My Commentary On The Prosperity Funds Drama


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I had not wanted to comment on this subject, but given some of the drama and judgment being tossed around, I have chosen to speak out.

I feel most of you know what I am speaking about.  I do not want to assume though.  I am referring to not only Nesara/Gesara and the currency re-evaluation(s) but the various trust accounts and prosperity packages.

At this point, I only see one actually being implemented and that is the OPPT, or the One People’s Public Trust.  I will not be going into detail about this, mostly because this is all pretty new to me as well.  You are free to google it yourself.  You can get some basic information from this site.

The OPPT, taking steps to roll on out, has now become the target of others who have been promoting their own version(s) of financial jubilee.  I am not saying any one of these folks are “wrong”.  For me to know for sure I have to see it with my own eyes and feel it with my heart.  However, it find it highly suspicious that these folks are all crying “foul” about the OPPT and yet they continue to tell humanity we just have to continue to wait until the right time for THEIR people to give us money.

That’s essentially it in a nutshell.

All the while, those behind the OPPT continue on without engaging in finger-pointing or pleading with humanity to believe in them, follow them.  In other words, quietly going about their business.

Just something to think about…  (It would be beautiful to see all of these “let’s liberate humanity with abundance” work together, wouldn’t it?  A refresher course in Kindergarten education could be quite useful.)

For now, I am remaining the Observer, watching things play out.  I know one thing that has made itself clear: the masses have had enough.  People have had enough with this financial slavery system we all have lived under.  People have had enough suffering.  Enough struggling. They have made a collective cry of “NO MORE”.

There are stories of people paying off debts.  Paying for utility and hospital bills. Then there are some of people who are buying Tesla cars. Successfully.

And some not successfully.  It does seem to be a hit or miss and one needs to know what they are getting into if they choose to participate this early.

One thing though, more than anything I have mentioned above, that is bothering me, are the judgments coming from many private citizens on social media.  I have read comment after comment from folks who are judging people who are buying the elaborate items.  Comments range from “these funds are not to be used to make yourself rich or not have to work again” to “you are to use these funds to serve others, not yourself”.


Here is where my comments come in.

  1. Who has a right to tell someone how to spend their money (or money that is in their name)?  (answer – NO ONE)
  2. What in the heaven is so wrong about wanting to live a lavish lifestyle?  (answer – NOTHING)
  3. Why is it not appropriate for someone to want to quit their meaningless job or not NEED nor want to have to work for a living again?  (answer – it is absolutely “appropriate” to hold any of those thoughts)
  4. Why can’t people use these funds to serve themselves?  (answer – they can)
  5. Isn’t it possible to serve ourselves AND others?  (answer – of course!)
  6. And lastly, if these funds are to be used by ALL – then doesn’t that make rather moot the point that we need to share our wealth with others?

The comments I have felt both stinging and coming from the most in my heart are the comments on how some are choosing to spend their money (on otherwise perfectly legal ventures and items, just lavish in nature). When we think of ourselves as not worthy or deserving of what we desire, we serve no one.

Let me repeat that:

When we think of ourselves as not worthy or deserving of what we desire, we serve no one.

We are each worthy of and deserving of having everything our heart desires, in so long as it does not cause any undue harm to another or violate another’s inherent worth and freedom.

And when the desires are from our hearts, our choices will do none of the aforementioned.

For far too long we have been conditioned to believe we have to work hard in order to prove our worth to have the nice things physical reality has to offer.

We have been programmed to think small.  Believe small.  Be small.

Sweetheart, we are Source in physical form.  Every single one of us.

Source does not “do” small.

We are GRAND.



Worthy.  Oh, so worthy.


Just by being US.  You.  Me.

True worth is not about proving ourselves to anyone in order to obtain our hearts desires.

Not to some internet troll or still-programmed individual (unaware of their programming).

And most certainly not to the very controllers and creators of this game of deception.

This is a grand time for ALL of us to individually and collectively go within and purge out those last remnants of “worth” programming.  For I do believe standing strong and solid, quietly (or not), in our worth will absolutely help bring down this house of cards and return the decision making back where it belongs:

In Our Own Hands and Hearts.

Love and Abundance and Prosperity to Every Single One Of Us.




