Don’t Forget To Dance

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Tonight my little one reminded me of a very important lesson ~ don’t wait to do the stuff you enjoy.

We had just started to watch our favorite television program (the only program I watch on television) – Call The Midwife.  In the scene, there is a new Mother Superior and she is quite strict.  One of the nuns was in the living room, watching television, dancing.  The time period is 1962, so dancing was continuing in its popularity.  Well, Mother Superior wasn’t having it, calling the nun’s movements “gyrating”, to which the nun, a woman in her 70’s, was of course mortified to hear for she is about as proper as one can be for the time period.  Mother Superior then accuses the nun of not only engaging in such sin, she also says the nun had not yet finished doing her duty of filling the vases of flowers.

Upon hearing these lines, my girl announced to the television: “Don’t listen to her!  Don’t forget to dance FIRST!”

Don’t forget to dance first.  Such awesome, wise words out of the mouth of my babe.

How often though do we forget to do the fun stuff first?

We were all brought up being told dessert must be last ~ certainly after you eat those soggy vegetables.

We were told we could play after we finished our chores and did our homework.

As adults, we are told we can enjoy life after we work at our mindless, soul-less jobs.  A little thing called retirement, which brings forth huge sighs of relief for most of the populace.

We are told we must do our chores first and then we can play.

We are told we must pay our bills first then anything leftover, we can spend on ourselves.

We know all of this.

I do too.

So isn’t it time to break the trend?

Isn’t it time to dance FIRST?

Never forget to dance.

Never forget to play.

Never forget to giggle yourself into silly-land.

Never forget to eat that piece of chocolate cake ~ BEFORE you eat your vegetables.

Never forget to buy yourself something BEFORE you pay the bills ~ even if it’s a chocolate bar you slowly eat while watching the sunset.

Higher Self says be like the children.

And the children say playing NEVER waits.


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A Hodge Podge Of Thoughts…


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Some days I receive an insight and can turn it into a whole piece.  Other times, like today, I receive a cluster of visions and/or feelings/ideas that, left on their own, don’t contain enough substance to write an entire piece. Usually I keep those to myself as, likely due to my left-brain Capricorn “things must be done a certain way” part of my personality, I don’t want to just write a 5 sentence piece and post it.

So I thought well, just put them all together.  Which I now present to you.

Last night I was able to see my house in the new reality from a new perspective, a new direction.  Before I went to sleep I was doing my normal meditation/intention work when I decided to see if I could create the timeline this house resides.  I imagined the dimensional energy “ripple” all around me and as I did, I could see and feel the things in my current reality completely disappear.  I was seeing myself out in my street as I was doing this.  Looking in each of the four directions, I lastly faced east.  For a split second, I saw nothing but white – almost like an empty canvas.  Then as I had the thought for what I wanted to see – which was trees – trees appeared.  As I asked “where’s the road” – there it appeared. Heavily tree-lined dirt road that leads to my house.  I called out to my child, who appeared and took my hand and together we walked a small ways when something guided me to stop.  As I did, I looked off to my left and there, sitting up on a bluff, was the house.  Beautiful.  Majestic. “There it is!” I said excitedly.  I began to weep, my daughter squealed, jumping up and down.  Then the experience ended.

I keep hearing/feeling we are creating our reality, which is getting easier to do.  WE choose the timeline.  WE choose what we want.  Being focused, as I have said, feels to be more important than ever.  I “feel” we have the ability to jump around different timelines right now, all depending upon what we are thinking/feeling and thus vibing at.  I don’t know how much longer we will be able to play around with all of this.  I don’t know if there will come a time where we need to decide, pick a side so to speak.  That feels like duality to me and I also don’t resonate w/time frames.

Along those lines, I had an experience this morning.  Upon awakening, I felt almost blissful, relaxed, focused.  Then getting up, I noticed our child was starting to get sick with a cold.  I felt something shifting – a timeline being presented I did not want.  Looking outside, we then notice people walk by with their dog, who proceeds to poop in our yard.  (Pet peeve of mine, no pun intended.)  The owner picks it up, then carries the waste to a neighbor’s garbage can and disposes of it.  (An even bigger pet peeve number two. Seriously – throw the waste away in your own can.  That stuff sits in the can and stinks up the whole container.  I know because we have had people dispose of their pet waste in our garbage can only to notice well after-the-fact.  And we have also owned dogs.  You want to do this act?  Ask if it’s ok!)

