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With permission, I copied this from a friend’s facebook page, Timothy Ray Kepner. Beautiful words that resonate deep within my own heart and soul and have for a very long time.  If any of you wish to help Timothy in supporting his vision, contact me and I will pass along your information to him.  We need some good humanitarian’s/philanthropists with the fund$ to get these healing ideas up and going.  An idea is just an idea without the other tools.  

I am addressing & appealing to my brothers & sisters of our spiritual, progressive communities. And also to those who believe in social justice, have a compassionate heart & resonate with planetary clearing, healing & transformation. It is with much sincerity, integrity & passion that I convey this message. Even among our spiritual & progressive communities there’s simply a lot of misinformation & erroneous judgements regarding these socioeconomic realities. Then there is rampant denial, aloof rationalizations, spiritual ego positionality & an unacknowledged caste system that exists in our human potential movement. Most are oblivious to the circumstances of large segments in our society…..A large segment of our population is enmeshed in just struggling to survive, while another segment is without adequate shelter. Most people do not have the focus,serenity & conducive environments for meditation & spiritual pursuits. One cannot even see a counselor ( let alone a therapist or medium)..without sufficient funds or if it is available it is not efficacious. For millions their only recourse is psychiatric or street drugs. This is sad, despicable & unacceptable!!…I’d like to shine light & raise awareness on some serious shadow aspects, contradictions,hypocrises & social injustices that exist in our spiritual movement. In order to transform to a more compassionate, socially conscious & evolved state…these shadow aspects need to be brought up from our collective unconscious & into the light of understanding. I am a voice & spokesperson for all those driven into despair by factors in this oppressive & restrictive matrix that we collectively are disentangling & liberating ourselves from. I am speaking for the alienated, disenfranchised masses & yes, the millions who have been who have been shelved & bypassed by our own so called compassionate, progressive New Age community. As with the health care system, this too is an abomination & social disgrace……I encourage you to search ” spiritual bypass” on the internet, utube. It is unwise, falacious, self sabotaging & delusional to ” bypass” & not clear, heal one’s deep psychological programs, traumas & baggage by escaping & avoiding them through the spiritual realm & world of meditation, yoga, ashrams,etc. ….There exists now for the first time in ages a plethora of highly effective healing modalities, technologies that genuinely produce powerful changes, results & facilitates one to higher states of consciousness much more than years of meditation. Yet those without the golden coins are barred thus alienated. Millions that really need it, deserve it, yearn for it in their hearts & could benefit from it are denied entry into the New Age kingdom & such meccas such as Sedona, which are highly gentrified & commercialized. Souls that sincerely want to “work on their issues” & empower themselves are majorly hampered from doing so. Countless people’s lives have deteriorated & decades out if their lives lost due to this gross injustice of being barred due to not having the expendible income to do so. This is morally reprehensible & unconscionable!!!…These positions are hurtful, insulting & spiritually invalidating to those without sufficient funds..These policies foster the illusions if separation & division. They feed & promulgate right into the Cabal’s & matrix agenda of divisiveness..The new age movement itself has capitulated to the matrix, consumerism,elitism & capitalist exploitation….The rampant elitism, aloof rationalizations & denial need to phase out!! The opportunities for healing, transformation & empowerment need to be more accessible. It is currently outgradient & a significant gap exists within our society. We must build a better bridge to spiritual liberation, evolution & planetary ascension…..I will share my insights from the Celestine Prophecy…There’ virtually no authentic support systems in our culture. We sorely need the unconditional love & support without the unconcious dramas & patterns; support from individuals & society without the aloof distancing, postponing, indifferent compacency, withholding & imbalance…; without the control dramas..with it’s conditions. We will not evolve spiritually until we own & clear our unconcious shadow patterns. All paterns create a blockage in the energy flow between people, groups & the planet. These blockages & withholding or controlling, manipulating of energy should go to those who are alienated & sincerely need, deserve love, healing, presence & real support systems….This is all related to & is a major key component in America’s spiritual crisis & disconnection from the soul…( epidemic, rampant materialism,consumerism, spectatorism, androidism, complacency,escapism, addiction & suicides.)…..We collectively have given our power away to the system & Matrix…IN ADDENDUM……All the above ties into and relates to the PROSPERITY FUNDING, ABUNDANCE PROGRAMS, NESARA & GESARA..

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