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I’m going to put on the opinion hat for this one.  After seeing this surge recently of people talking about how the storms and earthquakes and wildfires were meant to cause destruction and suffering so we will continue to learn and then last night listening to a video where the person claims when all of this is over we will THANK the cabal for their technologies that caused so much destruction because we needed to have the experience that resulted from their lies and technology because it helps us grow.

Pass me the vomit bag please and then the punching bag.

Yes, I know ~ such anger and words I am expressing are not spiritually-inclined.  According to some.  I’m supposed to be all love and light right now, in all ways at all times, correct?

I guess that depends on how you define love.

I feel I am coming to this conclusion that as we continue to morph, ascend, change ~ we will all be vibing into our own realities.  I heard it explained the other night it’s like a radio station.  Whatever “station” we resonate with, vibrate to, that’s where we will Be.

(For eons we have been stuck on one station – now the bandwidth is about to explode wide open again!  Yippie!!)

Those who believe in the concept that one must experience devastation and destruction and trauma and abuse in order to know love will continue on with that journey into their own reality.  Those who believe ~ no – those who KNOW we are love and certainly do not need to experience the previous ~ who want the hell out of this prison enslavement system ~ we will be going to our own reality as well.

Yes, I hear the separation is ending.  I agree.  However, given we are One but obviously not the same, people are not going to be on the same page… and that’s ok.  People are going to be experiencing TRUE freedom resulting FROM the end of this separation game (simulated matrix system) to live and be as they choose.  I personally continue to remove beliefs.  Rules.  Expectations.  Instead I am keeping my desires simple.  I want to be free to live as I feeeeeeel in my heart while respecting other’s right to live the same.

It is that simple.  For me anyway.

I absolutely will not embrace any concept that says people must be abused, children must be kidnapped and sexually assaulted for their Soul to grow and learn.  NONSENSE.

And I wish for these otherwise well-meaning folks would stop spreading these thoughts.  They are creating fear, spreading dogma, completely discounting people’s experiences (you aren’t a victim of anything and you need to forgive your abuser because you agreed to contract with this individual to learn or whatever dogma they follow) and the people’s need to heal and lowering vibrational frequencies of Gaia.  It serves no purpose. Using their line of thinking, if we really do contract with such individuals in order to learn and grow, then we really shouldn’t interfere with these situations of abuse if we witness them or know of them, right? We should just let it all play out – the one doing the abusing and the one being abused.  They have a contract after all and need to learn a lesson (especially the one being harmed). Regardless of whether the individual is a small child.

See how insane such thinking is?

Dogma is dogma.  Programming to keep us living low and dimly instead of high and bright.  Such dogma as mentioned above is no different than the guilt-inducing, finger-pointing dogma found in the bible and inside church walls.  Doesn’t matter if it’s coming from a Buddhist Temple or a Sufi Circle.  Dogma is dogma.  And if it doesn’t resonate from the purity of Love and Kindness, I am not having it.

I for one am done with all that does not resonate with loving kindness.

I take the return of ME and my Freedom and ALL THAT I AM back again. The way I once was.

The way I know we all once were.



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Author: Victoria1111

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8 thoughts on “Spiritual New Age Dogma”

  1. Miss Victoria…well, done!!
    I was having a conversation about all the possibilities of the ‘whys’..the who’s ..the What’s of these ‘events’ that affect millions on the planet..God made/man fucked with/blah blah…and at the end of the day the power point I come to anymore is…
    Knowing that I don’t know
    ..the answer..the reasons…what matters is..we have a ‘situation’ or ‘outcome’ and we have to deal with that such as it is from a human perspective..take care of each other as best we can ..with what we have to offer.
    Thank you girl for your shared thoughts and feelings..it’s empowering isn’t it?

