Deep Breaths


Taking them in and out.  Today had another PITA (pain in the ass) moment.  This one cost me $149.50.  And the new printer that was gifted to me is having printing issues (cartridge).  Mate also having a stress-related health issue at the moment too.

Deep breathes, Victoria.  The money will get replaced.

I began doing work with the Shaman ~ at a distance for now as she is out of town for a couple of weeks.  Have no intention of stopping that so Divine Abundance, Financial Blessings are forthcoming with much thanks.

Other than that, I awoke shaking – the whole cells vibing.  And had a couple of heart palpitations.  Solar blasts.  I was deeply exhausted but this little “expense” took up most of my day.  I did have a glimpse of the new earth this morning and there was some question about the house I have seen but I cannot recall what it was.  It was so fleeting – just as I wanted to know more the sounds of “elmo’s world” interrupted.

Ah…………..ok then………

The house has been saged.  Frankinsense, myrrh and copal resin is burning.  Dinner, cooked.  Child tended to (past couple of days has had mama occupied elsewhere).  And for now, I am done with any “doing”.  Being is the talk of the moment.

That is all for now.


Today’s Message ~ 9/7/17



As Kauilapele says “PITA” moments.  Pain in the ass.

Our beautiful Gaia experiencing hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, displacing her beautiful people.

And yet here I am feeling frustration over a PITA moment that took up much of my time today.

I pause to reflect.  I know this moment brings up a couple of long-term issues that, to be quite honest, I surrender to.  I simply do not know how to resolve them any longer other than to bless them and accept myself as I am, and in doing so, be in a state of responding instead of losing myself in reaction.

And I look outside of my own world for some calm, grounding and humbleness.  I have shelter.  Food.  Warm bed.  People around me who care.

And for that I find some inner peace.

That is all for now.


A Response To Those Asking Us Not To Meditate On Weakening These Storms and Fires


something i shared tonight on my social media.  there are some (otherwise wonderful, well-intentioned) people who are encouraging others not to participate in these meditations to ease the storm and wildfires, claiming these experiences are for our spiritual lessons, going so far to say those who live in these areas chose this for necessary growth. i have such a strong feeling about these words – i had to say something. here it is.  (oh and it is 1:00am and i am still waiting to feel some sign of needing to go to sleep.  ain’t happening. energiesssssssss.)


oooh i just have to say this. i am reading some words from otherwise beautiful, well-meaning people who are encouraging people NOT to meditate/intend on weakening the storms and fires. they hold the belief there is a spiritually-based reason for these circumstances, which are leading to necessary soul lessons. i thought we were beyond the old matrix paradigm’s of “lessons through struggle and the like”. please stop with these words. children have died. where is the lesson in that? the benefit? how would any of these people feel if disaster visited their home and community? or if they learned of a coming disaster. would they welcome it and embrace whatever “lesson” they feel they needed to learn – even if it meant the death of their child or other people’s children? their mates? family members?

right – likely not. now…even when these same people admit these events are being manufactured, they say to engage in meditation to stop the power of these storms/fires is to participate in the “us versus them” and keeps us in victim mode.

this is exactly one of the states those creating these storms want us to be in. to feel like we “deserve” these experiences to “learn”. WE ARE LOVE. we do NOT need to experience struggle or pain in order to KNOW LOVE. YES – while we forget that we are LOVE and when we DO finally begin to awaken/remember who we are, we DO go through painful experiences – just as we do while we are asleep to the Love of who we are. remembering is yet to be a pain-free experience. however that does NOT mean we HAVE to experience this pain. there is NO UNIVERSAL law that says we must have pain to know love. that we must know and experience struggle to know ease and peace. Source. God. call “it” what you will – does NOT require this of us. dang it all…this is just part of the new age dogma. and dogma is dogma. no matter how pretty it is wrapped up.

continuing on….being a spiritual being does not mean being a doormat. if one is violating your (and others) freedom and right to safety and the like, you do not remain in the state of observer much less remain passive. you assert yourself – protect yourself and all those around you. please let us move beyond these words of lessons as they imply judgment and duality. YES we are all ONE but there are those who do not see this and sadly some of them continue to create realities that harm the ONE. as such, creating the reality based in Love that WE want instead through intention and action IS the spiritual choice. 

