What I Need…

Burn, Burned Out, Stress, Overexertion

I just finished reading a piece by a writer/blogger in the Ascension community.  I like her writings and her words resonate with me.

Tonight though I got triggered.

Reading her words about what is important at this time, what we each need to be doing for ourselves is just a painful reminder that I am not getting what I need.

Sunshine and plentiful time alone with little or no outside stimuli.

How am I to do this when I live in the part of the country that has seen maybe a dozen days of sunshine since last October and being the mother of a small child and a disabled spouse who is home most of the time.

I wish to Goddess I could find a generous soul with a studio or cottage they don’t use that I could just go to for a few hours.  A day.  Overnight if I so choose.


I am very limited by funds right now, literally penny to penny while going into debt some months, which is partly why I started this blog and am pushing my book.

Today I cried over this.  Threw up my hands in a growling fit of angst. This ascension process has left me exhausted on its own.  Add to it ongoing financial stress as well as some health issues.  I am juggling so much right now ~ something has to give.  It’s a miracle I haven’t just collapsed or packed up in the middle of the night and just disappeared. Get in the car and just drive until I run out of gas, you know?

So a note to those who put out such pieces ~ it serves no purpose to tell others what they need to be doing at this time.  Not everyone lives alone. Some of us are parents.  Not everyone undergoing this process lives on lands that have sunshine year round (as does this person).  Rather tired of reading “this is what I’m doing so you need to be doing this too.”

I’m doing the best I can with my current situation.

Much of the time I’m pretty balanced and positive.

But I do have my moments.

And I have been having them this past week.

It all keeps coming back up for resolution.

And yet, I have none.

So I do what I always have done.

Continue on, intending a miracle or two, being in Gratitude, and wail on my punching bag during those “I AM NOT DOING THIS ANY LONGER” moments.


Reclamation of Sovereignty

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Are you feeling that growing internal empowerment people?

Are you feeling the growing need to go within for your answers, with the desire of seeking “out there” waning?  WE are our own channelers.

Are you feeling “enough is enough!”?

No more waiting.

No more being told to “be patient”.

No more being told those of us awakened/awakening need to wait for the masses to catch up.

That is matrix speak.  Another layer of the crashing archon energy grid which I’m pretty sure we’re all feeling.

The time has come for us to Rise Up and RECLAIM OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

Now.  Not when someone tells us to.

We are the Creators of our Individual AND Collective reality and experience, right?

So let’s take back our Power.

I Reclaim the following (please add your own and share!):

*The rightful return of ALL of my memories

*The rightful return of all of my multi-dimensional selves

*The rightful return of all information from my akashic records (deeply disturbs me there are some who claim only THEY have such access to our personal records)

*The rightful return of my entire Energy and Etheric Bodies

*The rightful return of ALL of the powers and uses of our latent DNA which was STOLEN from us

*The TRUTH on our history, on where we are, who we are, what time period we are in as well as who exactly have kept us controlled:  TOTAL DISCLOSURE of ALL Truths

*The removal of ALL true genetic junk that was never a part of our original physical make-up to begin with

*The right to Self-Govern

*The rightful return of all the resources and wealth that have been stolen from us

*The rightful return of all life-supporting technology that can and does heal us, heal Gaia and make our lives easier and simpler

*The return of My Sovereign place/space on this earth, which includes the following:

  1. Clean, pure water
  2. Safe, secure housing
  3. Clean, pure, abundant food
  4. TRUE education
  5. Absolute Freedom

All provided simply because We Are Sovereign Beings.

I am more than willing to help make this happen and be a part of this, in ensuring we each have a full return to Love, Health, Full Awareness, Truth and Sovereignty.






Serious Topic and Serious Lessons On This 26th Day of March 2017

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Well I realize this post may get me banned from posting on some sites, but I feel the need to speak out.  I owe it to you and I owe it to that voice within that is telling me to share my truth.

If my readers have not learned about me yet, I am very strongly opposed to deception, especially when others are unnecessarily harmed and most especially when it is an on-going behavior.  I value integrity and keeping ones word.  And if I see others taking advantage of people who are sick or otherwise impoverished, I have to do something.  I simply cannot stand by and wait, let time or “karma” take care of such behavior. I am Rogue Goddess Warrior and I pack a mighty sword of truth when I encounter such bullshit.

In the last 24 hours I have learned that two websites I follow, and trusted, are run by folks who are not trustworthy.  I have heard stories from those with personal experience (including my own experiences with each of these sites ~ and I thought I was the only one so I never said a word) as well as watched an eye-opening video about one of the sites.

