Time To Get Real, People

Can’t you feel it?  That sense that something is in the air, changing us from the inside out?  The feeling is palpable for many of us in the Ascension communities.  For us, we are doing our inner work, many of us having undertaken that journey decades ago.  We have questioned the systems.  We have seen the matrix of control.  We spot bullshit a mile away.

So why haven’t the rest of humanity done the same?

Isn’t it time?

Don’t we want to see ALL of us ascend?

Time to get real, people.  Time to remove the masks we wear.  Time to stop this passive aggressive behavior.  It is time to be brutally honest with ourselves.

It is time to see the system for what it is.  Dark.  Controlling.

It is time to dig deep into the onion of personality, spirit and emotions.

It is time to look at ourselves in the mirror and announce “I Am Eternal Awareness and Eternal Consciousness”.

It is time to look at our beautiful reflections and announce “I Love You. You are beautiful.  Thank you.”

It is time to forgive ourselves and one another.

It is time to look at another deep in the eyes and see that part of you within them.

It is time to recognize Source in one another and in ourselves.

It is time to stop pretending.

It is time to stop worshiping.

It is time to stop this blind obedience.

It is time to stop settling for less than what we deserve and are worthy of.

It is time to stop believing the very same systems that have been in place for decades, for hundreds of years, and those that dictate the terms, care about us.  THEY DON’T.  Therefore, they will not be solving our problems.

It is time for us to take the reigns of responsibility again.  It is time to self-govern.

It is time to start authentically begin thinking for ourselves.

It is time to stand up to corruption.  To darkness.  To bully behavior.

It is time to unite together in a massive collective “NO”.

We are ONE.

And we are TIRED.


And we are remembering quickly WHO WE ARE.

And WHO WE ARE ain’t gonna take abuse anymore.  Not from the system. Not from our friends or family.  And not from ourselves.

We are all One Humanity.

It is time we begin behaving like it.





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Author: Victoria1111

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3 thoughts on “Time To Get Real, People”

  1. I totally agree with you but I have some questions , yes we are supposed to ascend , or that ” event” is going to happen, however , what I see the majority of the human is still very asleep, are we ( awakened one) have to wait ALL people to wake up or 50% or even less so that ascension can really take place ? What if some aren’t ready … those who are ready like us should we wait forever which I think It is unfair to us , and who ,what ,which , to decide when the changes happen??? I want 5d some don’t wanna changes , well then , I wonder how it works out ????

    1. i have those same questions – and the same opinion that hey just because others aren’t ready for what i am ready for doesn’t mean i am ok w/waiting. i have a feeling we will have two options – those not ready yet and needing time (the time we have already undertaken in awakening, remembering, etc.) will stay in this 3d earth – which will be transforming in its own way. or we may “go” to 5d earth – which awaits us. we will have our super-powers as i call them. instant manifestation. no need for $$. no war. love. peace. respect.

  2. Yes , love to meet you in the new earth !!! Can’t wait , please happen (((((NOW))))).. lol
    Love talking with you , haven’t found anyone who can talk like this for my whole life..glad I found you!

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