Updated Thoughts On Irma ~ Continuing The Intention To Calm Her


Pink, Sky, Peaceful, Sunset, Clouds

So I had another one of those “I am in the shower and I am guided to do some energy work and WOW did not expect THAT” quick jump out grab towel run out get digital voice recorder and start talking.

It started by my getting into my energy space I have been doing this week, sending calming energies to Irma, both mentally and with my body.  I am starting to see my Body wants to move with these experiences.  Last night and this morning I was guided to use my arms to welcome in cool ocean air, humidity and cleansing rain.  As I type this, 1:20pm pacific time, we have clouds, humidity, cooler temps and gentle rains falling.

So I’m sending calming energies when I am drawn to go into the eye of the storm and speak with her.  I “expected” to receive nothing – certainly did not expect to feel anything.  I was prepared for another neutral experience.  That is not what happened.  What happened was this sudden gripping on my chest, making it a bit difficult to breathe.  I could “feel” her and “hear” her.

She is afraid.  She is confused.  She feels chaotic and doesn’t like it.  She knows she is being artificially created, at least artificially guided and strengthened.  She is Gaia.  She is Us.  You and Me.  She is ALIVE. Conscious.  And just like you and I do not like to be controlled, we certainly also do not like our energies being messed with, Gaia feels the same darn way.

She knows people are sending a lot of fear at her.  Anger and confusion as well.

I felt all of that and it was a difficult state to be in.  I cried, clutched my chest and had to pull myself together and remain Neutral, which I was able to do.  I acknowledged her energies.  I asked her what she needed.

Love.  Calming.  Soothing.  Let her know we are with her as she is with us.

She has no intention or desire to wipe out populations or harm anything. The innate, natural energies of Gaia do NOT operate under such intentions.  Those who claim Gaia is angry and is punishing us or getting back at us are absolutely wrong.  YES – we are all connected and YES our emotional/mental states absolutely have an effect on Gaia.  But viewing this as a punishment or similar is false.  Pay such words no mind.

We are all One Spark of Divinity, having our own unique experience, whether we are of the human element, animal element or nature element.

So just as we would set the intentions of creating peace when faced with a scared, upset child, or even creating the same space for ourselves when we are also scared, upset, we can set the same intentions with Gaia and her energies.

We send you energies of Love, Calm, Soothing, Irma.

We send the same energies to ALL of those in the path of Irma.

Using our minds, our hearts, our Highest Selves and our bodies, we can STILL have a very helpful response and result.

Again, we have the power.

Again, we ARE the power.

Much love to me, to you and to all of Gaia.



Your support of my work is greatly and gratefully appreciated.


A Bit of a Mind-Trip For This Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Image result for mind expansion

Something happened to me last night watching a video put out by someone whose channel I watched earlier this year for a day or two and found myself feeling repelled, so I stopped watching.  However, a viewer sent me one her videos.  I decided to give it another whirl and in doing so, this then lead me watching another of her video’s where she discusses “new earth” or the second earth as I believe she calls it.  Before she got into that, she makes the claim that there was a cataclysm in the 1970’s sometime that resulted in the total destruction of Earth and that we got “reinserted” back into the Matrix, only this time around we were put into an earth simulation.  She then states that this explains the mandala effects many have as well as the sun being an (obvious) simulation.

Certainly the “sun” today is NOT the same sun in the 1970’s, which is when I was a child.

At first I thought “no way” to this concept.  But then something deep within me began to shake – tremble.  I felt an energy move within me and suddenly I burst into tears.  I wept and shook for over 5 minutes. Obviously a purging of something deeply traumatizing.

After I stopped crying, I thought “now I get it – death really IS an illusion”.  In that moment, I had absolutely no fear of death and even laughed at the thought of such a fear.  In fact, I laughed at ALL of it – the deception, the entire game.  Which also surprised me (my laughing).  lol

What does this all mean?  I don’t know.  I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.  I have been in that state of Being all day when your mind is presented with something new and it tries to make some sense of it. That coupled with the cosmic energies and photon’s currently blasting/bathing us, I am simply in another “world” at the moment.

Interestingly enough a video titled “did we die?” happened to appear today for me and included scenes from the Tom Cruise movie “Edge of Tomorrow” – a movie that happened to go through my mind frequently today.  A movie that shows death is an illusion.  Following up with that was a video appearing again for me today speaking of the illusion of death.

Anyone resonate with the idea that earth was destroyed several decades ago and we were “reinserted” back into this simulation?

