Are You Feelin’ The Energy of Transformation?

winds-rlDon’t you feel it in your bones?  In the blood that runs through your veins?

Don’t you hear it in the whisper’s of the wind in your ears and the warmth of the sun’s rays?

The energy of change.  Of transformation.

It’s here now.  It is happening.

The breaking down of the old to make room for the new.

The people are awakening and rising up saying NO MORE.

No more to lies and deception.

No more to corruption behind closed doors.

No more dismissal of blatant lies and devious dark criminal behavior.

No more blindly following others who tell us what THEY think WE ARE.

How dare they!  How dare ANYONE attempt to tell you or me who THEY think we are or should be.

We’re onto them.  More and more of us.  Those floodgates are open friends and there is no going back.  We see them for their dark actions and lies.

We no longer blindly accept religions false dogma.

We no longer blindly accept the words and promises out of our elected official’s mouths.

We no longer blindly accept the words out of the puppets who sit behind newsroom desks and read their teleprompters, purporting to tell the truth.

We no longer blindly believe a damn thing big corporations like Montsanto and Vaccine Manufacturer’s tell us about how “safe” and “healthy” their products are.

We no longer blindly accept the fluoride they put in our water.

We no longer accept the notion that nuclear technology, oil, coal, fracking and the like are somehow ANYTHING but archaic, deadly and criminal.

We no longer look to the skies and accept those trails as normal contrails.

We no longer believe that war is a necessary evil.

What started as a small pebble in the pond of awakening has now grown into a number that is simply exponential.  We are remembering who we are.  And there ain’t no going back.

We are now a force to be reckoned with.

And now it is THEY who are fearing US.

My beautiful earth friends, keep on loving yourselves.

Keep on speaking your Truth.

Keep on questioning your reality.

Keep on shining that BEAUTIFUL spirit.

Keep on Believing that WE create this reality.

Keep on Believing that WE CAN HAVE ANY THING WE WANT.


All of this chaos and destruction is allowing us to create the reality we want from an energy space of Truth and Love.  From respect and reverence for ourselves and others.

So my fellow earth family~

Love yourselves deeply.

Love others just as deeply.

Live passionately.

Live truthfully.

For that is who you really are.

It is who we ALL really are.





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