On Criticism ~ A Necessary Tool To Teach Toughness Or An Unnecessary Tool For Darkness?

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I’ve been pondering “criticism” today.  In our western world we are taught to be tough in the face of criticism.  In fact we are even encouraged to know how to “take it”, as though knowing how to “take it” is a virtue.  To struggle with it or show emotional upset can be seen as a weakness that needs toughening up.

Well this woman disagrees.  Completely.

Inside I have NEVER ONCE been ok with criticism and even though I can show a different outer facade today – inside I simply hurt. It’s an energy that does not feel comfortable to me.  It doesn’t resonate with me.

And it never will.

And nor shall it should.

Holding a differing opinion is obviously a part of Life, here, there and everywhere.  We all have our own thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

However when we step into the area of criticizing another person, we are infringing upon their personal space by imposing OUR will, which is not uplifting but instead, destructive in nature.

Let’s stop the criticizing.

Let’s be thoughtful of how we speak with one for whom we disagree.

Let’s instead present our idea, noticing our body language, noticing whether we wish to control the other person or simply share our particular perception on the issue of discussion.

And let us always remain open to the fact that this other person may just be mirroring an unrecognized Truth we hold within that has yet to be uncovered.

Then we can do away with criticism altogether and instead of feeling the need to “toughen up” ourselves and our children, we can instead just be Soft and Supportive – Flexible and Free – which is the natural state of Who We Are as Sovereign Beings.




Incoming Energies Packing A Punch, Friends

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About 4-5 hours ago, I was hit with extreme fatigue and nausea.  Within about 20 minutes or so, I sat down on the couch and promptly fell asleep. Deeply.  For about 15 minutes.  The demands of mamahood then took over as my child needed to take a bath before bed.  If she had not been here, who knows how long I would have slept.

You do the best you can when these energy frequencies come in.

One thing I have noticed is how quickly things are coming back to me, especially when it comes to my energies I put out.  It is easier to multiply those energies as well, hence the reason why many others in the Ascension community are telling us to be very grounded right now for what we put out is coming back to us quickly.  Today was no exception.

Both my child and I were frustrated – suddenly – at the same time.  Hers grew as did mine.  I took a timeout, stood in the sunshine and breathed.  I knew I had to get us on a walk and around some trees.  She was not crazy about this idea, instead wanting to go to the park.  Nope, I insisted we needed to ground around some nature.  On the walk, she lagged behind, upset she wasn’t getting her way.  Her frustration was only growing as was mine.  So I breathed deeply as we continued on our way.

By the time we got to the Special Tree, my child wasn’t talking with me and I was about ready to scream.  Instead, I walk over to my Tree and leaned into her.  “Help me,” I said silently.

My beautiful Tree friend sent me her energy.  I could hear the term “grounding you” and suddenly in my mind’s eye, I saw the infinity symbol, the mobius loop and I could feel that energy go through my legs and into the Earth.  It was brown with numerous flecks of gold.  I stayed there for a time, knowing the Tree was helping me as I had been too frustrated (in spite of efforts on my part to reduce that trend) to do so myself.  Hence the advice of Lightworkers and Ascension folks to get out in nature and ground.  Nature is a great source of assistance for this exercise.

After a few more moments, I felt my body relax.  I released some tears, thanked the Tree and its Spirit.  My child played around it, touched it some and we then left, holding hands and singing.

A completely different internal (and thus external) experience than we had both felt just minutes ago.

So as you can see, what we put out – even if it’s just a small amount – starts to grow onto itself much quicker these days.  Many of us are familiar with the recent internet chatter about how Source removed free will. However, many of us know this was not to be taken literally.  My take on it is that with incoming energies and frequencies, altering our DNA, allowing us to and Gaia to vibrate at higher and higher frequencies, means that lower energies of anger and control and rage and abuse and all things harmful will not be able to exist long in these higher frequencies.  The two simply clash so these energies literally “bounce back” to the one putting them out – quickly.  It’s as though Gaia feels these energies and says “NO” and sends them back to the sender.  In the world of science, that is called “reverberation”.

Make sense?

Sending out feelings of Love and Joy and I am finding out that these are easier to experience.  Certainly, for myself, it is easier to get into these states. Easier to transition into them if I am in lower level states of Being.

