Experiences For October 15, 2017 ~ Sleep. Ease.


I cannot quite fathom this fatigue I am experiencing throughout the past several days.  Normally on sunny days like today, warm days, I find energy to go for one of my power walks.  Overall I have this continued desire and need to just SLEEP.  Naps daily lately ~ even on these beautiful sunny days.  If I don’t have a nap during the day I am crashed out on the couch after dinner.

My desire to “DO” is at an all time low.  To be around people.  Go out and about.

I did go out last night and visited with my Shaman Healer for the first time in person.  It was an amazing experience and I may write about it later.  For now I am feeling the need to keep it just to myself.  I can share though that my long-held desire to learn how to work with my own inner healer and the energy that comes from my hands seems to have been met. After being told by Reiki Practitioners that the Reiki Healer never receives energy, I was informed last night there is a method that uses a symbol for receiving and one for healing and is based on Mother Mary.  The Divine Feminine.  Not only that, the Shaman can teach me.

Very vaguely, early this morning, I was semi-awake and felt this amazing experience/feeling of bliss. I could “see” white warm light all around me. When I woke up fully a few hours later, I recalled the experience and felt the Schumann must be spiking.  Nope.  Nothing “significant” to report (3 days now).  Am I creating this on my own now?

The old system ways of paying bills and even now, cooking meals – those “rules” and “should’s” – again at an all time low.

After breakfast, I had some energy (some) and decided to organize an area of the house.  Cleaning up.  Clearing out energy.  Later on, sitting in the sun and just Being, I recalled the experience and knew – this behavior of mine is covering up the real need – the need to do internal housecleaning in my own Self.

I appreciated the insight.

And as I began to dig fatigue washed over me.  I just don’t want to do that at the moment.  I feel I am OK as I am ~ right now.  Whatever “stuff” needs to be examined and released can either be done at another “time” or be done while I am resting/sleeping – on its own.  Without effort on my part.

For I am desiring my life and my Doing’s to be effortless.

Much like knowing “must sleep now” – and my beautiful comfy couch is there, awaiting to provide me the support I need in that moment.  And much like now – the dinner on the stove is done – and my beautiful mate is there, to take care of it for me.  Providing me the support I need in this moment.

And so it is.

Much love.  Quiet.  Bliss.  Sleep.  Ease.



Thank you for supporting my words, my work, my effort, my energies.

Today’s Challenges


I am going back and forth today between knowing when to stand my ground, how to go about it and when to just let go.

For awhile now my inner voice has guided “if it’s 3D stress, let it go.”

And yet I also tell myself “Ok, I am still here dealing with these system inconveniences.  How much energy do I invest in them?  Will I be able to just be released from all of their influence by creating my own timeline?”

That is my hope.  My wish.  My focus.  Until it no longer is.

Today the system 3D evil was comcast.  As I told the csr today “if I had a dollar for every time I have had to phone you and point out an error you have made, you would be paying me right now.”

Energy draining experience and yet if I wanted voice mail services, that is the choice I had to make.  45 minutes later, I had a credit and the words “voice mail” included once again in my phone service option (which was an error on their part – it was removed when it should not have been). There is more to it than I am sharing ~ they royally screwed up on more than just the removal of my voice mail services ~ and the issue is being investigated on their end.

And so it goes.  The sun has returned after blasting rains and temperatures hovering around 48.  My girl was gifted an awesome microscope.  I am awaiting releasing a serious amount of anger energy tomorrow with my healing session.

I continue to speak my truth – out loud – and wonder if I am not digging deep enough for my voice continues to be raspy far too often.  Could be my deepest desire for telepathic communication to be returned with speaking words done gently, softly, joyfully with people I choose to.

For now, I enjoy the sun and will create space to take a much needed nap.

Physical experiences:  throat scratchies, itching on my sides, fatigue and an overwhelming tiredness accompanied with the words “I want the shit over and my freedom returned NOW”.

Freedom is, after all, more than just a state of mind.  That is, however, where it begins.



Timelines All Over The Place


I had another “glitch” in the matrix occur again.  New timeline.  Whatever you want to call it.  A neighbor of ours who in timeline #1 had just one dog, then in timeline #2 had two dogs (that was last summer) and now I notice has just the one dog again which makes timeline #3?  Or has #1 returned?  Or ??????

I really want to know is this part of this process of “exiting the matrix”, ascension or is this due to CERN messing with things?  A little of both?

Curious minds (that would be me – highly curious and quite commanding) want to know.

The Schumann is spiking somewhat but not like it was in previous days.  I feel that so much these days and much prefer the large, on-going spikes. I resonate with the frequency and have concluded I am not in alignment with the frequency of the lower ends and the corresponding systems that align with them (pay to live, competition and the like).  Today I surrendered myself to the truth that I have never resonated and never will.  And that is ok.  How to “BE” and “BE WELL” in this frequency that is still ticking/kicking is the quandary. Perhaps the answer can be found in the song I heard yesterday (and in my mind today on the way home) – when the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around.

