A Little Visual For The Masses Who Have Had Enough


I have another piece going through my mind but first I need to do this one.

We are powerful, right?  We have the power to change our life.  Our reality. Intent.  Focus.  Knowing.  Being and Doing.

I have seen what I am going to suggest work.  If it resonates, give it a try.

Visualize removing all of the toxins that have been put into you.  The toxins from chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines, gmo foods, round-up, etc. etc..

Then there is the toxins that build-up in our bodies via stress that comes from this pay-to-live enslavement system and the bankers and elite heads of states and big biz who have gotten away with these crimes and utter horror long enough.

Feel and visualize in your body where this stuff resides.  Pull it up and out and, if you wish, imagine putting it back on to the very folks who have allowed these crimes against humanity to go on.  Speak the names of individuals and companies outloud.

Truly pull it out.  Go deep.  Go real.  Put it right back on them.

For a time just put aside this love and forgiveness speak.  That can come later.

I am sensing that this anger I am feeling today is not just my own but part of the unhealed/unacknowledged parts of the collective.  When we call ourselves a Lightworker (fill in the blank with whatever resonates), we fall into the trap of thinking our strong emotions, those moments of rage and anger, may upset others.  Offend.

We need to redefine what being Spiritual is.  And I feel that part of that experience is removing the energies of harm that have been put onto us by these individuals, entities and groups WITHOUT OUR CONSENT and thus need to have it all returned to them, energetically speaking. Where it belongs.

There are times to turn the other cheek ~ certainly if it is a one-time behavior, small offense.  But when these systems sucker-punch us time and time again, it is time to say NO MORE – go deep within – truthfully and honestly – and love ourselves so very much – there is no way we wish to have ourselves discolored by their poisons any longer.

And so it is.

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Author: Victoria1111

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4 thoughts on “A Little Visual For The Masses Who Have Had Enough”

  1. hi..I just wanted to share this person’s energy with you.
    .I like his fire..and love that comes thru..he used to live in Boulder Colorado..now he is traveling with his family in Mexico as a family experience..I live in a town close to Boulder..I think you will like this guy…anyway..just wanted to share.

    Oh, and I read your post on the panic..It dominated my life for almost four years….and I have not had the sensation in almost ten yrs now..until last week and these last few days..I will not feed it any longer..it is not welcome in my realm..out damn spot.
    ‘I am looking forward to….’
    (you fill in the blank ..with as many things as you want)

    1. thank you catherine. this guy is AWESOME! and what a good video too. i see i had actually subscribed to his channel – but apparently i was meant to see this particular one. i have been thinking about this – i have a real gift at being a chameleon – which at times has served me well. tuning in to where people are, meeting them where they are. i was convinced and likely taught that this was an act of kindness. but hearing this guy speak – that is giving away my power. and this process is about putting this behavior to an end. i am looking forward to…….SO MUCH ENDLESS FREEDOM. tonight i was talking with a neighbor/friend about our plans – what we will be doing. how we will be living. it was an awesome conversation!

      1. Hi, I was going to communicate with you via an email..so, I clicked on ‘contact’..and it said fill out a form..but I did not see a form..I just didn’t want to bore your viewing audience with what I was feeling just communication between you and I.
        I guess one of the thoughts that I am having is that where are the people in my age group(69 in February) that are interested in these energetic times. It seems there are some astrologers and some with political agendas..but I am not ‘seeing’ my age group..or at least the fotos don’t show it when there are responses to certain posts.
        I just feel kind of floating out here alone. My son is 46 and he and I do not converse this way..my daughter in love and I do and she gets it all..but it seems odd to me.
        It seems we were the one’s who wanted all of this in the 60’s..and began some energy shifts of our own. Talk about Freedom..we were light as feathers..dressed like magic..shared..helped..sheltered..and then…nothing.
        Nothing in the ‘headlines’..at least..this was before computers and instant gratification communication.
        I have lost 6 friends in the last ten years…death…and I feel sometimes like I am the last woman standing..alone..I have tried to ‘connect’ in my new town,but to tell ya the truth..most folks are a complete drain/bore to me.( I guess if I am using the word tried in the realm of connection..then its not really a connection..hmmm_
        I was a ‘healer’ at one point in my life for years ..assisting the mineral kingdom ..laying on of stones..on chakras..and mostly just helping folks thru..life stuff.
        It became a total drain for me..
        I just want to play and create dance on my patio in the moonlight..which I do anyway ..I am an artist by nature..be it painting, photography, decorating..just creating beauty..that is my life force..rarely a day goes by that I don’t pick up my camera..and capture the light magic at that moment..and the light only is right in that moment.
        ..and yet..alone..( I was a single mom for 10 years..got married at 32 and that marriage lasted 27 yrs..and now..alone for the last 10 years)
        alone is a good thing for me in most situations..I am easily affected by others energies..and sound..but now ..now I want companionship..not a love of my life scenario..just someone to share my thoughts and love with..
        I guess the universe wants you to be clear..and I have been on the fence..as not want to complicate my life..I just want peace.
        Again..I am taking up too much of your time..I am a communicator..hard to keep an Aquarian mouth shut for long..oh, well..
        I enjoy your thoughts ..a great dinner party would be the Case guy who’s video I sent you..and even tho you a stranger..I think the three of us could talk it up..with some fire..yeah baby..I love the fire..I mean I am all for peace and calm..but I say fuck alot..as you know.
        What are you looking forward to…..

        1. contact form issue has been resolved. apparently i do have some tech savvy abilities. 🙂 i have also been having a growing desire to be around people – new people – i don’t know the details – it is just a feeling of wanting new. so cool you are an artiste ~ i love being creative. write music. play piano and guitar. write, period. take photos too – esp. of the sunsets. i recently woke up and said “i want to learn to draw”. 24 hours later my little girl finds a basic drawing book at the little library and brings it home. you know – in my town – there are a few people around your age who are into this. i’m well i don’t like to give my age – lol – but let’s say i was born several year after kennedy was taken out.

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