Today’s Message ~ 9/7/17



As Kauilapele says “PITA” moments.  Pain in the ass.

Our beautiful Gaia experiencing hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, displacing her beautiful people.

And yet here I am feeling frustration over a PITA moment that took up much of my time today.

I pause to reflect.  I know this moment brings up a couple of long-term issues that, to be quite honest, I surrender to.  I simply do not know how to resolve them any longer other than to bless them and accept myself as I am, and in doing so, be in a state of responding instead of losing myself in reaction.

And I look outside of my own world for some calm, grounding and humbleness.  I have shelter.  Food.  Warm bed.  People around me who care.

And for that I find some inner peace.

That is all for now.


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