A Little Note To My Critics

This is not for the majority of you so no need to get tangled up in the drama.

  1. This is my site and while I welcome differing points of view, I do not welcome a tone that is condescending and arrogant. Those questioning my stance on Trump – I do have a facebook follow icon on here.  If you had followed me on my f/b page you would have noticed I continuously said I never voted for him but that I was even MORE relieved to see Hillary not take the ticket.  I see him as playing both sides of the fence at times and I remain neutral at this point.  I am also hopeful that he will be doing some of those things he has mentioned, most esp. during his inaugural speech.  I have been vocally critical of some of his enviro policies he has enlisted.  And lastly, I have the right to change my mind.  Deal with it.
  2. Those claiming I am being the victim.  Listen up here folks.  I am aware enough to see through the passive-aggressive game of “blame the victim”.  The way OUT of being a victim (and we ALL HAVE BEEN victimized by those very things I have mentioned – the matrix, chemtrails and the like) is to OWN it.  Speak out about it.  Show that righteous anger. Take action in whatever way you can.  Those are the steps to empowerment.  And that is exactly what I am doing here on this site and in my personal life (of which you are not privy so don’t claim to know you know who I am outside of this little world).
  3. If what I say is making you feel that uncomfortable and upset, why are you continuing to read my work?

Now that I have got that out of my brain and out my mouth (well, fingers), let’s get back to the business of uncovering the truth and discussing ways to heal and transform this reality.

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