We are being rewired, so to speak, like Neo in the matrix.  And as we undergo this process, we need to continue to treat ourselves like a newborn.  Lots of rest.  Extra sleep.  Sleep on command if need be.  Follow our bodies in terms of what it needs.  Hang out with a tree.  Hug it.  Purge old wounds.  Listen to music that centers you.  Drink extra water.  Food cravings – again, listen to the body.  I had an immense craving for spinach last week.  This week?  Bananas, salt and nuts.

Just Love yourself.

Love, love, love yourself.

Reclaim that Divinity.

And know that All Is Well.



An Open Letter To My Fellow Female Friends and Goddesses ~ From My Heart To Yours

(This is not a political piece.  This is a piece focused on emotion, raising consciousness and healing.)

My fellow Goddesses~

I see you.

I hear you.

I feel you.

I see you standing up in solidarity to the misogynist machinations of the masculine patriarch that has kept you oppressed for eons.

I hear your cries of anger, of rage over the injustices you have all endured.

And I feel your anger and rage of your collective trauma’s.  The deep, abiding pain and the utter feeling of hopelessness and disappointment.

For I am you.

I too have been oppressed.

I have been held down because of my gender.

I have been told I cannot do this or that because I am female.

I have been told “you wouldn’t understand” because I am female.

I have been molested.  Raped.

I have been groped, been at the receiving end of unwanted cat calls, physically handled.

I have been told my body belongs to my husband.

I have been told not to touch myself “down there.”

I have been called a cunt.  A whore.  Slut.

I have been told I am being too sensitive as I cry righteous tears of anger and pain because a male just finished telling me how unworthy or stupid I am.

It ain’t easy being female, is it?

All of that being said, for all the expressed rage and anger that is coming out with these purposeful marches, unless coupled with thoughtful consciousness with the intention to heal, serves no purpose.

Am I saying not to express that rage?  That anger?

Absolutely not.

Get it out sister’s, I say.

However then we must remember what is underneath the anger and rage and be willing to show these emotions publicly as well.

The pain.

The disappointment.

That deep, deep, deep disappointment.

We must feel that.  We must allow ourselves to swim in it.  Let it wash over us as we release our individual and collective tears.

Then we must find forgiveness.

Forgiveness first and foremost for ourselves.

Forgiving ourselves for those times when we forgot our Divinity.

Forgiving ourselves for those times when we slipped into the role of the dominant masculine, becoming the very ones who oppressed us.

And lastly, forgiving the masculine itself.  Forgiving the men.

For our men are hurting too.  They are lost.  Confused.  They need us just as we need them.

For all of the injustice and control and domination and power plays they have injected into our lives, they too have been victims.  Just turn on any sitcom or commercial and you will see men being portrayed as helpless idiots, incapable of any deep, insightful behavior.  Go to a women’s gathering where it is not unusual to hear a variety of insults coming from the women aimed at their partners.  We slip into this lower-level of behavior because it has been done to us and we falsely believe it boosts our sense of self.

So in some ways, the system has painted us to become like them, and they, like us.  Both in ways that are utterly dis-empowering, for none of it is authentic.

But we can rise above that.

We have the chance to engage in a deeply spiritual, heart-felt, individual and collective cleanse in so long as we use conscious intention and thoughtfulness.

However, until and unless we are willing to go into our hearts and feel our pain and find forgiveness, we who are marching and protesting won’t be treated fairly nor will we be respected.  At least not in any authentic way.

So for my female Goddesses out there hitting the streets, please, I ask of you not to be influenced by media coverage or political pundit analysis, propaganda or hollywood elitism.  We have the chance to engage in a deeply spiritual, heart-felt, individual and collective cleanse in so long as we use conscious intention and thoughtfulness.  Let us rise above the destruction taking place on the streets and on our televisions.  Let us not cave to the divide and conquer agenda. And certainly let us not turn this into a situation of duality where our only agenda is to see the men as the enemy and we the victim’s.

For the system has made us all into victim’s, in one way or another.  Let us cry those tears of victim-hood and let us rise up, together, a create a new society where we ALL honor the Divinity within.

For in doing that, we will then again remember to honor the Divinity in others.







My Message To The People Who Do Not Support Trump


For the first time in my voting life, I am afraid.  Afraid to speak my truth around those who do not support Trump.  Afraid to say that overall, I like what he says.  I like many of his plans.  I like the fact that he really is focused on jobs in America and came in with a plan.  With many of them. I am open and mature enough to look past convenient media sound-bytes. I am open and mature enough to accept we all have issues, biases and the like.

I am afraid to express my thoughts on Hillary. I am afraid to say I believe she is a criminal.