The phrase “mindless human bot” went through my mind.  I felt myself shifting again.  I tried to find some understanding of these people but I simply couldn’t.  My child was by this time sneezing and whining, reminding me she had gotten this cold from her friend who had visited the day prior before I sent him home upon noticing his cold symptoms (another pet peeve – parents letting their kids go play with other kids when they are sick).

By this point I am in my “I am so fed up with being in this world of aloof, mindless robots!!” space ~ I felt things changing all around me.  It wasn’t until an hour later, I put this all together, really thought of it and realized I had fallen off the love vibe wagon.  Obviously something everyone does.  However, given the current energy changes, it’s becoming more important to make sure what I am feeling and thinking is what I really want to be experiencing.  That takes a lot of discipline.  Just like patience, that has not necessarily been a natural virtue of mine.

Another thought that ran through my mind today was the insight that once a Soul has a physical incarnation, it naturally always, ALWAYS, changes frequencies upon its departure of the body in which it resided. Well, we’ve been on the radio station that plays endless Weird Al Yankovic mixed in with mind-numbing death metal for eons.  Time to switch the radio station!

The final thought of the day.  We are a world of desks.  Public schools do their indoctrination while we sit in them from ages 5-18.  College continues the trend, although we have to pay them for this service.  Then upon graduation, many go on to sit in yet another desk until their soul gets so sucked dry they live only to retire.  A world of desks.

I’m ready for comfy purple lounging chairs and 432Hz music with a view of the ocean.



Getting Triggered?

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I am in the middle of reading an article, which you can find here, in which it is mentioned that many of us are getting very triggered right now on certain issues.  This triggering is said to be happening due to the collapsing timelines and is allowing us to fully release while also allowing for the previous timeline(s) in which this issue(s) existed to be dissolved.

Oooh, I thought.  I like the sounds of that!  Very resonating.

Instead of continuing on with my read, I was guided to do a little experiment that I wish to share with you.  It’s short and simple ~ the way I like such exercises (I get lost/bored when I engage in 5, 10, 15, etc. step processes).

I communicated with my Higher Self and asked her how SHE wished me to look at my particular trigger.

Immediately I received an answer.

I then asked how I could transform the energy and heal.

Again, an immediate answer.

(Higher Self is obviously every bit as ready to heal from this one particular trigger issue as am I!)

Give it a try and if you are comfortable, let me know of your experience and/or success.

This moment was also a very beautiful moment of synchronicity as I had also finished reading a piece on listening to our Intuition (which I will be posting here in a bit).  While reading the list, I mentally added my own way my Intuition communicates with me and that is often through articles I read.

The next article I was is the one referenced above.


Love The Universe.  Love Her Flow.





Dear Readers ~ Another Request

Hello Dear Readers~

Yes I know, another request.  I’m not comfortable at all asking for help, but this is a serious request, one I must make.

I’ll get right to it.

I would like to ask if my regular readers would consider making a small donation monthly.  Whatever you can afford.

I started this site, as I have previously said, for the reasons of sharing my thoughts as well as make an income for myself and my family.  I have no intention of making this a pay-only site, which is why I set up the donation button.  However making money off of ads has not proven to be beneficial.

So if this resonates with you and you feel comfortable making a monthly donation, please do so.  My finances are a real struggle for me and I don’t want to have to give up this blog to pursue something else.  I’m intending I won’t have to.  And you can help me with that.

I hope you take this message in the humble spirit in which it is given.

Thank you and as always, blessings to all of you.  


“I’m Not That Kind Of Lightworker”

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Earlier today, as I stepped outside to enjoy a very rare treat of warm sunshine, I noticed the chemtrail thugs were at it again.

“You fuckers,” I mumbled.

Then I heard the words of others throughout my life, including some in the Ascension community:  “Language, Victoria.  Watch your language.”

Then I remembered the movie “Michael” with John Travolta, 1996.  He’s at the breakfast table, shoveling large piles of sugar-coated cereal in his mouth.  The newspaper people are asking him questions about his unusual behavior.  For an angel, shouldn’t he be clean.  Shouldn’t he have a halo. Shouldn’t we be hearing beautiful harp music around him.

Michael leans in, smiles and says, “I’m not that kind of angel.”

Well, I am not that kind of Lightworker either.

At least not all of the time.

I am the type to stir the pot of Truth with a beautiful chalice, pulling out all the dirt I can find, then pointing it out to people while saying “Lookit that crap! Do you see it?  Let’s get to work cleaning it up!”

I have a deep abiding Sense of Purpose to Help.  To help uncover Truth. To help share that Truth.  And to help ensure none of us are ever victimized again by those who have shielded us from the Truth.

