This is True. No, that is True. Finding Center in the Realm of Chaos.


The last 24 hours have been a ride.

We live in a giant sea of “stuff” and we are supposed to just know what is “true” and what isn’t.

Seems everyone has a different perspective on reality and ascension and fill-in-the-blank.

People push this agenda as truth.

People pushing that agenda as truth.

Share the “wrong” truth and people will call you out on it.


This is going to happen tomorrow.


Time passes.  Or “time” as we understand it, which again, all is fuzzy on that and other concepts.

The system still rolls on.

Pedophiles continue to destroy the lives of innocent children while those who investigate get taken out.

Politics as usual.  Trump meets with the Pope and people see this as a good thing.

A greedy rich billionaire meeting with a Satanist.

Change is slow, I am told.

Why?  Why does it have to be slow?

I have arrived at this state where I DO NOT KNOW what is true anymore – other than what I desire in my heart.  And that I believe in absolutely.

Does this mean what I believe in and desire in my heart will make its way out into this realm and morph it into what I envision?

Being in Truth is about having an open heart, an open mind with solid footing in the ground, which includes having a scrupulous eye, which for me says I will fully believe it to be so, these “happenings” those keep saying are “coming/being created”, when I see it manifest.  Until then, all I can do is intend without giving my power away.  No one or no thing or no idea gets that any longer.  No longer will I fall for this “look over here at this carrot I am dangling your way”.


No desire to deal with another disappointment here Source.

I do not do this “blind” faith business.  Not anymore.

A couple more things.

  1. I could use more donations.  I have pressure on me. And I need to buy some supplies for the products I am wanting to make/sell.  I spend a lot of time keeping this site going each day and I am worthy of receiving regular financial support to continue this work.
  2. I do not need anyone telling me to join their MLM nutritional support system.  Thank you but that is not my “thing”.


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