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I stopped by and visited my sacred tree this evening on my bike ride.  I haven’t communicated with her in a few weeks so it needn’t have surprised me that once I placed my left (receiving) hand on her, I immediately heard “slow down”.  I kept my hand on her, giving thanks and then heard “receive”.

Good message.  Slow down to Receive.

I thought of my typical days.  A-buzz with activity, even when that means staying home.  While I take time to go within and just Be, beautiful Gaia Tree was correct in her wisdom.  I need to slow down on all that I do.  We are receiving increasing energies, which feel like they are pushing us to the extreme to release in order to create our New Human Self and get anchored in the higher frequency realm~ if I do not slow down and ALLOW this to happen, it feels like I will pop.

Slow down to receive.  I dig that.

Currently I have heat buddies on my back, feet on a foot massager and earlier, my little portable massager on my back.  Extreme drug-like sleepiness.  Quite blissful.  Earlier in the day I was on the yoga mat, doing some deep releasing on a couple of rather unattended, old issues.  I was guided to approach the issues in a new way, which I believe is the direct result of a new mantra I was lead to, which basically says I welcome new insights from Source Higher Self.  I had the experience last night with another issue as well.  I give these new insights and opportunities much gratitude.  Well, most of the time.  That is getting easier.

Some days it feels like climbing an endless ladder.  Other days and moments it feels like I’m soaring quite easily with new wings.

And so it goes.

Love and blessings ~



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