Where I Am And Who I Am Today

All of this angst and purging I have been doing recently has served a purpose, even if I wasn’t wanting or willing to admit it at the time.  Yes, not knowing anything for sure, not being able to SEE much less PROVE what I feeeeel in my body is Truth and what I desire to be occurring is a challenge for sure.  I want to know Truth.  I want to see Truth.  Now. Not someday.

I keep coming back to the same words:  I Create My Own Reality.

Just how far does that power expand?  I am only beginning to see.

Again, this is just for myself.  The only advice I could ever give someone in this area is to BELIEVE in the thoughts of your Higher Self and Heart ~ especially those ones that don’t go away AND the ones that make you feel HOPE.

Yesterday as I said was one hell of a challenge, at least the first 3/4 of it.  I was on the couch, unable to function.  Having had more or less a week of such a state of being, I surrendered to the experience and just let myself feel like crap.

After I rested, I decided to do some internet research, see if I could come up with anything for the site.  As what often happens, many of the pieces I find, some I post and others I don’t, have a message for me at that time.

Yesterday was no exception.

I kept seeing the theme that I Create My Own Reality (or as I also tell myself ~ I have far more Power than I own and admit).  And I also saw something powerful – that when I focus on all of the things that happened to me, I am living in the past.  As I read – I am focusing on what happenED.  That stuck with me.  It spoke the necessary words my wounded heart and ego needed to hear.

All of the sheot, it’s just a story.

And I want a new story.

I also read and had already felt in my body (sensing it as a lightness) that the matrix grid is more or less gone, which includes the reincarnation trap.

Ah ha, I had something to ponder.  The reincarnation grid being gone means all of the lies of karma and lesson’s to be learned before we can do xyz and all of matrix speak – it’s gone.  Which means releasing all of that low vibe stuff is going to be easier.

It can now be released.

It can now be eliminated.


All three words coming to me from 3 different sources.

Then there was the video I saw describing the Anastasia series of books (of which I recommend).  The young man was sharing the basic premise of the books and that is FOCUS ON WHAT WE DESIRE.

(Noticing a theme yet??)

Lastly had a powerful experience last night.  I saw the weather forecast for today.  Cloudy and rain.


What would this be, day number 172 of this type of weather?

So I stood in the kitchen before I went to bed and intended sun instead.

Last night I had a dream where I was standing again in the kitchen, looking out the window.  It was cloudy.  I intended for the clouds to part and the sun to appear.  I then heard a voice “you have the power to do this.”  The sun began to appear and the dream experience ended.

This morning, I awoke to sun.  After a few hours the clouds returned.  I started to get frustrated and instead, calmed myself.  Tuned in.  Grounded with Gaia and connected with the clouds, the sun, the animals.  It was so powerful.  I could feel all of that beautiful energy – and I know I was just feeling a small piece of it all.  Wow.  Anyway, so I then intended for us all to request the clouds part and the sun returned.  I stayed in that space for a time, then closed it up, gave thanks and let it go.

In about 30 minutes, the sun returned and stayed.

We have so much more power than we know.  Than we own.

Every single one of us.

The key is to focus on what we desire.

I need that tattooed on my eyelids.  lol

Focus on what I desire.

Focus on what I desire.

Focus on what I desire.

If I can do it, you can too.

It is that difficult and that simple at the same time.

Let’s focus on making it simple though because I know we are all VERY much ready for a new paradigm.

So much peace and love and blessings to you all.  You have my gratitude.



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4 thoughts on “Where I Am And Who I Am Today”

  1. I just started reading this, before I continue I want to say I love you Victoria 🙂 you’ll see the ripple effects you create with your words some day, it’ll come from behind, you won’t see it coming! Your giving me something to relate to, in a reality that doesn’t really hold my energy, I’m being asked to remember, I create my own reality, so it’s not the external that should hold me, it’s me. I think we’re still learning just how far being the creator of every moment works. I find myself biting my tongue a lot which is frustating because I’m use to basically giving my power away. But now I see how awesome it is to consciously have everything run by me before manifesting! Everything we’ve waited/waiting for is already happening right now. Inside of you, inside of me, and many more. The external will catch up in due time!

    1. thank you so much for that. what a beautiful visual too – what we have been doing WITHIN will show up in the EXTERNAL in time. another good reminder for me to keep it kind and light. blessings and <3 to you!

  2. Dear sister, in all ways always remember that you are God, creator, source, the oneness of all experiencing it’s self and that you will always be no matter the conditions of the reality which you, we are experiencing it. remember I am that I am, myself have crossed over and seen the glory of source and understand the role that I play is only that also in your post from the other day (about the lack of changes happening) I too was frustrated until I read an article by a person who is connected to high up people in the fight to liberate the planet and it detailed how they took out the cabal it’s on (ascenstion with earth state of current affairs) dated april 4 the one who knows love joy vicncent

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