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I don’t know about you, but I am weary with reading these pieces on “Service To Self/Service To Others” ~ as though we have to pick a side. Pick side A (sts) and you are gonna stay stuck in neverland.  But pick side B (sto) and you get to land beautifully in nirvana.  (The Zeta’s were famous spreading this information, which is why I only followed them for 1 week.)

All of this sounds of duality and I’m not buying it.

I’m certainly not feeling it.

Remember the analogy of the mother helping herself first to her oxygen mask so that she can best assist her child?

Same thing applies here my tribe.

In order to authentically serve others, we MUST first not only know how to serve ourselves, we must love doing so.  And be ok with that!

Mama’s can attest to this.  How many of us have burned out because we have not been caring for ourselves in the ways we need due to the caregiving we provide for our children and families?

Time to change all of this “service to others first” dialogue.

Yes.  It really is ok to be of service to yourself ~ first and foremost.  To me, this means you love yourself so authentically and purely and beautifully that when you interact with me, I know I am going to be getting the Real Deal with you.

And the goddess is not into artificial ANYTHING.  (Seriously.  Check my kitchen cupboards.)

Love yourselves first.

For when we are truly grounded in and with Who We Are, when we are in those moments where we have taken such loving care of ourselves, we naturally wish to share that energy with others.  

It’s that simple.

Release the duality.

Cease to believe you have to pick a side.

None of that feels like Ascension to me.

It’s about returning to Love.

For Self.

AND…what then naturally follows…

for others.


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6 thoughts on “Service To Self ~ Service To Others”

  1. Thanks for saying, The same conclusion and awareness came to me too. That how can I truly attract those resonating at higher vibrations, to affiliate with, that are of service to others, and honoring the law of one, other than to 1st honor my own sovereignty in absolute integrity and personal free will individually, as worth loving and being loved in return, valuing myself. And from a full and abundant loving heart, have wherewith to give, nurture,support love and care for all, in oneness, as one heart with all! We are soooo many of us as one heart in divine union with you! Be so very protected, loved and well. There is in the hearts of MANY, the connection to be in oneness amplifying TRUTH with you, we love y’all!! Thank you for being true to self 1st, to be of true service to others!!! Aho!

  2. Just for the record. These terms are from The “Law Of One” books. A passing mark of Service to Others is 51% while the Service to Self was 95%. I’ve known a couple of STS types in my life and none came anywhere close to being that way 95% of the time. I agree that it’s been a 50/50 tie some days if I was STSelf or STOther, but that’s ok. Because that’s a long way from the 95% needed to go negative. I’m just saying…

  3. Yet again Victoria im in agreement with you.I feel this service to others business is a very subtle trap ,that can keep the conciseness in perception ,rather than surrendering fully to Christ conciseness .If ,in truth ,there is no seperation ,then others ,are part of the dream .Service to the dream,keeps the dream alive ,even if its a healing dream .Mabey im wrong ,but it feels this way to me.

    1. yes – a trap. and continues the duality (me versus you). like you said – there is no separation. service to the dream – i like that – whether it’s mine, yours, the collective – service to it IS service to all. t/y for reading and sharing your thoughts. <3

  4. Whether we talk about the light and the dark, service to self and service to others, or as I like to see it, control and letting events unfold, this are all the same processes governing the lower densities.
    We all use control in our lives, one wouldn’t get far without it. How much control do I assert on others?
    This will determine the path one takes.
    Step back and look at governments, institutions, like churches and see control (service to self) in action.
    Service to self (control) can be seen in many different ways, open and hostile, through fear and the pretense of protection, or one can play the holy-man, people come and worship. Worship is always about control.
    For someone to ascend on the path of service to self on this planet, one needs to assert a high degree of control over others.
    All high level control mechanisms on this planet come from entities and beings outside this planet.
    Those controllers in incarnation might have been promised ascension on the path of service to self, which will never happen, at least not on this planet. This planet was always destined to follow the path of the light. And this will not change. What can change is the way this will come about.

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