I am afraid to say I do not support the mainstream media.  I am afraid to say I believe they grossly and blatantly showed their pandering support for Hillary and gave Trump a very unfair and inaccurate representation.

I am one of the most open-minded human beings you will meet.  I support equal and fair rights for ALL humanity.  I believe things such as housing and food and water and education are Rights and need not be based upon one’s ability to pay.  In fact I support a society that does not operate on the use of money.  I support the right of people to live freely and openly and safely as they deem fit.  I support the use of alternative technology (free energy and healing frequency machines for example) and abhor the oil, gas, and nuclear crap as well as pharmaceutical medications and western-based medicine we have been enslaved with.  I abhor how we have pillaged and damaged our environment in spite of the numerous and ever-growing regulations.  And I absolutely do not believe the government knows what is best for me, my family or ANY of you.

I continually run into people in my town and the talk inevitably turns to politics.  Immediately this sense of violent hatred and fear enter the people’s voices just at the mention of Trump’s name.  These people are so locked into their obsession with their distaste of him, having fallen victim to the mainstream media’s use of trickery and propaganda, they are not open in the SLIGHTEST to hearing anything outside of their pov.

However, I listen to what they have to say and just refuse to comment.


Because, as I said, I am afraid.

Not afraid of what I think and feel and believe.

I am afraid of their attacks.  I am afraid of their violence.  Their assumptions.

In a nutshell, for the first time I can recall, I am afraid to discuss politics. I have had two occasions where I showed a very benign response to Trump’s politics, showing support on a couple of his ideas, and you would have thought I had just finished physically assaulting them.  The response was that volatile.

This behavior is absolutely inexcusable.  

It is my wish humanity take a big breath and chill.  And take some time to actually explore other sources of information other than the mainstream media.

This country belongs to all of us.  Those who voted for Hillary.  Those who voted for Trump.  Those who voted for someone else.  Those who didn’t vote at all.  If we wish to have peace, we must have peace within our own hearts and share that peace with others.

For respectful, thoughtful disagreement is one thing.  Violence and threats and disrespect is altogether another.

We are one heart.  One life.

Just something to think about next time you meet up with a Trump supporter.  Be kind.  Be respectful.  Let yourself listen to their words. There might be something in there worth listening to.


Is It Possible?

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Going through my social media sites tonight, I noticed a trend.  A trend where people, obviously disappointed with the election results and the inauguration of a new President, are looking for a variety of issues, many of them petty and insignificant, to insult not only Trump supporters and Trump but his wife/family as well.

I am focused on what is possible.  And as such, I wish to present some questions on what is possible.

The pictures of the Mall in D.C. showing the crowds, side by side pics showing Obama’s inauguration of 09 and Trump’s last Friday.  Clearly there is a difference in the number of people.  Besides stating the obvious – which is “and your point is??” – I will say this instead:

*Isn’t it possible that the protester’s own admission of intentionally blocking people from attending worked and thus skewed the final numbers?

The pictures showing Melania’s choice of clothing at the inauguration, comparing her suit to that of Jackie Kennedy’s suits – one of which was worn at JFK’s inauguration and one of which was just one Mrs. Kennedy owned. Besides stating the obvious – which is “is that necessary??” – I will say this instead:

*Isn’t it possible Melania chose this outfit because she admired Mrs. Kennedy?

For all of the attacks on Trump, for all of the character accusations throughout the year, all of which was released by the mainstream media outlets, who were supposed to be objective in their election coverage but were blatantly biased towards Hillary from the start, I will say this instead:

*Isn’t it possible all of this media backlash was because Trump calls them out on their blatant dishonesty?

*Isn’t it possible that not only is he a threat to the criminal cabal of D.C. Politics, he is a threat to, as he says, to the entire establishment of corruption that plagues not only the media and politics, but business/industry, hollywood/the entertainment industry?

*Isn’t it possible that for every bit of dark that the media says comes out of Trump’s spoken word, there is far more dark within the establishment itself?

Hillary supporters:  I once was a Clinton supporter.  I voted for Bill twice – proudly.  So I know where you are in your rabid defense of them.  Been there, done that.  So I ask this of you:

*Isn’t it possible for you to expand your point of view, research what I and countless others have written about?  For really, you have no valid opinion to offer unless and until you have done what I and these countless others have done:  Researched thoroughly, in depth, both sides of these contentious issues and accusations, weighed all of the evidence against your higher self and then and ONLY then – do you come to a rightful, just conclusion of your own doing and merit.

