Must Watch! Supernatural Event Coming Soon?


Editor’s note:  Another must watch video.  This is a hypnotherapist who noticed earlier this year her clients began speaking of an “event” coming within the year. These clients do not know each other.  Reminds me of the late Dolores Cannon and her clients.  I did want to point out something that has touched my heart deeply.  One of the clients mentions how there are many of us here at this time who know of this event and it is our energies that are bringing this energy wave here to earth.  Think about that one for a moment and let it sink in.  We each have a purpose – even if we think we’re not doing “enough”.  Our purpose is simply to be awakened to this event and to simply BE.  Hold the intention.  That’s it.  Is that not a humbling KAPOW WOW moment for your heart and soul?  It is for mine. It moved me to tears.  I had never thought of it in this way before and I am so grateful I heard these words.  Earlier today I was asking the Universe, again “What is my purpose?  Am I just taking up space?  I feel like I’m not doing enough!”  Then I watch this.  Each of us are powerful in this mission.  It is time to Believe FULLY in ourselves.  The time for smallness is no longer.  The time for doubt, no longer.  We chose to come here and our presence alone is bringing in this energy wave of beautiful transformation. That alone makes this journey worth it to me!  I thank every one of you for being here at this time.  It is time to SHINE.  What a beautiful collective we are.  

Client QHHT Sessions: Supernatural Event Coming Soon?

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3 thoughts on “Must Watch! Supernatural Event Coming Soon?”

  1. one to two years? the money thing is in place now so we are being told on the web by a variety of different sources, so I would say it must be this year? thanks.

    1. oh there is so much information on this out there – what to believe and what not to give attention to that is the question for each of us to determine. and at times it just simply sucks! (i intend in this NOW moment for what i desire.)

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