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….leave.  me.  be.

We’re all feeling overly-sensitive now, aren’t we?  I have heard from some of you, either on here or privately and from others on my social media and we’re all about ready to jump out of our skins right now.  Thought I would put up a quick list to reaffirm this is part of the process, we’re all ok, we’re not alone in this – even though at times we think otherwise.

Without further ado – here’s how it is:

*Difficulty or outright inability to be around other people – some more than others.  I have noticed the past few times being around someone who has been a friend for many years and it saddens me to now sense – stronger w/each visit now – an energy misalignment.  I literally feel the energies between us clash – like friction in a way.  I mourn that experience.

*Difficulty or outright inability to withstand anything of lower vibrations – conflict, drama, aggressive behavior, even images of violence or other 3d worldly atrocities.  (not that any of these things are ever easy on the body/mind/soul – at this point they are downright impossible to withstand energetically).

*Absolute inner repulsion in being interrupted, especially when in deep concentration.  For me it is such a strong sensation – one that has only grown.  I have asked myself – perhaps I am being too sensitive.  But that immediate inner response of “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” is there.  What I can manage however is how I respond to the one doing the interrupting.

*Which leads to – a growing love affair with one’s own company.  This is quite beautiful to me.

*Inability to watch television.  For me – complete inability.  Can’t tolerate pbs anymore either.  Movies, nope.  (just have the soundscapes channel on these days)  I know just by walking into the room if the tv is on anything mainstream oriented.  There is truth to the fact that “they” put certain frequencies in those stations, meant to literally jar us out of our own energy space.


*Crying easily and frequently.  (I used to be able to say I was feeling sad or having a difficult time without showing the emotion.  Today?  I say the word and express the emotion at the same time.  When I apologized to my mate’s friend earlier today over my withdrawn behavior – sharing that my behavior had nothing to do with him – it was about me and my own stuff coming up – my voice broke and the tears flowed.  His response to me was so kind – touching my already overflowing heart even more – increasing the tears. There is such beauty in that, you know?  I literally melt inside when I am around such kindness ~ I intend more of it!  It is so healing.)

*Intense desire and need to be in nature.  To hear animals and be around animals.  Gave myself some of that today…

I leave you with an image to breath in and a song (“Night” by Ludovico Einaudi) that soothes and centers me.  It’s rather haunting in a way, but it just does something for me, especially how it builds up and just ends in a way that surprises and deeply satisfies. Rather like how I view the journey we are on.

Be kind to and gentle with yourselves, friends.  


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  1. Very Well put
    Perfectly describes the now
    Found music comforting, distracted I head noise for a Bit, relief
    Thanks 4 sharing

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