Rise Up To Forgive

freedomthruforgivenessLife has sure been showing me where my pain still resides.  Reminding me of all of these silly games we humans play with one another.  How we think we’re smarter than another.  Or better.  More aware.  More deserving.  How we think because we have more education or money or stuff or a bigger house that makes us secure.  Important.  Protected.

We had learned to live our lives in these frenzies, fighting to keep up. Fighting to keep ahead.  Fighting to improve.  Fighting to hide.  Just fighting.

When all along we have been running.  Running from ourselves.  Running from fear.  Fear to show the world – I feel alone.  I am afraid.  I am TERRIFIED.  I HURT.  I feel empty.  I feel lost.  Am I ok?  You sure seem ok to me but as for myself, well I feel a mess.  Could it be we are really alike? Do you look around to the outside and think how messed up everything is? Do you long to look into the eyes of every person you encounter and see yourself?  Do you long to hold and hug every person you see?  Do you long to have someone do all of this for you?

Don’t you just want to stand up or sit down and let it all go.  Let the tears go.  Forgive everyone who has ever hurt you.  Forgive yourself for not believing in yourself.  Forgive yourself for thinking you were small and insignificant.  Forgive yourself for believing all of those false beliefs others and you thought you were deserving of.  Freedom is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is freedom.  Let the liberation begin.  Now.

You see, your pain is my pain.  Your anger is my anger.  Your fears.  Your struggles.  Your happiness.  Your celebrations and your breakthroughs and your ups and downs and in-between’s.  We all share this experience today.

For when I appear invisible to you…you really are invisible to yourself.  For we are all a part of the same Life.  Look inside.  You know it’s true.  Reach out to me and take my hand.  And we can walk together into Eternity.

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