You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me…

That’s the main thought rolling through my mind today – at least the first half.  Having spent – wasted is a more accurate term – far too much of my day today trying to convince others that chemtrails exist – providing an awesome video of whistle-blowers that included scientists, doctors and pilots, only to be presented with system-based “scientific” bullshit all while dismissing my information, my inner voice spoke and said “why are you doing this to yourself??”.  So I deleted the thread (ah, the power of starting a conversation on social media – the option to delete the entire thread) and went on with the rest of my day.

But I still have to shake my head and wonder why most folks refuse to expand their concepts of reality – both in an inward and outward direction.  I was born with a very strong natural curiosity to know everything I can about the known and the unknown.  And so when I see others who refuse to even acknowledge another perspective – especially among folks who are college-educated, I do the face-palm move and think “you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Ah, such is the life of one who has a driving sense of purpose to change this reality into what I desire then leave the current nightmare behind for good.  And yet this driving purpose is waning.  As I wrote the other day, Thoughts Of A Weary Starseed Human, I am tired and weary.  I am losing interest quickly in 3D reality.  It’s getting extremely difficult to pay my bills these days, to check my bank account, to make sure the car and even the yard are maintained.  I really don’t care for such things (and this is from someone who used to love to work with numbers and would happily check my bank statements online 2-3x/week).  I not only want the easy button, I want the “paradise reality of pure freedom with no money/control”.  I was thrilled to read again – as I have in months previous – that this is a common experience among those of us who are focused on ascending to 5D.  Or higher dimensions.  Or evolving.  Or whatever you want to call this experience.

Lately I have had the desire to just sleep or be immersed in hot water, cocooned if you will in a peaceful, healing period of hibernation.  Where I am surrounded in Love and healed of all of the trauma’s stored in my bodies.  Where for once I am truly taken care of until I feel restored and Whole and Me again.  I’ve carried a lot of baggage for so many lifetimes, it is time to let it all go so I can reclaim ME again.  Me in my entirety.

The Me that reclaims powers rightful to who I am as a galactic being.

Where I don’t need no stinkin’ car – I can teleport anyplace I want.  “17 seconds to anywhere…” my mate and I like to say.

Where I can manifest anything I want quickly and easily – be it food, a home, clothing or any of the necessities and pleasures of being Source in a physical body.

Where I can communicate telepathically again.

Where making love is worry-free and about Source and the exchange of Energy between two consenting Beings.

Where as a female I control my body – I control my fertility.

And wow – for all that is just and fair and good and love and beautiful – a world where I no longer have to feel I am here to help heal and awaken myself and others – because that Reality has manifested itself.

Because I said/desired/made it so.

Because we all did.


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4 thoughts on “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me…”

  1. Where your imagination is your only limit.

    I’ve had the tiredness issues, as well as nauseating back pain. Sometimes just being in the hot shower is the only thing that helps me.

    I feel like you’re Me, yet You. A new and strange feeling to have.

  2. I feel like some major disastrous might help speed up the process , it is kind of cruel idea otherwise how to wake up more , pull them out of their slave mind busy making more money more material things and/ or comfort zone to see the truth !! That we are living in a slave world

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