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Ok peeps.  I have a security program (free version) for my site that has a program that monitor’s my web traffic and I have noticed a growing trend of people in places like Thailand, China, India and Russia (yep in this case the Russian’s indeed did it – ha!) are attempting to hack my site.  Daily now.  At first it was an occasional attempt at logging into my site.  Now this practice has become daily, hourly at times and added into this mix are individuals who are now attempting to send me malware.

It’s insane!  Apparently my site is now considered one of those “oooh scary spooky they are telling the truth” sites and hence, the targeting. I have the option of blocking the IP addresses, which I immediately do when I spot this.  However, these outfits simply create a new IP address and are back at it.  It is impossible for one person to keep track of.

I need to upgrade my security to the paid version but will only invest in that if I have regular financial support from my readers.  I also noticed my web hosting fee has almost doubled.  !!

And remember, aside from donations I also have products (book/journal, room and deodorant sprays) where you can get something in return for your $$ support.  A win-win, right?

Thank you peeps!  

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