Well aside from that, getting out with the people today helped lift my spirits.  Refocused.  I meet with my new mentor next week for some new direction and guidance.  So very ready for a new experience ~ whether while still in this realm or the next.  It is time.  I am ready.

Love to you all ~

Victoria (the occasional wearer of the “grumpy” hat)

Where I Am Today…


done with waiting.

done with trying heal myself.

done with trying to rest.

done with trying to keep up with financial demands.

done with trying to keep up with ANY and all “demands”.

done with all that is “out there”.

i just no longer care in this moment.

so there you have it.

i.  don’t.  care.  anymore.

phil will sing it for me…

Hibernate Until We Evacuate


Woman, Bed, Dream, Sleep, Fantasy

that phrase just came to me.  anyone else having the same/similar feels?? we all slept a lot of hours last night – even the littlest one.  i am now fully feeling i am on an amusement park ride that is always changing and is not gonna stop until, well, it does.  so in the meantime the best thing for my body is to just sleep.  cocoon.  hibernate.  two words i feel much of.


Anyone Experience A Moment of Extreme Vertigo Tonight?


Around 6:50pm, pacific time, I suddenly felt extreme dizziness, only the feeling was very unusual.  I almost felt as though I was lifted up, placed back down and could not find my equilibrium.  My mate felt it at the same time.  It took him longer to recover.  I’m feeling woozy contentment.

I remember looking at my mate and even though he was right there, he seemed very far away.

Quite the trip.  Anyone else notice this tonight (10/11)?


A Thought…

…sitting here suddenly purging some ancient emotions/thoughts/energies.

Watching a video with my mate on Mars when I had a thought – a new thought.

When we see these objects with our telescopes, binoculars, cameras (the sun and planets) what we are seeing is a projection of the REAL THING – captured ~ using high tech to “copy and paste” the image in this realm – to make us “believe” we’re really on this planet called earth in this galaxy system called the milky way made up of all of these planets.

Dropping the “screen” will reveal the REAL earth and the REAL realm(s) surrounding it.  Purely organic objects.  Nothing fake…

Just a thought I had that I am putting out there.

Mandela Effect, Time-Line Jumpin’ And Synchronicity OH MY!


I had two very powerful, wonky experiences within 30 minutes apart of each other.  And oh WOW do I have to share them with you!  I had just been telling my mate how I had read a Gregg Prescott (In5D) post on facebook yesterday and his experiences with vertigo and timeline jumps. I had on The Sound of Music for my girl and I to watch.  It was the end of the movie ~ the scene where The Captain and Ralph are in a moment of confrontation.  I have owned this particular DVD for over 2 years and have seen this movie at least 1-2x yearly since I was 6 years old.  Watching this movie as a young girl gave me the first experience of past-life recall.  I suddenly knew I had lived in or near Switzerland ~ certainly in the area where I could see The Alps.  I just knew in a moment I had lived there.  A visit with an Intuitive 25 some years later confirmed this when she said I had lived a life in Switzerland as a midwife.

So it was interesting tonight as I watched this scene, I noticed the background behind Ralph began to move and swirl.  I like the term “wonky”.  I had never seen this before so I called out my mate, returned to the scene and he witnessed it as well.  I played it for a third time and this time recorded it.  It is below.  It’s a bit harder to see given I recorded it and my hands were a little shaky but check it out.  In fact, if you OWN The Sound of Music go to this scene and see if your movie is showing this same scene.  It is indeed possible we are seeing a Mandela Effect in process.  A new timeline being formed and that particular scene is being changed.  Who knows, ya know?  I just experience these things and gather as much “proof” as I can to pass along to ya’all.

The next interesting experience came about 30 minutes later while in the shower.  Yeah, my sacred woo-woo space.  Suddenly the song “When The World is Running Down” by The Police goes through my mind – loudly.  I don’t think I have ever had that song run through my mind.  I actually like the song a lot but it is not one of those songs I “hear” in my mind.

As the song runs through my mind, I suddenly feel dizzy/woozy and I see the shower wall in front of me move back and forth ~ much like the scene in the movie I describe above.  I called for my mate and he jokingly says “it’s just the water in your eyes” to which I adamantly said “LOOK at my face.  I have no water on my face yet!”  I asked him if he was sensing anything at the time and he said “nope”.

All of this happened at around 8:25pm and 9:00pm Pacific time.

Of interest, the full title of the song by The Police is this:  “When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best of What’s Still Around.”

Synchronicity indeed (and no “synchronicity” to me that one of The Police’s best/most popular pieces is “Synchronicity” ~ funny how these things work sometimes!  Such a trip ~ I love it!).  Things lining up to shift BIG TIME.  The Matrix is crumbling.  Has crumbled.  And now we just make the best of what’s left until we jet on outta here into the new experiences of truth and freedom.