I want to say no – certainly I am respecting my doubt.  But I simply cannot explain away or deny the visceral physical/emotional response I had.  It caught me by absolute surprise.  The body does not lie and this response came from deep within my body.

I am having a thought that we were “duped” into believing earth was destroyed – when it really wasn’t – and we were moved to this simulation (more mind-wiping/altering tech) and these 5d experience we are having, which for me includes some moments where I feel I am seeing the original sun, are really us experiencing the old earth reappearing.  Who knows. Speculation can lead to great understanding or an endless road of frustration.  And I am simply too tired to travel that far on this one.

All will be revealed.  For now, I need sleep.  11 hours last night – 13 for my child, who is again exhausted tonight as are her parents.  Oh and some real strange pressure in my ears – both – alternating.  A new experience.

Be well and much love to you all.  



Your support of my work is greatly and gratefully appreciated!

Today’s Messages, Energies and Experiences ~ September 4, 2017


Forest, Lets Go, Way, Sandy Road

I had the wonderful pleasure of enjoying a whole hour all to myself ~ in absolute quiet.  I have had to come to accept that not only does the human me strongly dislike being interrupted when I am engaged in an activity, but likely my entire Soul, Spirit and Highest Selves “feel” the same.  After the solitude came to a close, my girl and I headed out to shop for toilet paper.  (I added that in to show any new readers how normal and non-glamorous my life is – lol).  On the car ride, my girl says “I love you mama,” to which I of course replied back the same.  She then said “you seem happier when daddy and I get out of the house and give you alone time.  You smile more.”

I smile more.  Wow.

So tender, real and heartwarming, if also a little sad.  I want to smile more ~ and not just because I have experienced alone time.  But if that’s what it takes, then that is what I will create more of.  For when I am alone, I put on music and dance.  I walk around the house, blissed out in the silence, change up the energies with my peppermint vanilla room spray.  I get clear headed again.  I get to finish a task without interruption.  And I also deeply enjoy and appreciate my personal space here much more.

New Earth Realm priority:  My Own House (and the shared one of course)

After arriving home, I got dinner going.  While things were cooking, I noticed the floor needing some attention.  You know how that goes.  You get down on your hands and knees and notice everything.  So I got to work cleaning the “everything” and soon I am pissed off.  The thoughts going through my mind “why am I the only one who does this” and the like.  I stand up just as my mate walks in the side door – shoes on – walking across my now perfectly sparkling clean floor.  “BACK AWAY” says the goddess.

Absolutely ridiculous of me.  So anal.  Rigid.  Suddenly I am scratching my arms.  I feel the anger inside of me.  The impatience and frustration. I shared in an earlier piece the itching I have been experiencing, in particular my neck and arms.  I began to develop these little bumps on my arms the last couple of weeks and have rather pushed away the thoughts that I know are creating the energies behind these bumps.  Something told me to get on the computer, social media, so I did.

Aahhh, relief through divine synchronicity.  Up pops a like-minded goddesses post on these odd little itchy hives that have recently appeared on her body and what they represent.  The symptoms of releasing the old while allowing the upgrades of the cellular.  Exactly what my ever-patient Highest Selves have been sharing with me.

The experience for me, the message ~ even the Goddess asks for help now and then, including around the house.  She doesn’t have to do it alone and doesn’t need to.  Two separate issues.  Delegate.  And if it doesn’t get done, it does not get done.

I stood there reading my friends words, laughing.  I then began to follow my hunch by “wiping down” my arms.  Using the opposite hand, brushing off all that old energy, brushing away the old thoughts.  Those nasty silly rigid thoughts that make Victoria into a woman no one wants to be around, least of all myself.  Screw having a sparkling clean floor.  It is much more important to have a sparkling Inner and Outer Me.  

So I can smile more.

After doing this exercise, the itching disappeared.

Of course it did.


Another thought I had earlier today, a synching up of understanding ~ I had an experience that felt like happened in under a minute when it was more like 7.  I looked at the clock and thought “no way” and that is when I got it.  The ego lined up with the inner me in one awesome moment.  I saw where MY experience of “time” doesn’t align with something like a mechanical device’s version of time.  I saw and felt the meaning of those words “there is no time”.  I got it!  Another tetris moment!