Lesson learned.  If an individual(s) treats just one person with deception and manipulation, chances are this is common behavior and not just a one-time event.

Second lesson learned: always trust my intuition.


For you see, when dealing with each of these sites, my intuition radar went off.  And I ignored her.

I owe her a big apology.  (And maybe some chocolate and a massage.)

To me, when people run these Ascension-related sites, they have an obligation to be honest and authentic.  To present themselves with the utmost integrity.

That is what I strive to do every single time I write a piece, share a piece, make a request, etc.  I will always always always be honest and direct. I will strive for integrity (minus the occasional expletive I let out).  And I would never think to charge you money just to talk to me (yes, had that experience w/one of the sites – money was requested from me just to have a conversation about an idea we both shared!).


What is the answer here, aside from me speaking out?

Pay attention.  Use discernment.  If you find a site that seems suspect, follow your intuition and stop giving it/them your time, energy or money.

If you have had such an experience with a site, speak out.

And for goodness sake, if you give your money for an exchange of a service, especially a healing service, and you find your health getting worse, demand a refund and if necessary, share your story (esp. if you do not hear back from the site or hear some very vague response – which has happened to others given what was shared with me).

It comes down to this:  While most people in this community are well-intentioned, each at our own level of awakening, understanding and perception, I can strongly state:

No more suffering.

No more deception.

No more taking advantage of others.

The Ascension Swamp Needs To Be Drained


Reader Requests

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Hello beautiful people~

Enough of you have written me asking to subscribe to newsletters or an e-mail group or site updates ~ enough that I have concluded I should do something to make your experience of coming here easier.  I have decided to create an e-mail subscribe list to notify you when there are new posts.

I am not tech savvy so I will have to do some research as to how to do this. So until then, I ask for your patience as I figure this stuff out.


Blessings and all the good things~


Visualizing New Earth. Let’s Do It!

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My Powerful Creator Readers/Tribe~

We all want New Earth.  Like, NOW!


So let’s intend her.

Let’s imagine what we want her to Be.

Let’s imagine things we wish to see in our new Reality.

I’ll start.  Feel free to add your own.

*Healing Technology that heals us completely, whatever the issue/disease, restoring us to Wholeness.

*Food replicators.

*Flying ships.

*The return of our inherent, rightful gifts which include telepathy, teleportation, instant manifestation, the ability to heal ourselves and control our bodies.  The full return of our DNA.

*The TRUTH.  Fill in the blank.  Truth about everything that has been hidden from us.

*NO MONEY.  No banks.  No government.  No controls.

*Freedom for ALL.  TRUE freedom.  (And living in Alignment with True Freedom – we won’t need the items mentioned above.)

*Sovereignty for ALL.

*A variety of housing options, again available for ALL.  For myself and my family I have repeatedly seen a big wooden structure.

*Tech to provide any needed healing for Gaia.  (I am rethinking this ~ meaning I believe lower dimensional Earth is going to need the healing and Higher Dimensional Earth is already pristine.  Where we “go” is a matter of creating our timeline based on Who We Are/What We Desire and Intend.)

Visually, the colors are brighter.  More expansive.  The waterways are brilliant.  There is a shimmer to everything.  We can see the Aura Fields of all life.

Basically, New Earth is Earth and all of her life forms healed, restored, free.

What do you see?

Service To Self ~ Service To Others

Success, Accomplishment, Achievement

I don’t know about you, but I am weary with reading these pieces on “Service To Self/Service To Others” ~ as though we have to pick a side. Pick side A (sts) and you are gonna stay stuck in neverland.  But pick side B (sto) and you get to land beautifully in nirvana.  (The Zeta’s were famous spreading this information, which is why I only followed them for 1 week.)

All of this sounds of duality and I’m not buying it.

I’m certainly not feeling it.

Remember the analogy of the mother helping herself first to her oxygen mask so that she can best assist her child?

Same thing applies here my tribe.

In order to authentically serve others, we MUST first not only know how to serve ourselves, we must love doing so.  And be ok with that!

Mama’s can attest to this.  How many of us have burned out because we have not been caring for ourselves in the ways we need due to the caregiving we provide for our children and families?

Time to change all of this “service to others first” dialogue.

Yes.  It really is ok to be of service to yourself ~ first and foremost.  To me, this means you love yourself so authentically and purely and beautifully that when you interact with me, I know I am going to be getting the Real Deal with you.

And the goddess is not into artificial ANYTHING.  (Seriously.  Check my kitchen cupboards.)

