Let’s Talk About Sex

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It is time to talk about Ascension and sex.

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think about sex?

Why did those images and/or thoughts enter?  How were they created?

Really think on that one.

Depending upon your conditioning and upbringing, sex is one of the most complicated, confusing, hush-hush of all topics.  And yet as we all know, it’s in our face constantly.  On one hand, we are told by the church not to talk about it until we’re married and on the other hand we have the rest of society pushing porn and eroticism and images of air-brushed lies in our face.  We then have the hollywood low vibes who give us their version (limited) view of sex.

If we’re lucky, we know deep within there is something more to this act.

Someone like, say, me!  lol

I say lucky because I do consider myself one of the rare ones who, at a young age (19), began thinking about the top of sex and how there was so much more to it.  I saw a scene from the movie Cocoon that showed one of the “alien” female beings share the lovemaking ways of her species with the human male character.  It was a mutual exchange of energy.

While it was limited in scope, it intrigued me.  I knew deep within that THIS was the real way to engage in sex.  THIS was what it once was and is supposed to be about.  I mentioned it here and there over the years, but never had any interest given back to me in exploring it.  So I chalked it up to another “I don’t belong here” moment.

Given the memories I have had about how life once was on Earth, during the time when we were truly Sovereign and Free, I have come to some conclusions about this sex topic.

*Much of what we see in society today about sex is dark, and at the very least, limited.  Porn.  Advice column’s on the topic.  Church doctrine on the topic.  Sex education in schools.  And humanity’s practice of it.

*Our thoughts on sex are also dark and limited.  Whenever we look at another and lust after them, that is a low vibe.  (Hang in there with me on this one.)  We objectify.  We expect.  We control and dominate.

This was not how we once were.  This darkness was bred into us by the smelly beings who conquered us and altered us.

I have had knowings come to me and have experienced flashbacks of what these beings did to us sexually.  They took the sexual act that we participated in at the time and gave us their way, through mind conditioning and genetic alteration.  They taught the men that females were to be dominated, including sexually.  They taught the men that women were objects, especially when it came to sex.  These dark beings used women for their breeding projects.  I recently had a flashback during a past life regression session of being an unwilling participant in that one. More later on that in another piece.

What’s interesting to me is that NONE of this has come as a surprise to me as I have known, since I “awoke” at 19, that we had it all wrong when it came to sex.  I am very sensitive to people’s energies and have been in tune with the men I have been with over the years and I have to say that in each case, I have sensed in all of them that they viewed me as an object, they expected me to participate in sex w/them and they felt they had that right.  I am not saying any of these men said those very words (well, one or two did), but it was there in their behaviors towards me when it came to sexual relating.  Sometimes subtle, sometimes not.

And then there is what we women have done.  We have continued the pattern by going along with these behaviors.  We tease.  We flirt.  We knowingly flaunt ourselves, parade ourselves, all for men’s “attention”.

In short, we – each of us – LIMIT our connection by playing these games of control and manipulation with our passive-aggressive behavior.

I deeply feel and believe that as we continue our awakening and ascension process, we MUST (and likely, hopefully, will naturally) take a different approach to sex.  We need to go within and remember, if we can, how things once were.  If remembering is not an option, we must be willing to explore sex in a new way.

From my memories and those deep cellular feelings within my body, I have come to believe that the sexual act was one of pure energy exchange. One of the visions I repeatedly have is of the two beings standing or lying together, their third eye chakra’s in alignment.  They bring up that energy within their bodies and share it with one another, controlling and guiding the energy, allowing it to go into the other in ways that are beautiful, sacred, and very mutually agreed upon.  Oh and of course very satisfying! Sometimes the sharing was exchanged between both individuals. Sometimes the energy was shared from one to another.

We once viewed sex as a very sacred act.  Period.  There were no expectations or demands.  We had deep reverence for the act as well as ourselves and one another.  We have lost that.  But I believe that all that was “lost” continues to awaken in each of us.

And it is my wish and intention for myself and others that we awaken to the wonders of sacred sex.  How it was – and how it can be again.


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