What’s Up With The Sunset?


We all know by now reality as we know it has become wonky, the sun being no exception.  We went next door to visit our neighbor tonight and upon walking outside, around 7:30pm, I was immediately struck by not only how intense the sun was, but its location.  It was unusually far north.

Our neighbor, who is one of the least conspiratorial/questioning types you will meet, noticed it as well.  We all stood there, perplexed.  I had a memory of last summer, standing in this same location, having a conversation with a girlfriend and the sun was at this same position.

I took some pics and am sharing them with you all.  I’m sure many of you have noticed sunset’s now include the entire skies in all directions being lit up.  Sometimes we have what seems to be double sunsets.  Another neighbor (who has since moved), also one of those very logical and non-conspiratorial types, did a double-take when I pointed out a sunset last summer which had the skies due north very lit up.  “Wow, that really is odd,” he said.

Mouth keeps on speakin’…  Seeds keep on plantin’…


Due west.  This is where the glow usually is in mid- summer.

Due east.

Due north.

Please share any unusual sun anomalies you have experienced in the comments section.



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3 thoughts on “What’s Up With The Sunset?”

  1. Well, since you asked! Driving home from work 2 days ago, it was drizzling & there had been a rainbow over the parking lot, but no sun. As I neared home, suddenly here was the sun, and it seemed HUGE and abnormally bright, as I looked at it, it kept getting bigger until for – seconds? It felt like time stopped – the whole sky was full of sparkling yellow gold and pink. Yes, pink, but not dark sunset pink, bright pink. Everything disappeared into this beautiful glow and was shining like glitter, and I started crying, happy, thinking, this is it, isn’t it? We’re going up and out! Then the moment was over and the sun was ‘normal’ size and color again. Now, I’ve ‘seen’ things in my mind’s eye, but this was with my naked eyes. And I’ve never seen auras or anything like that with my actual eyes. So what did I see? A solar flare? Some transmission of love from the galactic core? I have no clue. I only know what I saw and felt. Life continues but I feel better, more peaceful the last couple days, despite some very difficult family events going on as we speak. Everyone else is falling apart (despite the strict false light religion they claim is comfort), and I am calm and can think mostly straight. Sitting here in this hospital room, I sense everything is and will be okay. No… I *know* it’s okay. So, there you go! I am floored you asked for sun anomaly experiences; I had been wishing I had someone to tell about this. How wild is that? 🙂

    1. oooh that is such an awesome, beautiful experience aria! i love it!! and t/y for sharing it – i needed to read it. i awoke this morning feeling so sad and weary. don’t you feel we are getting glimpses of the new earth/higher dimensional earth? that is what your experience describes perfectly! and yes – i forgot to add w/my experience last night w/the sun’s location (which others on my social media feeds are confirming they have noticed it move too) – was the color. it was bright yellow – a color i have not seen in so long. it’s almost like we are leaving behind this fake reality – this fake projection – and are going to that space that is REAL. my goddess I AM SO READY! <3

      1. Bright yellow?! Holy crap! Confirmation! That resonates with me, that it was a glimpse of new earth. Of course, just a glimpse, as my new comment on another post will show. Ugh… sometimes it feels like we’re riding a yo-yo and just when we think we’re staying up in happier timelines and dimensions and are finally done, NOPE! we go hurtling down again – but I guess moments like this are better than nothing and are at least proof that ascension is happening. Glad sharing gave you another good moment, too, we need all we can get until we’re locked into 5D+ or higher and out of this mess!

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