We Be Going Quantum!


I heard the term “goin’ quantum” today.  Much better than saying how dizzy/woozy I feel.  Forgetful.  Unbalanced.

Nope.  We’re goin’ quantum.  BRING it, baby!

As one of you messaged me today asking wtfrig was up with the energies, I had to later respond I was feeling the same.

W O W.

Twice while out and about I had to stop what I was doing, take a breath, put my hands on something to brace myself lest I wish to fall on my face.  At one point, the second time this happened, I thought “I may faint here.”  A brief moment of panic set in before I thought “If I do I do.  Be nice to have a little nap.”

So…I went quantum a few times.  I tried desperately to multi-task around the house.  Not happening.  For I am going quantum.  Suddenly I have expanded.

I Be + I expand = I go Quantum.

A new scientific theory I hereby postulate and present for pondering.

I really did have to take several moments at times to collect myself and ask: Where am I again?  What am I doing?  What did you just say?

(when in truth in these moments i don’t want to talk.. with a n y b o d y)

And it feels this is the experience I have not just when a new energy finds its way into my body, or wait…. is it a new energy?  Is it just remnants of All I Am finding space within my physical vessel?

Hmmm.  Ok….Where was I?

Oh yeah.  This quantum experience isn’t just about merging energies.  It happens when I expand my conscious awareness of the All.  I’ve been having those at night prior to falling asleep.  Once I tune in, I buzz and tingle and vibe all over.  My Soul Energy says YES YES YES let’s play let’s integrate let’s expand let’s remember.  My energies swirl all over, almost as if to say I AM FREE.

That and “do this more!”

Note to self:  “do this more”.

This would all be so much simpler if I could just sent an energetic imprint telepathically.  As Jodie Foster’s character says in “Contact” ~ where, after passing through a wormhole and is allowed to see what I recall is a triple sun star system, the beauty overwhelming her and she is attempting to share the experience and all she can say is “no words…there are no words.”





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1 thought on “We Be Going Quantum!”

  1. So I could barely stand up yesterday, about the same time Trump Jr. was attacked. I felt that two energies colliding. Trying to hold the Light.
    Woke up at 3am today, anxiety, heart palpatations. Feeling the energies again.
    This is going to get crazier people and some folks are not going to make it. No one really dies, right??o
    The only place is to go within, where the 50K foot level resides.
    For many of us, including myself, I can take it, and do I all I can to hold the Light. That is part of my Soul Purpose. I am incredibly strong in that regard.
    I Command Forth the Primary Christed Timeline for all Willing Souls.

    In Honor and Reverence.

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