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Author: Victoria1111

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13 thoughts on “My Commentary On The Prosperity Funds Drama”

  1. If we are ONE then helping myself helps others, a paramedic with broken leg neither can help others or himself until he fix himself. We here on Gaia were forced to artifical denial of prosperity a system of monetary slavery. Even when we get on our legs and start getting back with ourselves and remembering who we are there were forces of darkness trying to bring us down. This need to be addressed in massed that prosperity in any way (physical, energetic or other) is reflection of our perfect being, because then we can manifest anything. Act of manifesting is not only making from thin air ferarri, its also going and buying it in shop, or buying parts and assembling it. Lavish lifestyle is only reflection of our inner desires (prosperity) just like any other lifestyle so denial of it shows only as inner-outer blockade. We cannot draw a line when lifestyle is right and when is wrong because its a desire to self explore from our inner world to outside. Yes we were subjected to marketing propaganda and over consumptionism but after period of prosperity happen some will drop from it, some will stay, but masses will desire to explore what was denied to them even for short.
    People thinks those funds will make some quasi-socialist new system or something similar because theire not accustomed to believe of their own prosperity and holding large sum of money and many different ways of living. But its worth to remember thats its more transitional system, amount of money doesnt matter as (those are only digital zeroes) but it worth! If new technologies will be introduce then cost of produce will drop, this system is now doomed, only problem is how long there gonna try to prolong its death. Most of jobs nowdays are artifical. There so many government job who serve no purpose, only to keep people in check to not let them give freedom of thought, idle thoughts that often are breakthrough.

    And people cannot right now comprehend how future will look like, its not theire fault no one can right now say with perfect accuracy what future looks like in 2 years or even 1 year. We live in NOW, masses still are keeped in confiness of propaganda and false believes but their are feed up and pissed of, it will need time just like recovering from addiction looks like we will recover from feeling of being poor and denial of prosperity

    1. WOW, just WOW! Thanks for bringing some very clear and real message to the ones who need to hear and see who they really are and their power. If we can move mountains, we can certaintly have a ferrari! 😉 I wish to connect with you. Do you have a FB?

  2. I am going to play the devil’s advocate for a moment, because there are so many questions and everyone thinks they have an idea as to how things will be. I mean no offense or insult to anyone. Because I too believe we aren’t meant to be a slave to the almighty dollar and work at something we hate. We are Creators and powerful beings , capable of more than we can imagine.

    So here goes: I believe we are meant to live together in small communities (villages). To work and live in harmony with each other and nature. Everyone has to contribute something. I have often wondered what some breakthrough would mean. Money only means something if it still has value. So let’s say people get lots of money, but the guy that you want to go buy something you “desire” from, decides “Oh, I got lots of money too, I’m going out of business because I don’t have to work anymore. Go buy your heart’s desire somewhere else.” But everyone’s gone out of business because they got money too. So now there’s all the money and nothing to buy. Many of us works meaningless jobs that keep us in a low vibration everyday but right now, that is the way it is. Even if we are “disclosed” all this lovely technology, what does that mean for us? There are still going to be people who try to take advantage of other people, because people’s problems don’t just go away. Who is going to run the “healing technologies”. Someone has to do it. Say there is some wayward soul who has aggression problems and wants to beat his wife. Who is she gonna call, the police? Oh wait, there are no police, no one wants to “work” anymore, because they have money. So who decides who does what? If there is a technology that provides our daily needs, it isn’t without some type of maintenance or repairs. Unless we become energy and then living in a house or tree isn’t going to matter because we won’t need physical things anyway. I see us going to a barter and trade society. I make honey, and you grow peaches, let’s make a deal. If you have nothing but meaningless money, what purpose does that serve.

    I still see us going back to a simpler way of living. Even if we have very advanced technology. I would love nothing better that to see every Mall in America torn down, every shopping center demolished. Make room for nature. Hopefully we can have that type of technology so we don’t have to buy clothes or buy food or the necessities in life. A fur coat isn’t a necessity except for the animal. Having silver and expensive china isn’t a necessity. Driving a sport’s car isn’t a necessity unless your an overweight, middle aged balding man, with erectile dysfunction. And with your new technology, hopefully you can heal that conditions too!! The point I am trying to make, is that if we are physical beings, there is always going to be some work involved in living. You still have to eat and wipe your butt. Unless you want someone to do that for you too.

    1. those are solid questions ~ I have had them myself. i believe most people will want to contribute. as for the rest, since i hold the belief we are ascending/evolving, those who would not fit in with such a way of being and living will live in their own reality.

