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Editor’s note:  Received via e-mail in a newsletter put out by Sophia Love. I don’t much resonate as I once did with the notion that evacuation of the planet will (possibly) be necessary.  For me that is an old timeline. Much of the rest is in resonance with me.  Enjoy.  

There is another hearing on this case this coming Friday, at 10:AM (she is referring to Heather-Ann Tucci Jarraf’s case in D.C.). Send your positive energy to all concerned in this case; for the best result for everyone on the planet. It is our collective power that changes everything. Another source validating the changes that are happening, can be read here.

A powerful article can be read here, from “The Urban Howl”.
 “Keep choosing love and we all win”.

There is an immense strength in the messages from all sources; off planet and right here on planet earth. There is a powerful energy that takes hold of us now, and it is this energy we are charged with wielding. It is felt in the frequent 3 AM beckoning and in my  full inbox. We are at choice.  The flood of posts, article and videos can feel confusing and overwhelming.

Choose always what resonates and ultimately supports your highest good. This is how we create the world we dream of.

Finally, for a visual representation of what it is we are doing. Here is a description of a supercell thunderstorm, which sounds like what we are up to –

“Supercell thunderstorms are a manifestation of nature’s attempt to correct an extreme imbalance.”
Perhaps this time lapse video journey will give you an idea of magnificent power you hold. Sometimes, it helps to visualize.

July 19th, 2017 @ 3:33 AM

Is there someone who wants to connect?


There is, Sophia.

It is I. It is One. There is something to say.



The world moves rather quickly now toward its new destination. This is not a different place so much as a different atmosphere. By that is meant frequency. All around you is changing while all around you remains the same. It is a concept that is a challenge to define. For some of you it may go relatively unnoticed.

Please try to explain. It is something we are all anticipating and envisioning and wondering about.


Yes. The reason, or one of the reasons, for reaching out to you so often now, is to assist with the definition. The transition is not something that happens in your everyday.

None of you will have a conscious memory of doing this so you can use it for reference. You’ll be taken by surprise, as this proceeds and moves along.

I want to be clear on the fact that it is moving along and that catastrophe is not in the plan.

There will be earth shifts and alterations that render parts of the planet inhospitable, if only temporarily.

A move inside the earth or off the surface will be necessary.

How you orchestrate or participate in the orchestration by others is being self-defined. You will create this as you have created all others.

The newer frequencies are fast moving and coming at you right now. There has been a buffer to lessen the effect and to help make it more gradual. It is all but removed now.

You feel this.

The random internal fluctuations of your physiologic systems are testament to their effect. You cannot expect to move through this unaltered.

There will be some, and these will, more often be those who have been here longest, who will not fare well. They will be having a challenge and stubbornly insisting on remaining unchanged.

It will be hardest to deal with them as there is nothing in their life’s doctrine that tells them the very atmosphere they live on is altering their emotional, physical and spiritual body. Yet, that is what is happening. Their insistence on standing in one place and unmoving will result in breakage – like a tree that doesn’t bend in the wind.

How can they be helped?


Talking about your similar feelings and noticing will help.

These beings came here to experience the shift as you did – only it may not be in full consciousness for them.

It happens anyway. There is no right or wrong way to proceed now and each one of you is a gift for the other. All reactions are necessary and each of you who intend to proceed through the shift to live beyond it, in a new world, will be doing just that.

Intent dictates result. The fact that it is spoken aloud matters not. So the landscape changes around you now and the full force of the changes has not yet arrived.

There is acceleration now, not so much because of where you’ve moved, but because of what protective barriers have been taken away.

This is necessary to again allow for a gradual acceleration.

It is very close and you must notice this.

What is unnecessary falls away.

What is not serving the whole is either leaving or ending or becoming so very clear that it cannot be ignored or missed.

Those that insist on continuing in a service to some destructive intent or gluttony or exclusively selfish ends, walk their own path. This is where the road forks. It becomes clearer now.

Don’t confuse those who are having trouble adjusting because they are not conscious of the changes going on – with those who are acting in destructive and negative ways. They are not the same.

Assist your brethren with love and support. You will be clear on those who never intended on the new frequency – they stick out like sore thumbs, esp. now.

Trust that inner emotion when considering what to do and how to proceed. This is what becomes the most effective guide for the course to be followed. You know what to do and it will turn out always as you intend. You will be fine.

You are so very much loved.

This is what I came to discuss. That is all.

Thank you.


Goodbye Sophia.

This conversation ended.

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