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I have been spending more conscious moments loving myself.  I know full well now what happens when I neglect myself.  These energies of transformation are making this quite visible.

I notice where I feel discomfort.  Where I feel fear.  Anxiety.  Anything that is not authentically beautiful forever Me.  I say “I love you” – “I see you” – “it’s ok”- over and over until the feeling subsides.  I pay attention to my body.  I focus on my arms and legs and feet and all of my parts and say “i love you” and “thank you”.

I did a technique today after having a dream last night that was quite unpleasant.  There was darkness there on an old issue and I knew it needed healing and releasing.  It’s something I have been working on.  At first I was rather disappointed I did not take care of while I was in dream-state but quickly pulled myself out of self-judgment, did some energy work and visualization and felt a current temporary minor health issue immediately improve.  Inner body where the issue has resided relaxed.

I also spent half the afternoon doing absolutely nothing but resting on the family hammock out back.  This is very atypical behavior for me.

I will be doing this more.

Tonight on my social media page I saw reference to loving yourself.  How this is THE KEY to happiness.  Love yourself and life improves.

Eat like you love yourself.

Speak like you love yourself.

Engage in activity like you love yourself.

Move your body like you love yourself.

TREAT your body like you love yourself.

Rest, sleep like you love yourself.

Surround yourself with others like you love yourself.

DO.  BE.  As though you love yourself.

How often I forget this.

How much quicker and easier I return.


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