What If There Is No ONE Truth?


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There is a reason I have used several pictures in this piece.  It is to represent the concept that There Is No One Truth.

I have come to this conclusion after doing some pondering and inner reflection on the idea.  I know indeed when something resonates with me inside, the energy is solid and unwavering.  I simply KNOW what feels right – to Me.

After listening to another QHHT session, where I heard someone share their insights on Ascension and New Earth and our history, I found some things resonated and some didn’t.  I realized in that moment when I heard something that did not resonate with me, I began to feel doubt as to my own Truth.  I then realized when I do feel this doubt, how easily I give my power away. Simply because someone has a different version of Truth does not mean mine is not valid and nor does it mean this other being’s version is not equally as valid.

It’s like being at a buffet with a large group of people.  Not everyone will eat the same dishes.

I feel what is happening at the moment (and I was just called to look at the clock – 4:44) is that these incoming energies are allowing us a much easier opportunity to truly create the reality we want.  Certainly we all can see the limits that have been put in place to allow us such freedom.  For example, we can see how we have been under a system of monetary control and a cycle of karmic reincarnation.

And this is shared with no judgement.  If this is the way(s) people desire to live and experience, a Truth which works for and resonates with them, that is ok.  I happen to resonate with another version of reality.  I also realize I may have agreed to BE a part of these versions of reality that today, I no longer wish to participate in.

I believe there are a multitude of “new earth” experiences we will be able to “choose” from – depending upon our vibrational frequency which is based on what we desire and hold as Truth.  This is just another step in our journey, another experience in which we are now FULLY FREE to choose because the restraints are being removed, for lack of a better description.

Therefore, it is time we all honor one another’s Truth.  What is false to you may be true for me.  What is true for me may be false for you. As I sit here in more reflection and think about how different our truths often are just on the topics of Ascension and our History, a small voice within says “they are all true”.


Embracing this concept, we no longer need to convince someone of our Truth nor do we need to participate in the games of boundary violation and imposing our will upon another.  These are games we have all played. I have become a pretty good expert at them in this life carnation cycle.

And yet I wish to let it go for it serves me no purpose.  I am here to create my own experience and in doing so authentically, when I am focused solely within, I am naturally inclined to allow for others to do the same.

And in another moment of synchronicity, I have an article I will be linking by Vera Ingeborg, which showed up in my inbox this morning.  She discusses this concept of there being no one truth.  Very cool… as I awoke this morning thinking I needed to hear something from Vera and Diane Canfield.  I was needing their words of wisdom and it had been awhile since I had received anything from them.  Today, my inbox contained pieces from both of them.

It’s all good.  And I wish ALL of you peace and send you energies of support as you each traverse and create your own experiences, based on your own Truths.  



Awesome people ~ thank you for reading and thank you for supporting my work.  Feel free to share with others.

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