The energies of today ~ a variety of them.  Blissful at times.  At times drugged-like feel.  Almost heavy.  I know this – at least for today – I feel things are falling apart, breaking away and WE are putting back the pieces of this puzzle based on what those old no-longer serving things (people, thoughts, experiences, places and spaces) WE let go of to let the NEW in.


Your support of my work is greatly and gratefully appreciated!  


To My Dear Readers and Subscribers


As most of you know, finances have been an issue with me and one of the reasons I began this site was to create a source of income for myself.

The time has now come where I need this income to be regular and monthly.  I need my readers, both subscribers and non-subscribers, to commit to donating $5 – $10/month (or more), monthly.  If not, I am going to have to stop putting time into this site and put my focus elsewhere. Please let me know by contacting me privately if you can agree to this.

This was not in my line of vision for my site but life circumstances have forced me into this at this time.  There is a lot of pain associated with the words I write.  Money has been a pain in my ass in terms of this incessant pressure to produce/do more/earn more while cost of living skyrocket.  At times, certainly at this point, I feel like I am drowning having dog-paddled for a long time.  But that is how it is.  I am plum worn out exhausted on every level imaginable and am in need of a miracle or two.

I continue to search for someone with marketing skills and web promotion skills to help me out, either pro-bono or willing to take a payment later after the revenue begins to flow.  If any of you know of such a person, please send them my way.

In gratitude ~



Another Collective Call To End Financial Struggle NOW and Bring Forth Financial Liberation and Abundance and Freedom NOW


I got on social media today to share a brief request of energetic support as I witness much in my life fall apart.  I did not wish for energies of sadness but energies of strength and encouragement and abundance.  No sooner had I done this but I began to scroll through my feed and saw numerous posts by other beautiful souls saying the same thing.


A collective call resulting from a collective experience – for many on-going.


The Source In Me Says NO MORE.

We will not have this suffering and lack anymore.

We ARE remembering our power again and in that state of Being we shout out and intend a resolute ABUNDANCE FINANCIAL FREEDOM LIBERATION NOW.

We will not be over-powered any longer.

We will not be controlled any longer.

We will not be told what to do where to live how to live.

The Source in me says the following:  I absolutely will NOT allow for one more person to struggle financially.

I absolutely will NOT allow for one more person to be faced with homelessness or health issues needing healed but lacking the funds or insurance coverage to do so.

I absolutely WILL NOT allow one more second to pass while technologies and funds remain held up by cowardly, spineless ones who have NO positive intentions other than seek to control and dominate.  TIME IS UP.

I can forgive.

But I will not forget.

Forgiveness will come when I am at the energetic state to do so.  Those claiming we need to forgive FIRST before we receive this technology and blessings or that system was put in place so we can learn lessons need to take those thoughts to another timeline as they do NOT belong on the timeline of L O V E.

We know what LOVE is.

We do not need to be hammered down by slave masters and abused by financial controllers and denied our INHERENT rights of freedom and abundance in order to know what LOVE is.

So again, the shift to abundance and freedom for all is NOW.

I, Source In Victoria’s Physical Body deems it so.

And so it is.

Thank you.


The Time Is NOW


Stop, Enough, It Is Enough, Policy

the time for talk is over. the time for waiting is over. the time for speculation is over. i am no longer willing to be a slave to corporations or bogus laws that do not support my Divine Freedom. are we going to keep waiting for change or are we going to demand it by unplugging from this system en masse?

Tonight’s Message From Sacred Tree


Forest, Path, Mystical, Rocks, Fairytale

Headed out for the evening bike ride and this time as we headed up the gravel road to the tree, I heard “you don’t need to touch the tree to receive the message.  The energies have helped with this ability to receive from a distance.  Tune in if you wish.”  Ok, I thought and greeted the tree as I rode down the lane.

“Go,” I heard.  While my mind began to wonder what this meant, I pulled up next to her and got off my bike, greeted her and placed my right hand on her bark.  (I need to get a picture of her – she is massive – Sequoia – the only one around.)

“Go beyond,” I heard followed by “mystical”.

Mystical.  Mirriam-Webster defines this as:  having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence.

After I arrived home, I contemplated this message and figured some element of all of my Selves would send me the message.  She did.  “Go beyond the possibilities of the mind and go into the mystical.”


Another “wow” experience and message from my Sacred Tree.  And in alignment with my “go beyond the beyond” message I began receiving a couple of weeks ago.

Much love…