On Top Of The World ~ Starseeds Getting Hit By Blissful Energy


Editor’s note:  According to this recent piece below by Diane Canfield, “blissful energy” is hitting all starseeds at the moment.  What’s interesting is I awoke this morning to the song “On Top Of The World” going through my mind, the lyrics “Everything I want the world to be.  Is now coming true, especially for me.”  So a part of me, I knew, is getting impacted by bliss and light, calm, knowing what I have envisioned for so many years is manifesting.  However, my heart is very heavy at the moment, playing catch-up with recent situations, dragging up stuff from the past needing some tending to and purging.  So I am on the fence, one foot in bliss, one in extreme fatigue and deep sadness.  An interesting space to be.  Still dealing with this debilitating fatigue ~ ran into a friend at the store who also said she has been feeling extra tired lately and had no explanation.  Ok…  Here’s the article, and below that, The Carpenter’s “On Top Of The World.”

By Diane Canfield


Tonight blissful energy is streaming in from the Cosmos. This energy comes from the Divine Creator and the Galactics.

They know we need a rest now with all of the transformations we have gone through in this past 2 months. (for more details see my articles)

This Energy is Blissful, Calm and Serene. It is our gift to overcome the obstacles we have jumped over in bringing more light to all of EARTH and it’s inhabitants. Tingles centering around the Crown Chakra and spreading to the facial area are occurring.

As more LIGHT Streams in, more of the Creators Energy automatically also streams in to bathe us in the Divine light. The Galactics who occupy a higher plane of existence are also more in tune with this same energy.

The Galactics know what the Earth has gone through and what needs to be done to solve the issues that remain. They are helping us through downloads such as the energy tonight to raise our vibration and become more in Harmony with them.

As Diamond and Crystal encodements continue to pour in, we must accept them. Relax and accept this energy as your own. For we are a part of the higher consciousness and all that exists. This is why we are here, for this time.



I love you all !

In Service and Love

Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Energy & Wave Expert

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