Trump’s Inaugural Attendance Numbers: More To The Story Than What Mainstream Media Reports

Editor’s note:  I have included a few links to some pieces that offer a different pov than that of the mainstream media outlets are.  Failing to leave out the fact about the protester’s who blocked people from attending is a pretty big part of the story, don’t you think?  I absolutely support the right to protest – as long as it does not interfere with another’s personal freedom and rights.  It is unfortunate these freedom’s were denied by wishful attendees by the protester’s.  All of that being said, is it really that important that Obama drew more supporters than Trump did at the inauguration (if he really did)?  Are we that petty?  Is this who we want to be?  I will say this – Obama mesmerized people with his smooth talking and the fact that he is a black man (even though my southern friend said “he’s more white than I am”!).   He was just another long line of President’s, Republican and Democrat, who have been controlled by Corporate Interests, Bankers and other dark forces/groups for a very long time.  The time for a businessman/woman – rogue – independent – one with the balls and financial backing to stand up to the Establishment – is long past due.  

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The liberal media was giddy Friday afternoon noting how many fewer people had packed into the National Mall in Washington, DC for President Trump’s inauguration compared to the 2009 inauguration of former President Obama.

The photos they shared on social media certainly showed far fewer attendees for Trump.

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Compare the crowds: 2009 inauguration at left, 2017 inauguration at right.

What they purposefully left our of their “reporting” was that violent anti-Trump protesters were preventing a huge number of Trump supporters from attending the inauguration.

The Washington Post, one of the few media outlets to report on the phenomenon, wrote:

At John Marshall Park’s checkpoint, Black Lives Matter protesters – chanting ‘Shut it down’ – did just that. Five men chained themselves together, preventing anyone from passing and forcing police officers to redirect attendees to other entrances.

“It feels great that we closed the checkpoint,” said 28-year-old Aaron Goggans, one of the organisers. “But we know this is just the beginning.”

At the 10th and E streets in downtown Washington, protesters blocked the entrance to another checkpoint.

A group of women tied themselves together with purple yarn and sat on the ground to prevent people from passing through.

And those were just a sampling of the disruptions.

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Editor’s note:  David Seaman – Independent Journalist – who was there – gives his insight as to the real numbers in the beginning of this video.

Donald Trump’s Amazing CIA Speech CENSORED!!! – 1/21/17


Through the clear, cool morning, crowds of people began descending on the nation’s capital Friday to celebrate, protest or simply witness the inauguration of the most unconventional president-elect in modern American history, Donald John Trump.

At noon, the Republican real estate mogul will take the oath of office and become the 45th commander in chief of the United States, capping a campaign that galvanised millions of Americans who were eager to embrace a Washington outsider willing to say, or tweet, whatever is on his mind. Trump – who has never before held elected office – was jubilant Friday morning before attending a service at St. John’s Episcopal Church and sharing tea with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House.

But his inflammatory rhetoric has angered and offended millions of others, making the 70-year-old New Yorker the most unpopular incoming president in at least four decades. Friday, the stark national divide was already on full display as Trump supporters and detractors began coming face to face on the National Mall, around the White House and throughout downtown D.C.

After almost two hours of delays, the security gates at 7th and Independence Avenue opened to cheers from the restless crowd.

“Trump! Trump! Trump!” a number of them began to shout. Admiring the Capitol building on their way to inauguration, two teachers from Gainesville, Fla., were decked out in bright red coats, fuzzy red earmuffs and buttons with Trump’s face.

One of them, 71-year-old Donna Lutz, said she’d lost friends over her support for Trump.

“For the first time in my life, I have not been able to have an opinion,” she said. “I was very passionate, so now I get to see that my passions were shared.”

But her feelings certainly weren’t shared by everyone.

At John Marshall Park’s checkpoint, Black Lives Matter protesters – chanting “Shut it down” – did just that. Five men chained themselves together, preventing anyone from passing and forcing police officers to redirect attendees to other entrances.

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