Reflection Numero Tres…


I began reading a piece on changing timelines.

Timelines splitting.

Timelines merging.

Which is it?

My biggest question ~ moment of ponder ~ is “if all of these timelines are changing, why do I look out into the world and see the SAME DAMN THING?!”

I want the timeline where there is pure Freedom.  No power-over.  NO PAY TO LIVE.  CLEAR SKIES.

Where is that timeline?

As my late friend Sue would say “Yeah, that one!  I want that one!”

How much of Life is what I make of it?

I’m not sure today.  I am just done with hearing others say be patient ~ which is really just another word saying “you have no control here. Only others do.”

Isn’t that MORE of the same?  Sit back and watch.  Others are creating this new reality.

How much of reality is created by thoughts?

I can see this as an absolute easy possibility in a different frequency realm. But here in this shithole?  (tickled to hear BZ Riger refer to this realm as just that earlier this week)

Action is required.

So telling (someone like me – ahem – lol) to let go and allow (others to take the reigns) just does not sit. well. with. me. at. all.

I had a one-way discussion with my guides and soul today ~ whoever/whatever any of that really is.  It isn’t anything to see ~ or even hear.  We are just supposed to be content with having faith and an occasional knowing.  I don’t like invisible conversations and guessing games.  Again, this just does not sit. well. with. me. at. all.

How are we supposed to know who we really are?  This is all an experience in guessing.  Swimming in dark waters trying to find the truth and a destination or two ~ when you struggle to dog paddle.  It is my experience that for a time I have THE knowing, until I don’t.

All I do know – and continue to know – is what I want.  I have the bag of tools.  I have read the books on creating.  All of those “secrets” we must have in order to obtain the reality we want.

And yet ~ some of us want our dreams to be created and made manifest OUT of this reality.  If you read my words regularly, you are likely one of those.

I believe it was Maya Angelou who once said something like if you cannot change your reality, change your thoughts.

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I never did much resonate with her…






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1 thought on “Reflection Numero Tres…”

  1. Timelines splitting.

    Timelines merging.

    Which is it?

    IMHO, it is both. If there were only One timeline, there would be no split and no merge. There are multiple timelines ie: potentials playing out at this time and we are riding the waves as they split and merge and synch with the cosmos in a dance. A beautiful dance, really. So much is happening and we have left the darkest trails behind – that took some doing, no doubt, and I am so grateful for all the beings that are hard at work to see us through this transition unlike any event in the history of Time.

    It’s a matter of Trust – and I Trust with all my heart and soul that everything is progressing in a manner that will see a Sustainable Victory of the Light.

    Victory of the light is worth the test of time

    Team Light victorious!!!

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