Psychologically Preparing Humanity For Elite Arrests: Disbelief, Anger And Eventual Forgiveness… Humanity Is Learning To Accept How Evil It Got


I would instead say “christ consciousness” instead of just christ.  Love the Divine w/in.  This is not about A person but rather an energy consciousness within All.


Yup… humanity was suckered big time… given walmart and mcdonald’s, while the elite stole everything else… and they do want everything… that’s how they roll…

Much intel seems to support the notion of a massive operation underway that is taking down key elite players.

Imagine… what we will be seeing…

At least one political party coming down.

Arrests and trial of key government officials

Investigations into human trafficking

They’ve been putting meat into the food supply… human meat!

I wouldn’t be consuming ketchup these days… the’ve been feeding blood to people too…

Oh they poisoned us via the air, water, soil and the mind control too…

The towers in your neighbourhood… ya know… the ones that no one you know, knows what they do… were set up for permanent slavery… so those too are coming down….

The robot army… they already created those.

The nano technology in fast food…

They even eat us… then they feed the parts they don’t eat, into the food supply… then they laugh… they laugh often about this.

Yup… oh there’s more… but you get the idea that humanity has to psychologically prepare to deal with all this and more…

By the end… christ is gonna look pretty good to everyone… christ will be in style again, and won’t go out of style either… you have my word…. World Teacher Shares 2018 Message!

There’s no way to go from here but up up and up with our inner frequencies, so that we can experience the godstuff.

Humanity is doing a great job keeping the peace… despite how it looks in the fake news.

We can no longer run our planet, by having satanists in charge… we must have wisdom… we must have heart power… and love… may it start within all of us… this is how we can all be satisfied… there is enough to go around… the universe is designed that way. AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT IS NEEDED, LIGHT  DEFEATS DARKNESS FROM HERE ON, ON THIS PLANET… THAT’S HOW WE ROLL.

Indian in the machine

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