More Thoughts on “Waiting”


Ever notice how we are told by “those in control” or those in the know to “wait” for the helpful, positive, healing things?

Rape happens in a quick few moments.



Military personnel take out entire villages and communities in moments.

But yet when we want peace and freedom we are told to “wait”.

I do not consent to that.

Let me repeat that:


It is a deception.  A trick.

Matrix programs.

Rip that shit out of the energy body in this moment.

Speaking today with a dear friend who needs a new knee.  His only option offered in this realm is knee replacement surgery.  His other option is to wait until he ends up in a wheel chair.

My own mate, who has a chronic health ailment as well as one bad knee and one knee that is also needing attention.  He is facing the same situation and yet with his already fragile health, does he have the strength to undergo such a surgery?  The knee they offer only lasts 5-10 years.  Then what?

Seriously?  Then what?  Deal with it again when one is older?

It enrages me inside to know we have technology that others politely say is being repressed or withheld when in truth it is being stolen from us – technology that can heal my friend and my mate and countless others easily and quickly.

I can no longer be quiet about this.

I will no longer consent.

For every second this tech is being stolen from us, people die.

For every second this tech is being stolen from us, people suffer unnecessarily.

I don’t give a shit what reason someone may present as to why this has not been released to the people.

There is no justifiable reason.  Love cannot provide such a reason.

If any one thinks there is a justifiable reason, then they may present themselves in front of my mate and tell him the reason.  See if they can look him in the eyes and say he must wait and give their reason why.

See if they can look a dying child in the eyes and tell him or her they must wait and here is the reason why.

See if they can look into the eyes of my neighbor down the street whose mother is slowly fading away (who I regularly send out the energy of “hold on” – if that is her desire).

Freedom NOW.

All else, I do not consent to.

And I hope you all do the same.  Power of the Collective Consciousness.


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