do my own inner work. 🙂

  8. I can’t comprehend why these two civilizations perished whose people were fifth dimensional. And what was left was a dumb downed 3d planet that was always a prison or as I call it earth is hell. Why????????????? Did these good people do something wrong to piss off Prime Creator or some other evil extraterrestrial? This is retrograde evolution. In my mind evolution is not defined by becoming antideluvian but moving beyond and forward! God, can you offer solace before I drive myself nuts?

    1. robert – i know. insane. i believe – i feel – somewhere within i KNOW – we were conquered/invaded and that’s when we and earth were lowered to this vibration. we didn’t do anything to upset Creator. it was other beings with an agenda of control. period. recently i have read where it was during this time when fear was instilled into our dna (probably via the reptilian brain – which surprises me psychologists have not caught onto the name and its meaning. hello. fight/flight/trauma portion of the brain named the reptilian brain??!!). this is something that goes beyond the logic of the brain. in the world of creation ANYTHING is possible. ANY THING. meaning we can break free and are. <3

  9. Vicky,
    Thank you sweet heart..
    I so feel that much of what you wrote here to be Truth. I’m so pleased that you value keeping your energies high, and you live from that so much.
    I have so much that I could say here, but my Soul has told me that I cannot share what I have until I share it in its entirety, or it will not be understood and accepted. It will actually be rejected if I give small parts of what I could share. I know that I’ve told you this before. But I wanted to say here that since I’ve contacted you, many insights have come to me, and two that are the most profound of anything that I could ever imagine. Please, Vicky, and everyone, keep your energies in high vibration whenever possible, because what I have to offer, will include all of you in assisting in a great work. We are being prepared, and we are called to something of a magnitude that is unbelievable, unless it is explained in its entirety. Everyone’s connection to, and remembrance of, and living from Love, is what will free us.

    I love you, Vicky. And I love all, and I remember us all together, but seemingly separate, but all as One. Love is our birthright and it’s who we are. I know that I will get to meet all of you in person someday soon. And I will hug all of you…

    1. i am just seeing your message now irene (spam issues – the good comments ending up in spam – ugh!). thank YOU beautiful soul for your words and your reminder to stay high in the vibes as often as we are able. i know you are working on something amazing – i remember that conversation from last year (i have had so many connections made since i started this little page last fall – it’s hard to keep up with who said what but i do remember you are focused on working on a big project that you will eventually share and will include many of us. i feel i am in a holding pattern. thank you for your love. it is needed and seen and appreciated by me! hugs! <3

  10. A year ago I had a very important awakening moment in my life and made contact with a group online called The Ascendosphere which talks of advanced ascension and also of Lemuria and it’s reawakening. After reading your article I felt compelled to share this with you. I hope it resonates.


  11. You may not believe this, but my mother (now 99 yrs) remembers her father talking about the land of Mu or Lemuria. He had a book, by James Churchward, called “The Lost Continent of Mu”. I discovered it on Amazon, along with his other books of which I am now a proud owner.
    “James Churchward
    “James Churchward is best known as a British born occult writer. However, he was also an inventor, engineer, and skilled fisherman. Churchward is most notable for proposing the existence of a lost continent, called Mu, in the Pacific Ocean. His writings on Mu are considered to be pseudoscience.”
    Whilst an engineer for the British Army in India he became interested in Mu after meeting a old man who had scrolls and other items which he claimed were attributed to the lost continent of Mu, such as designs found in many continents, such as India, China etc.

    I too, have been drawn to Lemuria all my life (now 72 yrs) and am delighted to share my little bit of information that may excite some of you.

  12. I am happy to help and serve in anyway possible.
    Your call for reuniting your tribe has been answered.
    We in India have a tribe of lemurians who are happy to connect and work together with you and attain the love Viberation we all so long for.
    Loads of love
    Elemental Magic
    The Leaf community

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