Yes, there are different types of Lightworker’s.  I am one part fairy/angel of soft gentleness combined with one part kick-butt Rogue Warrior. Always coupled with a massive wall of compassion and humbleness.

Well, most always.

So when I see others who call themselves a Lightworker claim there is really only one real type, I say nonsense.

We come in a variety of packages.

All with the same purpose.

To spread Source Love.

To speak Truth.

Sometimes gentleness is called for.

Other times the Warrior needs to come in and clean house.

For you see, Love In Action looks different in all situations, especially in the world known as the Matrix.

For to break down such a system requires ALL types and beautiful varieties of Lightworkers.

Those who put sugar on their cereal.

And those who don’t.


(My dear readers ~ I would like to make an appeal to you. I would like you to consider making a donation to show you support my work.  I do this to share my passion of writing, sharing my truth while being a voice in the Ascension and Awakening Process as well as a means of making an income to support my family. I also invite you to check out my new book, Live To Impress Yourself ~ An Interactive Journal, available now in print on  Please click here to purchase.  As always, I deeply thank you for your support!)


What I Need…

Burn, Burned Out, Stress, Overexertion

I just finished reading a piece by a writer/blogger in the Ascension community.  I like her writings and her words resonate with me.

Tonight though I got triggered.

Reading her words about what is important at this time, what we each need to be doing for ourselves is just a painful reminder that I am not getting what I need.

Sunshine and plentiful time alone with little or no outside stimuli.

How am I to do this when I live in the part of the country that has seen maybe a dozen days of sunshine since last October and being the mother of a small child and a disabled spouse who is home most of the time.

I wish to Goddess I could find a generous soul with a studio or cottage they don’t use that I could just go to for a few hours.  A day.  Overnight if I so choose.


I am very limited by funds right now, literally penny to penny while going into debt some months, which is partly why I started this blog and am pushing my book.

Today I cried over this.  Threw up my hands in a growling fit of angst. This ascension process has left me exhausted on its own.  Add to it ongoing financial stress as well as some health issues.  I am juggling so much right now ~ something has to give.  It’s a miracle I haven’t just collapsed or packed up in the middle of the night and just disappeared. Get in the car and just drive until I run out of gas, you know?

So a note to those who put out such pieces ~ it serves no purpose to tell others what they need to be doing at this time.  Not everyone lives alone. Some of us are parents.  Not everyone undergoing this process lives on lands that have sunshine year round (as does this person).  Rather tired of reading “this is what I’m doing so you need to be doing this too.”

I’m doing the best I can with my current situation.

Much of the time I’m pretty balanced and positive.

But I do have my moments.

And I have been having them this past week.

It all keeps coming back up for resolution.

And yet, I have none.

So I do what I always have done.

Continue on, intending a miracle or two, being in Gratitude, and wail on my punching bag during those “I AM NOT DOING THIS ANY LONGER” moments.


Reclamation of Sovereignty

Superhero, Girl, Speed, Runner, Running

Are you feeling that growing internal empowerment people?

Are you feeling the growing need to go within for your answers, with the desire of seeking “out there” waning?  WE are our own channelers.

Are you feeling “enough is enough!”?

No more waiting.

No more being told to “be patient”.

No more being told those of us awakened/awakening need to wait for the masses to catch up.

That is matrix speak.  Another layer of the crashing archon energy grid which I’m pretty sure we’re all feeling.

The time has come for us to Rise Up and RECLAIM OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

Now.  Not when someone tells us to.

We are the Creators of our Individual AND Collective reality and experience, right?

So let’s take back our Power.

I Reclaim the following (please add your own and share!):

*The rightful return of ALL of my memories

*The rightful return of all of my multi-dimensional selves

*The rightful return of all information from my akashic records (deeply disturbs me there are some who claim only THEY have such access to our personal records)

*The rightful return of my entire Energy and Etheric Bodies

*The rightful return of ALL of the powers and uses of our latent DNA which was STOLEN from us

*The TRUTH on our history, on where we are, who we are, what time period we are in as well as who exactly have kept us controlled:  TOTAL DISCLOSURE of ALL Truths

*The removal of ALL true genetic junk that was never a part of our original physical make-up to begin with

*The right to Self-Govern

*The rightful return of all the resources and wealth that have been stolen from us

*The rightful return of all life-supporting technology that can and does heal us, heal Gaia and make our lives easier and simpler

*The return of My Sovereign place/space on this earth, which includes the following:

  1. Clean, pure water
  2. Safe, secure housing
  3. Clean, pure, abundant food
  4. TRUE education
  5. Absolute Freedom

All provided simply because We Are Sovereign Beings.