Love yourselves first.

For when we are truly grounded in and with Who We Are, when we are in those moments where we have taken such loving care of ourselves, we naturally wish to share that energy with others.  

It’s that simple.

Release the duality.

Cease to believe you have to pick a side.

None of that feels like Ascension to me.

It’s about returning to Love.

For Self.

AND…what then naturally follows…

for others.


Where Is The Sun?

Person, Woman, Girl, Human, Joy, Sunset

Something’s up.


I want to know where the Sun is.

Other parts of the country are seeing it and yet out west, we are lucky to see it 2-3x/month.

Well it is winter, the unawakened ones in my life tell me.

And yet, never have I recalled a winter where we didn’t get a week here and there throughout where we DO get our Sun.

This winter?

She is really missing.

And my body is feeling it.

Our Sun is a food source to our bodies.  Yes, bodies plural.  Energy. Physical.  Mental.  Spiritual.  Astral.  All of those “parts” of me NEED the sun.

And the dark agenda minions are blocking her with their weather manipulation insanity because not only do they know the necessity of our Sun, they also know she is part of the Ascension process.

When we DO have sun, I feel so much better.  While not a requirement to my ongoing ascension process, it makes it much easier and thus quicker for me to release, ground and vibe up when I have access to our Sun.

So what do I do about it?

Seriously.  I want to know.  I need my sun.  As the picture I linked in my previous post shows, the Sun is food source to us, and this becomes more important and imperative the higher we vibe.

I have a couple of choices here.

  1. Move.  (any ideas folks on places that are affordable, small/rural and near mountains/trees?)
  2. Learn some Native Magic to clear out the endless cloud coverage.

Something needs to give.  Soon.  For as fast as my body is changing, the less I seem to need food, the more I need my Sun.


Ascension Symptoms Update: March 24, 2017

Aye aye aye, thought the goddess as she attempted to drag her lovely self out of her comfy bed.  When will these ascension symptoms end?

Feeling a chill go through her, she wrapped herself in a blanket and headed out to the kitchen.  Peering into the refrigerator, nothing looked appealing.


Placing a pot of water on the stove for some tea, she suddenly felt warm. Then nauseous.

“Friggin’ crap,” she mutters, sitting down.  Panic set in, causing her to think “oh great now panic TOO?”

How are you all feeling?

Aside from the symptoms I mentioned above, the nausea/gastro distress, the hot/cold stuff and the panic, a fairly new symptom ~ one that has increased this week ~ is a lack of appetite.  Not only that, I keep losing interest in foods this reality has to offer.

After I pulled myself together, did some purging and grounding, I headed out to pick up some groceries.  As I walked through the aisles and reached for the food items, every single time I grabbed an item I would think “Nope.  Doesn’t interest me.”

A ha.  A challenge, I thought.  So I set out to find something that actually did resonate with me.

Guess what?  I couldn’t find a thing in the store that was appealing to my body.

Not even chocolate.

I repeat.  Not even chocolate. 

A first.

What I do in these situations, when I find myself still being a part of this vibrational frequency and not finding anything that resonates, I reached out to my Higher Self and Mentors.  “Ok my warrior team.  Help me out here.  Is it really possible I am headed to a space where I will no longer eat?  Give me some advice please.”

I came home, went about my day and wow ~ beautiful Synchronicity was forthcoming.

  1. I had the thought that I need to get away from 3d eating schedules.  Let go of the thoughts you have surrounding food.  We really often do eat out of habit instead of tuning in and seeing what our body really needs.  Good insight, I thought.  Thank you!
  2. Then….I saw this image on my facebook feed.  Pretty darn cool, huh?

Image may contain: 3 people

Acceptance.  The journey is all about acceptance of Me.

Ascension is an individual journey which has a Collective result.

It is as simple as that.


To My Beautiful Readers: A Love Letter of Gratitude

Gratitude, Grateful, Prayer, Thanks

Hello everyone~

I pause as I type those words…

Throughout my life I have imagined and fantasized, wished, I would have others who not only read my words but actually LIKED what they read.  So I know that as I type this, I know others will read.  Maybe hundreds of you.  I see the post read numbers and know it isn’t ALL spammers. Knowing people read my words, like them, resonate with them is so validating to my heart and very healing.

VERY healing.  

I can remember as a small child looking at the adults around me, thinking “you all just don’t get it.”  My child mind didn’t know what those words meant, but today I certainly do.  I was referring to how asleep those around me were.  Asleep to not just the reality of this low density physical control matrix, but also asleep of their POTENTIAL.  How could they sit there drinking their wine, oblivious to all of the stuff behind the curtains? There was work to be done!

