Visualizing New Earth. Let’s Do It!

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My Powerful Creator Readers/Tribe~

We all want New Earth.  Like, NOW!


So let’s intend her.

Let’s imagine what we want her to Be.

Let’s imagine things we wish to see in our new Reality.

I’ll start.  Feel free to add your own.

*Healing Technology that heals us completely, whatever the issue/disease, restoring us to Wholeness.

*Food replicators.

*Flying ships.

*The return of our inherent, rightful gifts which include telepathy, teleportation, instant manifestation, the ability to heal ourselves and control our bodies.  The full return of our DNA.

*The TRUTH.  Fill in the blank.  Truth about everything that has been hidden from us.

*NO MONEY.  No banks.  No government.  No controls.

*Freedom for ALL.  TRUE freedom.  (And living in Alignment with True Freedom – we won’t need the items mentioned above.)

*Sovereignty for ALL.

*A variety of housing options, again available for ALL.  For myself and my family I have repeatedly seen a big wooden structure.

*Tech to provide any needed healing for Gaia.  (I am rethinking this ~ meaning I believe lower dimensional Earth is going to need the healing and Higher Dimensional Earth is already pristine.  Where we “go” is a matter of creating our timeline based on Who We Are/What We Desire and Intend.)

Visually, the colors are brighter.  More expansive.  The waterways are brilliant.  There is a shimmer to everything.  We can see the Aura Fields of all life.

Basically, New Earth is Earth and all of her life forms healed, restored, free.

What do you see?

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