Thoughts on Ascension, Healing and Zero Time

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Earlier this evening, I read a piece that includes an excerpt of Dolores Cannon’s book “The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth.”  In this particular piece, the client states we are coming to a point where a very strong wind energy will spread across the planet.  She describes it as “a foggy, clean, clear energy.  It will have a lot of neutralizing energy.” These energies will neutralize things like depression, misery and poisons.  When this happens we will have reached the place of “no time”.
Several months ago, the term “zero point” began appearing in my life, so much so, that I now know it is a communication from Source and my Higher Self.  They are telling me it’s coming.
Ms. Cannon’s client goes on to talk about how this “no time” moment will wipe out our bad memories.  Give us amnesia. She said so much damage has been done – this is the only way to clean up the planet and us.
I resonate very strongly with that.
Now here’s the interesting part – from my perspective that is – because lately I have been intending – at times pleading – that I simply forget all of the bad memories.  The trauma’s.  The pain.  There are simply too many for me to process and release on my own, certainly more than one lifetime would allow.  I fully completely want those memories and the energies out of my body, cells, dna, auric field and my akashic records. Just this week it hit me – we all have lifetimes of pain we are trying to heal from.  That’s a tremendous “ball” of heavy energy for just one person to do – a little at a time. I mean seriously – such work would really take lifetimes, you know?   There are so many Ascension articles on this topic – this idea we must learn to “let it all go” and soon!  Well I don’t know about you, but I HAVE been intending that.  I have been to energy worker’s and trauma counselor’s and yet, we are talking about LIFETIMES of such energy accumulation.  LIFE TIMES.  That is a LOT of energy accompanied with a LOT of memories, both conscious and (mostly) unconscious.
She says it will be a case of amnesia – but I don’t like the term as amnesia implies it’s all still there.  My intention is I wish to see a total erasure of our pains and trauma’s and the accompanying energies.  And I KNOW to the core of who I am – this can be done in an instant.
I always have.
And you can imagine the disagreements I have had with counselor’s over the years on this one.  The most recent says it takes time for the body to release trauma memory.  It was taking me weeks – weeks – just to work through one memory.  And I have many in this lifetime alone.  I figure by the time I would be good and whole again, I would be about 567 years old and out a billion dollars.
I don’t know about you but that is simply too grueling.  And as I am seeing and feeling now, absolutely unnecessary, if what I read and quoted above by Ms. Cannon’s client says is coming.
Imagine a new beginning for us all.
A TOTAL clean slate.  Where consciously we know we have had some difficult experiences, but the memory of them and the accompanying energies are wiped out completely.
Imagine how easy and natural it will be then to return our focus COMPLETELY on Love and positive/high vibes – because we will have removed that toxic residue/energy of pain that has kept us down.
Can this perhaps really be THE event?  Certainly THE event that would lead us to other events, such as Disclosure.
For when we are no longer in pain, we no longer harm ourselves or others.  And this in turn allows us not only raise and maintain our frequency quickly, but to remain in Love and thus restore Paradise on this beautiful planet.
Today I was thinking this ascension process is really difficult work.  We put so much pressure on ourselves to not only awaken, which is painful, but also to heal (which is overwhelming, speaking for myself).  And yet, perhaps this healing part – this pressure to “be there NOW” to “hurry up and HEAL so I can ascend” – perhaps there is more to it than that.
Perhaps Source loves us more than that.
Perhaps we can just relax, let go and know we have this beautiful pulse wave coming our way that is going to transform us in the way we all really want and need.  Wiping out those conscious and (mostly) unconscious memories, removing the energy, returning us to Love.
A Clean Slate.
A New Beginning.
This has to be it.
This has to be coming.
Ascension I believe is just the awakening of what’s wrong with reality, of what’s been taken from us, of removing the blinder’s.  We begin to shift – awaken – grow in more awareness and for some time now, with each incoming wave of energy, until we receive this final push – a giant blessing from Source and Cosmic Sun and Galactics – to give us a big cleansing and fresh clean slate.
Merry Christmas a billion fold!
I’ll take it!
Much love~
Star Sister awaiting her cosmic bath
let’s intend this energy NOW, people.  let’s welcome this energy.  let’s bless it and us.  let us be a part of the “100 monkey” experience by creating this for all of humanity and our gaia.  if you read this, take a moment to bring in this energy.  and feel free to share this far and wide, if you are so moved.  thank you and blessings.  


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10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Ascension, Healing and Zero Time”

  1. Lately i felt uneasy, tried to diagnose inner world. Im feeling scary but not in horror meaning scary this way you on rollercoaster who is at the peak and slowly start to rapid descent down. So many information, to many to digest, to many secrets uncovered to read about. Funny this life. Ciao

  2. About trauma I interpret it this way: Im so high in synchronization with myself my true myself I see parallel world, non possible worlds that cause im so much synchronize with all of my aspect i see all of possible ways, happening, those I want and those I dont want but so they dont matter only being is me here, present me, those other are alternatives but not true not authentic only shadows or mirror reflection of my whole being.

  3. I recommend the Giveaway for clearing these emotional blocks in your physical body. It’s based on the fact that our nerve impulses up our arm to the central nervous system are connected to our alphabet and writing. this is how each letter was formed when writing was invented by the various civilizations. I know it works because I have been using it along with many others. You write on a piece of newspaper with a pencil, whatever comes into your mind in relation to an emotional event causing trauma in your life. You don’t read it back, hence the newspaper. Instead you burn it. That’s all there is to it. You will know you have been successful when you can think about that event and it no longer raises emotions in you. This is the way to forget the past that bothers you. For more on the subject visit:

  4. Thank you So Much Victoria! Incredibly resonant, I’ve been holding Energy and Intention for this for months now since first recving as Higher Guidance. Clean slate, through power washing in process 💜

  5. I think you are spot on.Once we release the original idea of seperation,all of our lifetimes of pain fall away because they were all equally unreal and meaningless.

    1. i like your words – and agree. it feels right. releasing the illusion of separation – that in and of itself cleanses all of the pain turning it into “nothingness” – meaning we know we had the experience – but it no longer defines us.

  6. I can very much relate to you and this article. It’s crazy to think I could release all the trauma and pain this life time. No way..Jose’! I’m on board with you Victoria! Thanks for awesome post!

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