New Ascension Symptoms – October 27, 2016

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By Alexa Person, 10/27/2016
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Friday, October 14, 2016, one day after President Obama issued an Executive Order regarding space weather events, the Earth’s magnetic shields collapsed and the energetic streams of energy flowing around Earth (solar winds) completely changed direction. These events corresponded with a severe geomagnetic storm that can be tracked in the satellite video below.

A massive plasma wave literally washed over our planet. This wave consisted of high frequency energy bearing Ascension codes and these codes arrived in the form of Light, otherwise known as photons. My ascended Twin Flame, Ahy, has taught me a great deal about these photon packets, which I now understand to be Amplituhedrons.

Satellite Imagery and Executive Order regarding Space Weather

Since this event took place, I’ve seen a dramatic rise in a number of unexpected side effects:

♦  Stillness. More than usual. It’s as if Gaia is allowing us to experience a “pause” while we are given a chance to integrate the energy bombarding her 4th Density.
♦  Time has vanished. And along with it, urgency has disappeared. ♦ Everything is getting done, but any anxiety associated with the completion of tasks is nonexistent.
♦  Profound sense of peace.
♦  Conscious contact with our Higher Dimensional Selves.
♦  Body temperatures rising unpredictably and dramatically while at rest.
♦  Powerful Light energy intermittently discharging through the skin and/or spine causing intense tingling sensations.
♦  Increased focus.
♦  Unconsciously shielding the Mind/Body/Soul.
♦  Increased contact with the Higher Self.

♦  Appetite fluctuations paired with conscious eating.
♦  Fatigue.
♦  Increased sensitivity, joy and clairvoyant abilities.

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