Starseed Victoria Goes Political

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I try not to get political on this site.  Not because I’m not informed or because I am not political – I am.  Very much so.  I know all about the Shadow Government, the Elites, the Bloodlines and all that other crap.

We all know by now what happened in Syria.  I am not going to go into detail.  I will leave you to do your own research.  Instead I will say the following – and this is just my perspective as well as my mate’s (thank you honey!).  If I am wrong I will be the first to admit it.

Assad’s chemical attack against his own people was a false flag created by the Cabal.  Ample evidence showing this including a CNN interview with a Rep. out of Kentucky who said Assad had nothing to gain with such an action, not when Peace was so close to happening (and we KNOW the Cabal does not want peace in that region).  And besides, the U.S. accused Assad of the same damn thing a few years ago under the Obama Administration – both times proven to be a false accusation.

So we have one false flag event.  Then we have President Trump launch 59 tomahawk missiles at an empty airbase (being used as a depot).  Here is where the strategist part comes in.

That bombing was also a false flag.

Given that Trump went against the Constitution and did this (even though previous president’s did the same damn thing), he knew full well he could be impeached over such an act.

I believe as does my mate that he is willing to risk his presidency to get these dark Cabal asshats right where he wants them, where he can then also call out the media for reporting lies.

Brilliant move to drain the swamp, right?

This will open up the lines for the arrests to continue and gain strength and allow for the release of the technologies he has spoken of.

And restore us to a True Republic.

Then he will willingly step aside.  Or perhaps not.  But I do know he put a lot at stake yesterday for a rather insignificant military move.

He trumped ’em with their own brand of Fake.  With Russia’s help – or certainly their knowledge.  Most likely.

Again, I could be wrong.


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2 thoughts on “Starseed Victoria Goes Political”

  1. I don’t think think Trump is for the people…and If I am wrong Ill be the first to say so…bu the way I love your posts, I look foward to them…:-)

    1. yes i’m still on the fence as to who he works for and IS for. i didn’t vote for him (or for the other one whose name shall not be named as it gives me chills). as long as people enjoy and appreciate my words, i’ll keep them coming. i always have something to say about something. 🙂 blessings to you. <3

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