Schumann Resonance Today ~ August 9, 2017


Editor’s note:  Ok here we go again.  Break.  SLAM.  Break.  SLAM.  Today is a SLAM.  Feeling it.  Allowing it.  Accepting what’s coming up for me – residual FUCK YOU energies. Aimed at the system.  The controllers.  At the enslavers.  No getting my forgiveness love today ~ today I am sending out my anger ~ putting it back on them where they can go implode for all I care.  Just go away NOW and let the rest of us deserving of peace NOW ALONE.  Just remember ~ these folks have practiced alchemy for eons.  WE HAVE THE SAME POWER.  Remember.  Know it. All of us.  Magical Beings.  Master Creator’s.  Forget these Ascended Master channeling’s.  WE ARE ALL ASCENDED MASTERS.  And one who is TRULY a Master knows this and thus greets ALL as equals.  Blah….here is the graph.  lol


Schumann Resonance Today

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