Predictions On This Rainy October Day

One of my favorite movies is The Matrix.  I particularly resonate with the scene where Neo is (at first) told the Truth of the enslavement of humanity by Morpheus.  Morpheus holds up a battery and says this is what the human body is to the machines – a life support.

“No,” Neo says, the reality hitting him hard.  “Get me out of here!”  He is then brought back from the program where he promptly throws up.

The truth is a hard pill to swallow.  Searching for truth has been a life long journey for me, although it really became much more of a focus for me about 15 years ago.  Along the way I have certainly had my moments where, like Neo, wrapping my brain around the next layer has been really difficult.  Depressing.  Maddening.  And yet I keep going, even when I have those moments where, like Cypher says to Neo, “Why didn’t I take the blue pill instead?”

I’m a red pill chick and if you are a truthseeker, you are too.

When you undertake this journey, you come to one conclusion – the only person you can fully trust is yourself.  Your inner knowing.  The body doesn’t lie.  Trusting it is a must for the more you do so, the more you will awaken.

I feel we are on the cusp of huge changes, physically, spiritually, mentally. And I feel – I KNOW – the dark ones are doing all they can to stop these changes.  And yet, guess what?

It ain’t gonna work.

We are receiving such massive waves of energies coming from our Sun and from the center of our Galaxy – nothing can stop these waves from penetrating our atmosphere.  And the energy blocks that have been put around our planet by the dark ones are getting removed by higher dimensional’s and our galactic families, who have quite the investment in the human species for many of us are “seeded” from these galaxies and planets.  I feel it.  Always have.  And if you have read this far, like you have as well.

It is more important than ever to remain focused on inner love for self and others.  In a nutshell – focus on what is positive for you.  Focus on what makes you feel good.  On what you want.  Do not let yourself get lost in the distractions of threats of war, weather calamities, economic collapse and the like.  This is just the dark’s last ditch attempts, if you will, to hold on to their ever diminishing power.  This is a fight to the last second, folks and this time around, they will not win.  And they know it.  However, like the playground bully who never learns, he is gonna stay in the ring until he is knocked down for good as his ego has not learned to surrender to his heart.

Once this final blow happens, we can then finally clear the ring to allow Love to come in and take over.  How will this look?

*We will have new technologies that will enable the millions of us who suffer from chronic illness, disease and the like to be healed.  Easily.  Painlessly.  I believe many of these technologies will involve using frequencies and will heal us, restore us all the way to the cellular level.

*Some say we will have food replicator’s replace the need to cook our food and shop for it.  However, I feel other means of food prep will be coming to light – likely after the food reps have been introduced though.  Given I believe we will be shown our history, individually and collectively, we will then remember and regain our “super powers” (also due to the healing of our bodies).  What powers?  Teleportation.  Instant manifestation.  The ability to manipulate and use energy for our benefit.  Self-healing.  Time travel.  Telepathy.  I have a feeling we will be able to simply THINK of what we want to eat and then BAM – there it is in front of us.  How do I know this?  I have had dreams of doing it and it felt familiar.  Very familiar.  We’ve done this stuff before, friends.  We will be doing it again very soon.

*Money is going to make an exit.  We won’t need it.  Energy will be free.  Water, too.  Corporations won’t be a part of the upcoming reality and so things like capitalism and profit will be ending.  Saw these things 20 years ago.

*Instead of working for a living, we will be LIVING.  Period.  Playing.  Creating.  Sharing our gifts with the community – whatever that gift may be.

*Our homes will be made by 3D printers and other technologies that I have no concept of at the moment.

*Healing centers – of which I have had visions of for over 20 years.  Employing the technologies I mentioned above for healing plus things that make our bodies simply feel GOOD.  Massage.  Reflexology and the like.  Even though I believe we are headed for the unveiling of beautiful new ways of living/eating/healing/being, we will be employing some of the old ways as well.  I know I will be down for a weekly massage and reflexology treatment.

*Ever heard of “The Event”?  That moment when the ships from the other dimensions and planets will be showing themselves for all of us to see?  I mean all at once?  My mate and I both have had such dreams for many years and each time it’s been pretty much the same.  Suddenly the skies are filled with a variety of their craft.  They have come to help us transform into the higher dimensional way of being.  They bring us our lost history.  They bring the technologies in which I describe.  I believe people like myself – and you – are here in part to help comfort the masses who will be freaking the fuck out, likely because they have fallen for the lies of the dark ones who would have us believe they are here to destroy us.  Please.  If they wanted to do that, they would have done so already.  And besides, as I tell others, take a look at our problems.  The more the government claims to be working on helping us solve them, the worse things become, right?  Think they REALLY work for us?

*The upcoming election isn’t going to matter.  That’s right.  IT IS NOT GOING TO MATTER.  I began having that inner knowing back in January.  It has never waivered – regardless of what we may be seeing playing out in the media.  I’ve wondered if there is going to be some kind of a surprise.  Still not clear on the details – I just know it isn’t going to matter.

*I also believe there is going to come a time very shortly (i’ve been waiting for this one for months – consciously – but likely since birth at a deeper knowing level) where we will awaken and all will be different.  We’ll be vibin’ at a level of love and peace.  The dark ones will be gone.

‘Nuff said.  Carry on.  Vibe up.  Love yourself.  And share what ya got.

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Author: Victoria1111

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2 thoughts on “Predictions On This Rainy October Day”

  1. I thank my stars for leading me here. Today is my 55th birthday, and what a gift to have read an article of yours on in5d (“Thoughts of a Weary Starseed Human”) which resonates with me strongly.

    Working with crystals inspired me to accept my healing gift and be of service. Each day is an opportunity to share my light with others, and work with them to shine their own. 

    There can be no turning back.

    Though I walk the road less traveled, my heart is light, and gratitude my bosom companion. Whatever challenges I encounter, I am surrounded by the creative force, and there is always energy to spare.

    I see you, fellow traveler. I see the tears that have welled up in your eyes. I see the load that you carry in your heart. I see the spark in your soul!

    My soul acknowledges your soul, and I bow to you.


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