And yet here they sat.  And there I stood, wondering what I was doing here and why I often felt so damn alone…

Being teased and bullied was a way of life for me.  I learned at a young age that to stand out meant attack.  To be different.  Look different.  Appear different.  Didn’t matter.  Being different meant unpleasant experiences. And I had more than I wanted.  I now know it was simply the Dark acting out through other people in an attempt to keep me insecure and quiet.

That worked.

For a time…

For you see, I came into this world like a bulldozer of bright Light with a strong sense of Purpose.  In spite of the feelings of fear and recluse I experienced throughout my life, I have also intuitively known for as long as I can remember that I am here for a reason and one of those reasons was to share ME and Who I Am with as many people as possible.  Source gave me this mouth in which to speak, these hands in which to write.  My Higher Self shared with me amazing ideas.  Combined together, a powerful combination.

I strongly embrace my ideas.

I intuitively KNOW to the core of Who I Am that these ideas can and will change Humanity from an enslaved race to a Brightly Empowered race.  I am already witnessing this as are you.

I have a direct connection to Source, my Higher Self as well as a connection with the Galactics.  Just which ones I don’t know.  I only had two encounters, one with a female being who said her name was Daree. There was no mention of which planet or dimension. (interesting note: corey goode says he regularly has contact with a female being who goes by the name “karee”.  having seen the drawing of her, she looks very similar to the woman in which I had the one encounter.  well, two if you count the brief appearance she made a few nights ago in my home.  only my husband saw her though.  so daree and karee – same person?  perhaps one of us, like myself, having misunderstood the consonant?)  

I created my first blog about 12 years ago.  I think I had about 3-5 regular readers.  Try as I might, I just couldn’t attract more readers.  I kept at it until I had my child in 2010 then I dropped it.

So starting this site last fall left me feeling some trepidation.  I had no desire to start another blog, invest my time and effort without real results. However, this time I had a powerful name, Love In Action Now, a phrase that came to me in my 20’s, a phrase that has stayed with me, a phrase I knew I was to do something with at some point.  I also had a lot more information to share.  More awakenings.  More visions.

And most importantly, more confidence.

So what began just 6 short months ago has blossomed into a space where I not only feel very comfortable in sharing all of ME and those long-held ideas, but I am having people read these words of mine and responding with so much kindness.  A very healing, empowering, humbling experience.

Which leads me to say just two words to all of you:  THANK YOU.

From the core of Who I am:  THANK YOU.




(My dear readers ~ I would like to make an appeal to you. There are affiliate links and ads on this page.  I would like to ask for you to use the links and click on the ads. This would be a real blessing to me. It would help to cover the time and cost it takes to create this free resource. The affiliate links are for products I and my family personally use.  Of if clicking ads isn’t your thing, you can also make a donation to show you support my work.  Or you can purchase my new book, now in print, Live To Impress Yourself ~ An Interactive Journal, by clicking on this link. I am making every effort to earn a living doing this work, which I feel is my purpose right now.  I sincerely thank you for your support!)



My Visions of New Earth

Snow Capped Mountains Under Blue Sky and White Clouds

Hello My Wonderful Readers and Supporters~

Last night, after experiencing more (groan) ascension symptoms of body aches and pains and emotional blockage in my heart chakra, I spent some time in quiet, hot buddies on my body, shiatsu massager on my back, and did some necessary purging.  After that, I felt that I either received downloads (are those still coming??) or activated whatever downloads I had already received.  Either way, I received some insights, and coupled with insights and visions I have had throughout the past 10 years, I was able to put some things together and thus, present to you my visions of new earth, what is going on right now, what is important to focus on and what we can let go of.

Again, these are just insights from my own Inner and Higher Selves. Please use your own guidance and discernment.

To begin with, even though my awakening began in my mid 20’s, my knowledge of New Earth/5D Earth did not come into my heart and consciousness until Fall 2012.  Prior to 2012, I had a vision around the years 2006/2007, which I have shared in a previous Daily Notes post or two and will share again briefly.  In the vision, I was with a group of Beings.  We were tall and had an interesting form.  While there was a physical mass (torso, arms, legs, head, etc.) we also seemed very “light” – almost as if we were floating. Illuminated is a good word to describe how we were.  We were standing in a circle around a tree.  I felt ~ blissful. Serene.  Completely at home and totally in the moment.  While I didn’t “see” with my mind’s eye what came next, I felt something unexpected happened and our civilization ended.

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