The Nightmare of Mainstream Medicine: One Person’s Story

Mainstream medicine about killed my mate – not due to any one act of intention – but due to blind ignorance, arrogance, incompetence (willful, perhaps) and neglect – which to me is almost as criminal.

We met in the late 90’s and at the time he was having some health issues that were related to the joints in his wrists.  Numerous tests showed deterioration of tissue and cartilage and chalked up to work environment.  He was only in his 30’s at the time so the doctor’s couldn’t throw in the “it’s your age” excuse they offer up to pacify you once you get into your 40’s and 50’s.  Surgery would have helped – some – but it would have also reduced mobility quite a bit so he decided to just live with it. Continue reading “The Nightmare of Mainstream Medicine: One Person’s Story”


Aside from writing essay’s and the like, I also write songs.  Back in 2004 I wrote a song on the piano called “Invisible”.  At the time I was reaching out for support and finding mostly judgment.  As is often the case, writing a song helps me process my thoughts and emotions when faced with things of the hurtful nature.  My intuition just nudged me to post the lyrics here.  Maybe they will comfort someone or at the very least, awaken a person to realize separation and our feeling of being invisible – or our belief that others are beneath us and thus invisible – are all illusions.  Stop feeding the matrix.  We’re all One.

Without further ado…
Do I appear invisible to you.
Do you even care that I exist.
I’m really not so different from you.
You know it’s true.
Just look in the mirror.
And you will see…
me staring back at you
through the same eyes.
How can you and I live in the same world.
When all you seem to care about is yourself.
People are dying in their hearts.
Their sense of self
is slipping away.
And people like you
you say you care
but when they reach out their hands
you just walk away.
Pretending you don’t see.
When I appear invisible to you
you really are invisible for yourself.
For we’re all a part of the same Life.
Look inside.
You know it’s true.
Reach out to me
and take my hand.
And we can walk together
into Eternity.

What Really Matters?

One thing about living in this dimensional matrix construct is how it pulls us out of the “now” and thus, who we really are.  As children we are completely immersed in the “NOW”.  It’s ok if you don’t remember being like that as a child.  I can prove it to you.  I have a small child who teaches me constantly how to be in the NOW.  She will completely immerse herself into every activity, every creative pursuit.  She will completely “lose” herself – and it’s beautiful.  And precious.  Her sweet little voice, singing little made-up tunes, making up stories with her toys, all as though she is the only one present in her reality – as though she hasn’t a care in the world.  I watch her – listen to her – and as I do – I become just as “lost” as she is.  Children have that way of pulling us into their world.

And thank goodness for that because, let’s be honest, who of us really authentically enjoys the adult world? Continue reading “What Really Matters?”

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me…

That’s the main thought rolling through my mind today – at least the first half.  Having spent – wasted is a more accurate term – far too much of my day today trying to convince others that chemtrails exist – providing an awesome video of whistle-blowers that included scientists, doctors and pilots, only to be presented with system-based “scientific” bullshit all while dismissing my information, my inner voice spoke and said “why are you doing this to yourself??”.  So I deleted the thread (ah, the power of starting a conversation on social media – the option to delete the entire thread) and went on with the rest of my day.

But I still have to shake my head and wonder why most folks refuse to expand their concepts of reality – both in an inward and outward direction. Continue reading “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me…”

Thoughts Of A Weary Starseed Human

Let me begin by saying I am uncomfortable using the term “starseed”.  It implies that I am somehow better than most other humans – that I am somehow more special.  Or needed.  However, I use the word nonetheless because for as long as I can remember in this particular incarnation in this particular physical vessel, I have felt like I belong somewhere else.  Even though I believe and feel I have lived many lifetimes on earth, I am in some way from another planet.  Over the years I have had the thought “Where I come from we don’t do that” – a thought I especially began to experience a couple of years back.  Just where is this “where?” Continue reading “Thoughts Of A Weary Starseed Human”

“I Know What Love Is…”

I love this famous quote from Forrest Gump, when Jenny is accusing Forrest of not really knowing what Love is and he turns, hands on his hips and says, “I may not be a smart man but I know what Love is.”

I view myself in much the same way.  I no longer fall for the “you must experience hate and fear and dark in order to know love” matrix speak. Wrong.  I know what love is.

I have been having dreams and visions of other-wordly Beings who show up and help out humanity.  Others have as well given the same intel on certain blogs I have been following.  Is any of this True?  Who knows.  I know the dreams and visions I have had feel very real and certainly the objects I have seen in the sky (of which I know some are of earth and others, not) are very real as well. Continue reading ““I Know What Love Is…””

On Karma And Breaking “Contracts”

Over the years, I have come to view karma and contracts as another extension of the control matrix.  While I believe thought creates, as do actions, and for the most part, what we put out to Life comes back to us, the notion that we must learn in order to evolve spiritually is a bunch of bunk.  Let me explain why. Continue reading “On Karma And Breaking “Contracts””

Rethinking Survival Of The Fittest For A New Paradigm

Earlier today I read a piece on how to make life simpler.  One of the ideas said not to expect anyone to rescue you.  It is up to us to suit up, put on our own armor and go out and conquer the world.  Take what we want.

Isn’t that a rather archaic, unevolved way of thinking and being?  Haven’t we all learned by now that sometimes you DO need to “lead the horse to water”?

Let’s face facts here friends.  The very system’s which govern our lives are what have created this survival of the fittest darkness.  Is that what we really want?  Do we really wish to perpetuate a system that says if you are vulnerable or weak, there is no room for you? Continue reading “Rethinking Survival Of The Fittest For A New Paradigm”

My Predictions

I usually keep my predictions to myself or share only with a very small number of people.  I have had my share of ridicule and downright condemnation throughout the years because of my ideas/feelings/knowings.  However, some of my predictions and feelings are so strong right now, the need to share has gotten to the point where I awoke this morning with this sense of quiet urgency: it is time to go global with my thoughts on what I feel is happening and where we are headed and what is to come. Continue reading “My Predictions”

Mass Consciousness – Your Energy And Intention Are Needed NOW

Hello beautiful people of Mother Earth~

We are in unprecedented times.  It is so important that we as a collective whole make the conscious effort to Remember Who We Are.  Turn off the outside world and go within to find again that powerful, still quiet voice that leads us Home to Self.  Let me help you by reminding you of some things you may have forgotten.  Say each one slowly and repeatedly. Let yourself FEEL the energy of the words in your body.

I Am a Powerful, Master Creator.

I Am God/Goddess/Source Energy.

I Am Whole, Beautiful and Worthy as I Am NOW.

I have the ability to totally change my reality and make it into the reality I want. Continue reading “Mass Consciousness – Your Energy And Intention Are Needed NOW”