I am more than willing to help make this happen and be a part of this, in ensuring we each have a full return to Love, Health, Full Awareness, Truth and Sovereignty.






Serious Topic and Serious Lessons On This 26th Day of March 2017

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Well I realize this post may get me banned from posting on some sites, but I feel the need to speak out.  I owe it to you and I owe it to that voice within that is telling me to share my truth.

If my readers have not learned about me yet, I am very strongly opposed to deception, especially when others are unnecessarily harmed and most especially when it is an on-going behavior.  I value integrity and keeping ones word.  And if I see others taking advantage of people who are sick or otherwise impoverished, I have to do something.  I simply cannot stand by and wait, let time or “karma” take care of such behavior. I am Rogue Goddess Warrior and I pack a mighty sword of truth when I encounter such bullshit.

In the last 24 hours I have learned that two websites I follow, and trusted, are run by folks who are not trustworthy.  I have heard stories from those with personal experience (including my own experiences with each of these sites ~ and I thought I was the only one so I never said a word) as well as watched an eye-opening video about one of the sites.

Lesson learned.  If an individual(s) treats just one person with deception and manipulation, chances are this is common behavior and not just a one-time event.

Second lesson learned: always trust my intuition.


For you see, when dealing with each of these sites, my intuition radar went off.  And I ignored her.

I owe her a big apology.  (And maybe some chocolate and a massage.)

To me, when people run these Ascension-related sites, they have an obligation to be honest and authentic.  To present themselves with the utmost integrity.

That is what I strive to do every single time I write a piece, share a piece, make a request, etc.  I will always always always be honest and direct. I will strive for integrity (minus the occasional expletive I let out).  And I would never think to charge you money just to talk to me (yes, had that experience w/one of the sites – money was requested from me just to have a conversation about an idea we both shared!).


What is the answer here, aside from me speaking out?

Pay attention.  Use discernment.  If you find a site that seems suspect, follow your intuition and stop giving it/them your time, energy or money.

If you have had such an experience with a site, speak out.

And for goodness sake, if you give your money for an exchange of a service, especially a healing service, and you find your health getting worse, demand a refund and if necessary, share your story (esp. if you do not hear back from the site or hear some very vague response – which has happened to others given what was shared with me).

It comes down to this:  While most people in this community are well-intentioned, each at our own level of awakening, understanding and perception, I can strongly state:

No more suffering.

No more deception.

No more taking advantage of others.

The Ascension Swamp Needs To Be Drained


Reader Requests

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Hello beautiful people~

Enough of you have written me asking to subscribe to newsletters or an e-mail group or site updates ~ enough that I have concluded I should do something to make your experience of coming here easier.  I have decided to create an e-mail subscribe list to notify you when there are new posts.

I am not tech savvy so I will have to do some research as to how to do this. So until then, I ask for your patience as I figure this stuff out.


Blessings and all the good things~


Visualizing New Earth. Let’s Do It!

Image result for new earth images

My Powerful Creator Readers/Tribe~

We all want New Earth.  Like, NOW!


So let’s intend her.

Let’s imagine what we want her to Be.

Let’s imagine things we wish to see in our new Reality.

I’ll start.  Feel free to add your own.

*Healing Technology that heals us completely, whatever the issue/disease, restoring us to Wholeness.

*Food replicators.

*Flying ships.

*The return of our inherent, rightful gifts which include telepathy, teleportation, instant manifestation, the ability to heal ourselves and control our bodies.  The full return of our DNA.

*The TRUTH.  Fill in the blank.  Truth about everything that has been hidden from us.

*NO MONEY.  No banks.  No government.  No controls.

*Freedom for ALL.  TRUE freedom.  (And living in Alignment with True Freedom – we won’t need the items mentioned above.)

*Sovereignty for ALL.

*A variety of housing options, again available for ALL.  For myself and my family I have repeatedly seen a big wooden structure.

*Tech to provide any needed healing for Gaia.  (I am rethinking this ~ meaning I believe lower dimensional Earth is going to need the healing and Higher Dimensional Earth is already pristine.  Where we “go” is a matter of creating our timeline based on Who We Are/What We Desire and Intend.)

Visually, the colors are brighter.  More expansive.  The waterways are brilliant.  There is a shimmer to everything.  We can see the Aura Fields of all life.

Basically, New Earth is Earth and all of her life forms healed, restored, free.

What do you see?