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Headed out for the evening bike ride and this time as we headed up the gravel road to the tree, I heard “you don’t need to touch the tree to receive the message.  The energies have helped with this ability to receive from a distance.  Tune in if you wish.”  Ok, I thought and greeted the tree as I rode down the lane.

“Go,” I heard.  While my mind began to wonder what this meant, I pulled up next to her and got off my bike, greeted her and placed my right hand on her bark.  (I need to get a picture of her – she is massive – Sequoia – the only one around.)

“Go beyond,” I heard followed by “mystical”.

Mystical.  Mirriam-Webster defines this as:  having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence.

After I arrived home, I contemplated this message and figured some element of all of my Selves would send me the message.  She did.  “Go beyond the possibilities of the mind and go into the mystical.”


Another “wow” experience and message from my Sacred Tree.  And in alignment with my “go beyond the beyond” message I began receiving a couple of weeks ago.

Much love…


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