    2. You may want to check The Venus Project, it help to see that we can have it all and work and have wondeful technologies and cars and houses and have garden that grow more then we can eat and have a ball together creating stuff that makes our life a great experience and also a clean and respected earth. 😉 We have no limits, only lack of imaginations, that actually can be change by letting our being be and create.

  3. Thank you for sharing your observations. Too many people have been/are falling for the latest dis-empowerment agenda (aka – wait for this fund, wait for the RV, wait for Nesara, wait for Gesara, wait for the new Republic to be announced, wait for the ETs to land, wait, wait, wait…..). I have been observing the New Age spectrum for the past 10 years or so. There are many good psychological methods presented on going about changing one’s thoughts, emotions, words and actions for the better. For yourself and for humanity.
    Unfortunately, the proverbial ‘they’ have been ensconced in this New Age movement for a very long time. What you noted Victoria in regards to ‘funds’ is spot on. Various individuals/groups/entities have their own vision of the future and want to implement their vision. Which – in almost all cases – means for a greater or slightly lesser extent the matrix of control and enslavement will continue under this new disguise.
    Unless people truly take action – and yes I mean beyond praying/meditating for a better future – then either this new future will take much longer to arrive or it will be hijacked by those who are directing the way forward. Almost all of the new age gurus etal are compromised in one way or another. They are human and suspect to all the same human foibles of greed, arrogance, lust etc. If people pay close attention they will see both the short and long game now unfolding before us and the ‘sleeper cells’ and the proverbial manchurian candidate(s) that are being activated. Pay particular attention to the ‘new messiah’ themes that are beginning to roll out.
    The first step is to clean and clear oneself of their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual traumas, trials and tribulations. From current, past and parallel lives. This begins the healing process so that one can become truly healthy and whole within their entire being. Anything short of this goal leaves one open to machinations and misdirection via others intentions that may not be in their own highest and greatest good. This process leads to Self-Mastery. An overused term for sure but when understood truly in it’s meaning and embodiment then one has already set themselves free. This isn’t a process of completion via a weekend workshop or obtaining a certificate or experiencing a kundalini awakening. Every individual journey will be unique and only you will know when you have achieved Self-Mastery.
    Vigilance and discernment are absolutely critical at this time. We are nearing an important planetary inflection point between all the various individuals/groups/entities that are attempting to lay ‘their new’ foundation for the next Great Cycle. This could all be resolved (one way or another) within weeks, months, years, decades or even centuries and depends on how quickly and how many people wake up and choose to actively embody and support a Human Agenda.

    Peace and Blessings to All.

  4. Well, now. I just want to keep it simple. I think there are way to many ‘guidelines’ of this time line that many are feeling a need to stick to..such as… One needs to pray, meditate, be vigilant, heal, so you can be ‘whole’, not in a weekend, or a workshop, and on and on…be a vegan, don’t drink beer, be humble,be quiet..and on and on
    I think if one says they ‘know’ they have reached ‘self-mastery” perhaps they are speaking with their ego. I wonder if the Buddha said it..’Hiya , all ya’ll..I am Buddha ..I have reached ‘self’ mastery..betcha can’t touch this.”.
    I think there is an ‘is-ness’ to that state..and it is not something that can be spoken of and it can also happen in an instant..that’s right..a nano-second..a blip..done..who says there has to be this long suffering road to that place of ….Knowing that you don’t know…now that is ‘Enlightenment’ in my realm.
    I am almost 70. I have been journeying and observing and been there , tried that..hey guru you..what you got to teach me..hey healer you..can you ‘heal’ me..and now..I just look in the mirror and ask..”hey girl, what you got to tell me in this now?”
    I trust..I trust now so emphatically that I am verry very verrrry clear..that I will be able to ‘handle’ what ever may come..I am aware of my energy and what I am doing with it from physical to my thoughts and emotions.

    It is amazing what happens when you just sit back..and observe..the human condition is so predictable..its hard for many..many who are just into survival..but alas..far be it of me to suggest to someone that I have a better way for them to use their ‘free will’.
    I would never assume that someone needs to be healed or needs to be doing more or be something they are not being in this moment. This moment is theirs ..they can do whatever they damn will please..I can vote with my feet and remove myself if it does not resonate. I am not into ‘fixing’ people.
    AS far as the idea of everyone having money and not working..well, for me by nature I am an artist so, doing life in that vein does not equate to being lazy and not boring..and folks will definitely go and be with those they resonate with they do now..
    I like, I will continue on..
    My basic foundation is DO NO HARM..and that means to my self.
    This is such a great can’t make this stuff true to yourself!
    (ps someone mentioned there will not be any ‘stuff’ to buy with money as no- one will work..well, I gotta say..there is way more than enough stuff on the planet right now that can be shared and passed on..without making anymore. I have a storage shed full myself 😉