To do likewise, is to show nothing but impossible ignorance.  And we have had enough of that, haven’t we.

President Donald Trump’s Inaugural Speech – An Analysis

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I can admit I did not vote for Trump.  (And I sure as heaven did not vote for the female beast).  However, I started to warm up to that crass talking businessman from New York the past several months.  I studied what he said and how he said it and in a nutshell, receiving confirmation from a woman who is trained in the art of reading body language, I came to the conclusion that what he says, he means.  And even though he comes across as abrasive and egotistical, at least I knew that what I was being presented with was authentic.

And how refreshing that quality is after decades of deceit and flowery words backed up with absolutely zero substance much less Truth.

Watching today’s speech (which I have linked below so you can refer to my notes), I had chills.  This man means business.  He was to the point and blunt.  This man has every intention of removing the corruption that has muddied the waters of DC politics, hence his term “drain the swamp”. He wants to return the focus back here on America.  He wants to bring back the jobs.  He wants to rebuild our infrastructure.  He will not be meddling in on other nation’s affairs (which has long been a big old boil on the backs of D.C. politicians).  He respects Individual Sovereignty.  His focus is on Unity.  Watching him speak, with his hand gestures and facial expressions, he speaks Truth.

The most pivotal moment though occurred at around the 14:00 mark where he says the following:  “We stand at the birth of a New Millennium. Ready to unlock the mysteries of Space.  To free the earth from the miseries of disease.  And to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.”

Sounds to me he is speaking of releasing the nearly 6000 suppressed patents that can truly Liberate us.  In those words I also heard him speak of disclosure.  Technologies to heal ourselves, our planet and provide us with things such as free energy and food replicators.  (Perhaps GoddessV will finally be getting her flying car, no?)

Love him or hate him or somewhere in between, he is our President.  And I believe he was chosen for this Role – not by some corporate/annunaki/draconian handler of the dark – but by something Higher.  We will have to watch and see how he plays this new Role.  One thing is for sure – it best be authentic lest he wish to receive the wrath of the 60 some million folks who voted for him.  They – we – demanded a change.  A removal of the filth and dark and corruption.  And by damn, we aim to see that change carried out to its fullest so that we may finally live as the Sovereign Beings we are.


My Music

Here are a few of my originals, as linked from Soundcloud.  These are rough recordings, meaning no editing.  I have been playing since I was 4, composing for almost 25 years.  Please enjoy and comment if you feel inclined.  


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My child and I headed out for a walk today.  It was raining but we didn’t let that stop us.  Daily walks are something we just do, regardless of the weather conditions.

There is a nice spot we often head to that leads to a giant Sequoia tree. Obviously out of it’s natural environment, it nonetheless has a commanding presence.  As I have been a lifelong lover of trees, the proverbial tree-hugger, I easily came to believe in my younger years that trees talk to us if only we open ourselves up to their messages.  I have received numerous messages from this tree.  Today’s message was quite appropriate.

Greeting the tree, putting my hand on it, I said if it had a message for me, I was listening.

“Transformation,” was what I heard.

Hmm, I thought.  Interesting.  Anything else, I telepathically communicated.

“Be like me,” I then heard.

Be like you, I thought.  I pondered that for a few moments before the cold rain reminded me that unlike the tree, I needed warm shelter and food so we headed home.  As we walked home, my child asked me what message I received and asked me to clarify.

“I’m not sure,” I said.  “But I do know trees don’t worry about getting their needs met.”  I paused before adding “then again, they don’t have to. They have no bills to pay!”  By this time I was rather cold, hunger was setting in and my mood had soured some, so walking home, I forgot about the experience.

Earlier this evening, my spouse and I watched a brief video on crystals, the resonance of the earth and our human bodies.  It was stated that at one point, when the earth resonated at 10 hz, we reached a crystalline state physically and more or less, became ageless beings.  This is also known as ascension.

After the video, I composed an e-mail to a friend, sharing the experience with the tree, watching the video and then I also recalled an experience I had earlier in the shower, where I was guided to nurture myself the way I would a newborn during this time.  During this e-mail composition, my child brought me a drawing she had made that included the sun, a picture of her and, as she put it, “your favorite tree, mama”.

Bingo.  Suddenly the pieces of the puzzle came together.

Our bodies are undergoing transformation.  We are changing from carbon-based to crystalline base.  As the earth’s frequency continues to rise (hovering near 9.0 for awhile now), our bodies continue to change. And much like the newborn who undergoes rapid cellular development, it needs a lot of love, rest/sleep and care.  To be treated like a baby.

