Releasing The Binds of False Contracts


This week I have attempted to listen to a couple of videos, one regarding past life regression and another with general information on ascension.  I had to stop though after the talk turned to our karmic and soul contracts we made before incarnating on this Earth.  The past life regressionist guided the listener to actually give thanks to the person(s) who caused you trauma, regardless of the trauma and regardless of your age, for we made an agreement w/this individual to experience this pain so that we could learn and grow.  I immediately stopped that video.

To begin with, the idea of contracts has never set well with me, in as much as I have tried to be open this way of thinking.  I have had far too many questions and not nearly enough answers.  Last year I came to the conclusion that, given the archon invasion and alteration of our species, it was THEY who created the system of mandatory reincarnation and contracts and this system was energetically imprinted into us.  My Higher Self tells me clearly Source would never put such stipulations on us.  We are here to experience and create and BE and while we each come here with our own sense of purpose, there are no rules attached to us.  Zero. Zip.  Nada.

I believe it is imperative, if this idea resonates, that we cancel out these agreements.  I have spoken of this previously.  I have spent some time this year releasing myself of these contracts.  This morning, I came up with some new things to add and changed it up a bit in how I expressed myself. I thought I would share what I said and how I said it.

To begin with, I centered myself and used some of my tools to ground myself and feel my Power.  Then I started down my bullet list of contracts I was canceling.

“In this now Moment, I now cancel and permanently destroy all contracts I made about a life of lack.

I now cancel and destroy all contracts I made about being a victim.

I now cancel and destroy all contracts I made about living in poverty.

About being raped and molested.

About being controlled and dominated by any and all people, beings and life situations.

About living with any sort of health issue.

About being used and lied to and manipulated.

About being abandoned and forgotten.

About living with agoraphobia and panic and anxiety and depression and claustrophobia.

On and on I went.

Then I closed it up with stating:  “I am a Sovereign Being.  I am owned by NO person, no entity, no being, no corporation, no government.  I own ME.  I am FREE.  I am Source.  These contracts have now been terminated and destroyed and this is noted in my Akashic records, which belong to ONLY Me and my Higher Self.  NO Being has access to them BUT me.”

And so it is.


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