    1. i love your words catherine and inside my heart resonates and sings reading your words. i too have long believed the basic motto is do no harm. still creating that one – as it does start with self. it all begins and ends with Us. even though i’m a couple of decades behind you, i have been on this journey for most of my “adult” life. i feel like i have been in this crazy speeding car, taking pit stops here and there. what can i learn here. get help with here. heal from there. and now i am slowing down and remembering to be in the Now and to find my own answers, which includes healing myself. we are creative beings – it is who we are – creators. and if we can create a world WITH money we can create one without money just fine.

      1. ..AS I resonated with your word/energy this day Miss Victoria. I have only just discovered/landed/ was directed to your site yesterday in an email I got from KP. (I am sure you must know of him) It was one of his regular stuff,but for some reason I clicked on your link he had today..there ya have it.
        I started meandering around your site about your ‘meanderin’s” and I thought ..well now this miss Victoria is thinkin’ like I do..I always associate my ways of mind ramblin’s is ..well ya know just got to accept your Unique Aquarian ways..and go for it.
        Just so ya know..the most major discovery I have had all these roll puhleeze..”you don’t need anyone’s dam* approval”…”you are worthy”..bam..power! nuf already ’bout the is done.
        I just discovered this today…NOW/spelled WON!!!!..It is allll we have..this here..that is where your power is..don’t waste it!!!!!!! this now doesn’t have to be life changing..just BE IN PEACE!!! EXHALE!!!!!! the next breath will follow….use your heart beats wisely only have so many ..and Thank you Miss Victoria ( such grand names we have..we are royalty girl and don’t you forget it)
        Oh, an by the is NEVER EVER about the money…it’s allllll about vibration…what you vibratin”?
        I spend 99.9% of my time alone…or for the last 10, I just tell it like I ‘feel’ it…cuz at the end of the day…it is not what you are ‘doin’..or ‘eating’..or…IT IS HOW YOU FEEEEEL ABOUT THAT!!!! now that is where it’s gonna begin and end…how does it make you feel.EXHALE..begin again…C*atherine

        1. you want to take over my blog? your words are beautiful. lol i invested 25 cents yesterday on a framed quote: “you are worthy”. simple enough but powerful. and priceless. thank you for your wisdom.

          1. Miss Victoria, you my dear are a jewel….and WORTHY! It took me a long time to get that one myself..about myself. I came in the planet ‘un~welcomed’ and spent my first year in an orphanage..and raised in an environment that must have invented the word ‘dysfunction’.. non nurturing environments do not set the stage for feeling ‘worthy’..being raised Catholic..good grief how can a wee babe be born with that’s dysfunction from another level..folks always tryin’ to keep you down..and when you get that you are worthy and start behaving thusly..well, just makes people sit up straight and respond differently…as ol’ Dr. P from that talk show says…’you teach people how to treat ya’..I don’t need folks to bow when I walk by..not what I am gettin’ at..just some respect people..some consideration..can’t we all just get along..oh, well, the multi human world..leads to full array of things to experience ..I get clearer about what I am interested in for my own experience…you have an inspired day Miss Victoria..and I am going to go in my Rocky Mountain garden and listen to the morning doves..and other birds..the trickle of the Buddha pond fountain..have some coffee..light some incense and make use of this new moon energy and create something ..of is beauty. nice chattin’ with you..C*

          2. i chose to be baptised catholic when i was 24. i was getting married (marriage #1) to a guy who was catholic as was his family and i wanted to fit in – also resonated w/the ceremonial element. but other than that, well let’s just say i asked so many questions during my RCIA classes the priest finally said “perhaps this church isn’t for you. you don’t seem to believe most of what we believe.” lol i remember when i was 31, 32 being in church (divorced) and for the first time hearing and feeling in my body the words “lord i am not worthy to receive you but only say the word blah blah blah” and i sat up and said “who says i am not worthy??” knew it was bullshit – walked out – never went back. rocky mountains have called to me throughout my adult life – but then again so does the ocean. i am intending both (mountains like the rocky’s and ocean) in the new earth realm. your description sounds just lovely. t/y for sharing and for your kindness.

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