And like the tree communicated, we are being called to just Be.  Just Be where we are. Just Be how we are.  Just be Who We Are.  Now.  And let the transformation happen.


A Lesson in Being Fully Grounded In Who I Am

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I had an experience yesterday that both shook me up and taught me some valuable lessons.

I was visiting a friend during the day.  She has spirit beings who hang out at her place and are active mostly at night.  They are quite loud and sound like people walking on the roof/ceiling.  It distresses her dog who runs around, whining and barking.  During a certain point in the conversation, the talk turned to religion.  I noticed the loud walking noise began and thought “that’s odd – normally this occurs at night.”  So as I shared my point of view, which is utterly opposed to religious dogma and control, the noise grew louder and more frequent.  The dog was really going at it by now.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, I felt a real depletion of my energy and with that, nausea.

“Whew,” I said, leaning back into the couch, taking a breath.  “I’m suddenly really tired.  I think I may need to go home and take a nap.”

With that came the feelings of spaciness and detachment.  If I was grounded in any way prior, I suddenly was not.  And yet I didn’t fully notice this- a habit of mine I have been working on changing.  If I had been grounded or had taken the time to do so, I would also have noticed that after this attack – the noise calmed down significantly (something I remembered later on).

A few moments later, I left, returned home where I cleansed myself with frankincense, myrrh and cobal resin – just in case what I was starting to think happened (energy attack) did.  That helped out some but I knew I had more work to do.  For the rest of the day, I felt that sense of detachment and wasn’t sure what to do next.

That is until this morning.

I woke up to anger and lots of it.  This energy attack triggered in me deep feelings resulting from a lifelong pattern of being bullied and unable to do a thing about it at the time – only to experience those feelings of “hey this isn’t ok” AFTER the fact – if at all.  And much of the time, not saying a word to the offender. Not one damn word.

After I released some long held emotions and started to get some clarity, I determined that I would not be returning to my friend’s house until the beings are energetically removed.  I also sent out an energetic message to these beings that it was not ok what they did, would not be tolerated ever again and they were not allowed in my energy space.

Next, I went over the experience in my mind and changed it up.  Instead of seeing myself as sitting there, stunned and passive, I saw myself say “what the heck just happened here?”  Then I analyzed how I felt and gave myself permission to ground and go within to come to the conclusion(s) at that time instead of some future date or in front of a counselor years later. Lastly, I sent out the message to this being at the time that their behavior was not tolerated and had NO effect on Who I Am.

And finally, I thought about my stone of protection I wear daily – my black tourmaline.  I also have them all over my house.  These stones help protect against negative energy.  Why didn’t it work yesterday, I thought.

The answer was immediate and obvious.

These stones can only do so much.  Such a stone is only as powerful as is the human wearing it.  And if the human is not solid in Who They Are and grounded, the stone can only offer minimal protection.  Such objects are there as back-ups.  I Am my Main Source of protection.

Lesson(s) learned.



Starseed Birthday Wish: In Desperate Need of a Vacation

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I’m going to be 51 next week.

For my birthday, I would like a vacation.  Of the permanent kind.

A permanent vacation from the ongoing pressure of making money.

A permanent vacation from being criticized and judged.

A permanent vacation from bullies.

A permanent vacation from having to swim through a sea of illusions and guesses disguised as fact/truth only to be told we must use Discernment, a convenient passive/aggressive response.

A permanent vacation from pseudo-relationships.

A permanent vacation from enslavement to all things that require us to pay ridiculous sums of money in order to feed ourselves/shelter ourselves/keep ourselves warm, educated and alive.

A permanent vacation from LIES.

A permanent vacation from health issues, an aging body, mind and soul.

And while I am intending all of these Realities every single day, I will take a temporary vacation for that birthday, please.

Someplace warm.  Sunny.  24/7 access to room service, maid service, and massage and energy healings.  Complete with nanny services.

Someplace quiet.  To contemplate.  To write.  To meditate.  Without distraction.  To nap for days and days if I so choose.

On a beach.  Surrounded by lots of trees.

A L O N E.

My journey has been a bitch, a bastard – take your pick.  I shall be writing a book about it.

I haven’t had a vacation in almost 10 years.

I am tired and worn out.  Burned the fuck out in more ways than one.

Done.  Finished.

And yet, hopeful too.  A growing hope at that.

So yes, Universe, for my birthday, please send me a vacation.

I would be most grateful.