  2. Spiritual growth and maturity takes place when one is placed on a situation or system that is opposite of love and light. How would you know and understand all the intricacies of love and light if you have never seen, heard or experienced the opposite of it? How can you say that the brightness of the light is all there is if you have never seen or experienced darkness? The world that we live in is ruled and controlled by the evil ones. And this was ALLOWED by those of the light that includes Prime Creator, Mother/Father God, Ascended Masters and etc. for the sole purpose of spiritual growth and maturity. Even Sananda who became Jesus have said a Parable of allowing both weeds and the wheat to grow together until harvest time at the end of the age. Remember the weeds/grass refers to those were planted on earth by the devil, while the wheat are those sown and planted by God. Obviously, there is a form of suffering on the side of the wheat as they clash with the presence of the thorny different plants. Just because suffering is allowed for learning and growth it does not mean the intention was not loving. Just as there is an exception to lying. A person who lied about his friend hiding in his house when asked by the Nazis during WWII was just trying to save his life. Although he lied but the intention was that of loving kindness. Didn’t Heaven allowed Jesus to endure suffering? There was a purpose for the suffering and the intention are not evil. All caterpillars underwent a period of toil and suffering inside the cocoon in order to achieve the transformation called “metamorphosis”. For what purpose? To become a butterfly. Sufferings comes in a variety of types such as financial struggle, sickness, broken hearts and etc. The Sufferings are not necessarily allowed to happen in order to torture people. The intended goal was spiritual growth and development. It may hurt for a while but the intention is NOT to devastate anyone but rather those who have been there through experience can then have a better understanding and perception something that they can convey to others who does not understand. And once you know it by heart then it’s very unlikely you will will extend unloving kindness to others by making them suffer. It’s all in the intention and motivation. That is why the Galactics have sent their people to incarnate on earth as light workers even though they know they will experience Sufferings they were willing to endure for the benefit of spiritual growth. They do so because they know Sufferings are not intended to be forever. We are all immortal spirit beings temporarily assigned to a human body. It is only for a period of time meant for the growth and expansion of their awareness and understanding.

    1. i hold a different perception. i remember being conquered – and it was not something i (and others i lived with) agreed to. we already KNEW love because we WERE love. sorry but i strongly feel you are still under the new age programming – which is just another layer of the matrix (with prettier language). yes we have agreed to be here to gain back what is “rightfully” ours. we are not in these physical suits to grow and learn – but to experience and create.

  3. If you really KNEW love fully as you claim it, then why is your perception needs more upgrade and improvements? Love is patient to remain cool and calm despite the negativity around you. How will you express patience if you were never given a chance to practice it in an actual field such as this world? It is through your personal life Experience that you grow and learn in your understanding and perception. Everyones consciousness goes through a period of growth and expansion and no one is excempted. And this world was designed as a universal school for learning which is why you were sent here. Because through your experience is how you learn to grow and mature. The point is not to allow the hurdles (either sufferings or problems) of this life to bring you down. Instead, you can earn the recognition/reputation of going through the storms of life and went out of it unscathed. You did it by remaining positive while everything around you is negative. You did it by creating your own reality and not held back by problems of life. And your reality that you create through your thoughts gets more refined as it gets better in time by growing, along with the expansion of your perception through your own experience of life inside the negatively programmed world. They will not send you here on earth if there is nothing that you need to grow from. It is through experience that you learn and grow. The Sufferings in this world were designed to challenge everyone to prove that you are indeed the Creator of your own world/life. And by earning your recognition of this challenge then you become entitled to a more deserving level of ascension because you have proven the status of your own consciousness that has grown through leaps and bounds (so to speak).

    1. there is nothing to earn. nothing to be entitled to and nothing to prove. i agree – we are all Source Creator. simply here to experience and create. and yes this expands upon who we are. all else is false to me. ALL is allowed in this thing we call creation. your insights and beliefs as well as mine. there is truly no one “right” truth. but i enjoy the conversation with you. t/y for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  4. I agree with Manuel. Per my own experience, I am grateful for the contrasting experiences that I had growing up with a mother that was controlling, emotionally and physically abusive. (it wasn’t THAT bad) In hindsight, I can see how everything in my life (my choices) shaped my world and gradually, through re-educating myself, I learned how to become the creator being I have always been and to take conscious control of my own life instead of being the victim of “others”. I share the perspective of being grateful to those who have chosen a darker path of contrast to show the rest of us “what we don’t want” so that we can consciously make a choice that is lighter and feels better! I sure am glad it wasn’t ME that was born to be Hillary or Bill or George… (lol) However, they are no less divine than the rest of us. They just have a more difficult role/path to experience/follow. EVERYTHING comes from Source including those on the darker path, ego etc. It sounds to me like you are very frustrated with whatever dogma you still buy into that you may not be aware of. It can be difficult to recognize all that is going on within the framework of the ego. I suggest exploring http://www.selfleadership.org. I found that to be the best path to “know thyself” and the book written about Richard Shwartz’s work, “Self Therapy” by Jay Earley. Best self help I have ever used and I have found/used many! Blessings to you on your journey of self discovery!

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