Energy/Experience Update



Had quite the dream last night.  I surrendered and felt myself drowning in water/sand.  Totally let it go as I knew I had no control.  If I drowned, so be it.  Interestingly enough I didn’t drown – just was in the middle of it as I was pulled out of the experience.  Working with a Shaman is bringing up the strongest levels of emotions ~ emotions I already knew I had.  Gonna do my first journey experience later this week.

Depths of emotions rising making me shake, tremble and want to move my body and be hugely expanded.

Either that or I am going crazy.  Take your pick at this point.

Seems the feelings of bliss increase as do those times where I feel I am losing my mind.

Bottoms of my feet hurt.  I just want to sleep.  Grocery shopping is on the list today as is doing yard work that has been put-off for a neighbor.

Sleep is much more uh I cannot come up with the word.  Desirable.  Yeah, that’s it.

Difficult to get the help I deeply need on this day as my mate feels worse (physically).

Yes, that was a brief moment of bitch and moan poor me.

If I am not authentic with myself at this point those things fester with the rest that remains within and I want ALL that does not serve me OUT.

That is all for now as my hands appear to not know how to move as my mind doesn’t know what words to use.



Thank you for your support of my work!

Today’s Experiences or “What is happening to me?”


Ok so perhaps I could change up the title.  Call it “what am I going through?!”  “What is happening to me” is a little too disempowering.

I walked around my house today and took in a lot of things.  Early in the year I began to let go of a lot of the normal household stuff.  The dusting. Moving things to clean.  Even the regular cleaning.  It has surprised me how easy this was for me to just relinquish to the Cosmos so that the Universal Cleaners could take over.

Yeah, well there is no such thing as a Universal Cleaner and until I have my new realm with the return of my abilities and means of keeping my personal space clean, it is up to my arms and legs to handle the cleaning.

Of which did I just not say, I haven’t done much of this year?

Poor house was telling me such today.  Normally I have been a very tidy, clean person.  Going back to childhood, that’s just how I roll.  Today I looked around my house and noticed cobwebs and strange looking things on my baker’s rack (wth??!!).

So the house had a thorough cleaning like it hasn’t seen in months.  At one point I heard a song that reminded me of my “homeland” and I am suddenly in tears, lying down on the floor, wanting out of this prison.

I am becoming clumsy.  My fingers and hands aren’t working like they normally do for the normal 3d things – washing dishes, picking up stuff, brushing my teeth.  Sometimes this makes me laugh ~ only when I can feel this is part of the process of graduating upwards through the layers, getting my beautiful precious physical body used to, once again, being at a higher frequency state.  OH HOW I AM SO NEEDING THIS!!!!  My heart bursts open with a longing I feel for nothing or no one else.  It is that strong of a longing.

When I am honest with myself, NONE of this realm resonates with me. And guess what?  It isn’t supposed to!  It’s all been a lie.  Consumerism. The frequencies coming out of our phones and television’s and microwaves.  The lies we are told about karma and lesson’s and how pain allows us to grow.

If I could wave my magic wand and put an end to the spells of illusion cast upon us by Archons ~ I would.

In fact, I DO have that power!

We ALL do!

Let’s use it!

I no longer agree to wait for the Event.  The Solar Flash.

I want my freedom NOW.

Take time every day, throughout the day, to command this inherent Right of Freedom be returned to us.  NOW.

It does not matter how you do this.  So many of you have written me with your suggestions after my last article (which I have been doing my own creating with daily and hope you are too!), which I asked for ~ and I thank you for this.  I was and am so touched and empowered to see and hear from so many of you as ready and willing as I am to get this illusion ended and our true home returned NOW!

I don’t think it is necessary for us to use the same words.  The same methods.

It is the FEELING experience we are looking to FEEL and send out to the Cosmos.  We are being guided out of here and indeed have amazing awesome help.  And yet we still “wait” on this Pulse of Energy to bring down the last veil.

Let us FEEL that energy.  Welcome it NOW.

Daily.  Throughout the day.

We had our lives stolen eons ago.  We were removed from our direct connection with Source.  We were tossed down here and trapped in lower frequencies.  Heck, this is why I feel SO MUCH LIKE ME when the Schumann spikes – and maintains her spikes.  There is simply no room for fear in those energy frequencies.  It feels like HOME to me now.

THAT experience is the original experience as gifted to – given to – each of us.  Not “earned”.  Just GIVEN.

That is what Love does.

Ascension is not something we earn.

It is our INHERENT WAY OF BEING.  We were ALWAYS “ascended” which to me just says we have a direct, unadulterated connection with Source.

It is, as a human being, our birth right.

If it is not about freedom, it is a lie.

If it contains ANY energies of judgment, it is a lie.

An archonic lie.

Let the beasts be gone.  Source will deal with them.  Not our “job”.

We now welcome in the Frequencies of Love.  The Event.  The Pulse.  The Solar Flash.

Cause girl is tired of having to use ancient tools to keep her space clean.

Much love to us all ~